Volume 27 | March 2022
Windows on Your Tablet, Rugged Tablets, RFID for Pallet Tracking, and More!
Looking Forward to Spring
Omicron and a blizzard here in the Midwest, all at the same time, making personal and work-life rough. Schools closed, family members sick, roads impassable, all coming at us at once. It is March now and that time is fortunately in the rear-view mirror. But the lessons that we learned about ourselves, and the inspiration that we gained remain. Click below to find out more!
Do You Really Need Full Windows?
To be clear, we are talking about tablet computers here. Specifically rugged tablets with barcode scanners being used by your mobile workers. We have found that customers tend to gravitate towards using full Windows on these tablets because of the screen size and yes sometimes because the applications being run on the device demand full Windows. But is there another option? Click below to find out more!
RFID Tracking for Order Picking
A long-time customer recently approached us to help with an RFID application. This is not only a long-time customer but a long-time RFID customer with many engineering capabilities of their own. But like all of us, they are super busy and need some outside help with a passive RFID project. Want to learn more about the project? Click below!
Cool Features on the Latest Zebra Printers
Zebra has done some beautiful things with the latest versions of their industrial and desktop printers. More memory, faster processor, updated interfaces, all those things are table stakes these days for the latest model of anything electronic. But the super-cool new feature on these printers is the color touch screen. Read below to find out more!
Rugged Tablets – New Products, Better Delivery
Frankly, last year we didn’t talk much about tablets. Lead times were particularly bad for tablets along with mobile printers, both seeming to bear the worst of the chip shortage. But lead times are easing, and new products are being introduced by Zebra. The latest is the ET80 and ET85. Want to learn more? Click below!
Zebra Promotion

Make the Move to Advanced Printing Technology—and Receive a Free Printhead
Printhead Incentive Program
Zebra printers are built to last—but if you haven’t upgraded your printers in many years, you’re missing out on the latest printer technologies. With Zebra soon phasing out support for printheads associated with our legacy XiIIIPlus industrial printers and PAX3 print engines, now’s the time to upgrade.

And when you replace select Zebra printers by April 30, 2022, you’ll receive a free printhead for each printer purchased through the Zebra Printhead Incentive Program. Contact us to get started!