March 23, 2022
March 2022: Palapa Society News
The Palapa Society's Annual Report
Our Annual Report for FY 2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) is now ready to view in English. Physical copies will be available upon request in late March or early April.

Building the School We Want
Now that the Palapa School is celebrating its fifth year, it is a good time to reflect and assess. What type of school does the community of Todos Santos need? How can the entire community collaborate to make it happen?

Based on these questions, the teachers of the Palapa school carried out the “Building the School That We Want” Rally.” This initiative arose from a conversation between the teachers who wanted to better understand the needs of our students and community.
In a Rally made up of four bases, students, parents, and members of the Palapa Committee shared their ideas and feelings about school, study, and education. These three aspects were examined in relation to our institutional sense of social, environmental, and community responsibility.

Thank you for being part of this activity! Soon we will share the results with you.
Puente al Inglés (Niños) and Children's Library
The Puente (Bridge to English) Programs have resumed after being closed for two months due to COVID. This includes the adult and the Children's English Classes as well as the children's Library. The Children’s Library hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 4-6pm and Saturday 10:30-noon.

We are working on Volunteer packets that outline the program and explain what is expected of volunteers. We are also working on outlining the curriculum for the children’s program to ensure our students are getting the most of the program.
Puente al Inglés (Adultos)
Interview with Alex Parra, former English class student and current teaching assistant:

Question: When did you begin English classes at the Palapa? How old were you? How long were you enrolled in the program?

Alex: In 2007, I was 7 years old and began attending The Palapa to learn English. I had zero knowledge of the language at that time, and I do remember being nervous at first. However, it quickly disappeared when I saw how friendly everyone was. I kept going to classes for many years, even after already learning a lot. It became a routine for about 10 years. 

Question: What made you want to help out with the adult program?

Alex: When I found out in 2021 that they were looking for volunteers, I immediately became interested in helping out. It was a nice feeling to give back to the place that originally taught me English. I am very happy to assist in teaching with one of the teachers I had during my time as a student. Even though I am now teaching, I continue learning more and more because there's always something new. I want to become a full-time English teacher as well, and I know this is a great opportunity to gain some experience in this field while giving back to the community.

Question: Why did you want to learn English?

Alex: My father lived in the United States for many years, so he and most of his side of the family spoke English. He wanted me to learn it too, and as soon as I was old enough, I started my classes at The Palapa. At first, I was too young to understand all the opportunities that could come if I spoke English, but as years passed and I learned more, I realized how important it is and took my chance to learn it. I think everyone should take this chance to learn a new language. It is always incredibly useful, and I give all the credit to La Palapa for teaching me.
Events Calendar
New Information
By Paty Baum

The bilingual Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska’s mission is to serve the communities of Todos Santos and Pescadero with culturally specific materials that promote and encourage lifelong learning opportunities. Since 2002, the ever-growing inventory of library materials has been housed in various locations around Todos Santos. We now have our own dedicated building as part of the Palapa Learning Center campus on Calle Del Huerto in Todos Santos. 
Everyone is welcome to come tour the library, browse our shelves, and become a member. Please support the library; our operating budget is dependent on memberships. The library will always be a comfortable, safe place to sit, rest, and enjoy the latest books and magazines. 

Over the last 18 years, we have become a valuable community resource, a place where people of all ages can explore their interests and needs through books, media, and other resources. During COVID when the library was closed by government mandate, the three Little Free Libraries, (La Esquina, Parque Los Piños, and Padrino Foundation) provided over 1000 books and periodicals to members, the community, and visitors. We hope to install and service two additional Little Free Libraries in the near future in Nuevo San Juan and Pescadero.
My recent appointment as the new library director has evoked much contemplation on my part. What is a library and how can it best serve the community? Our library has a more complex mission in that it must serve both the Mexican and foreign communities with equal attention and respect for culture, history, and learning styles. For the past month, I have asked everyone in which I come in contact, “What do you want from our library?” I encourage our members to think beyond books, DVD’s, and magazines to: art materials, tools, book groups, workshops, visiting scholars, acoustic music, and beyond.

We are currently working on our short and long-term goals and objectives, but would love to hear from you. Please take the time to fill out and submit our survey.
The Palapa Society's Community Event Calendar
On Friday, December 31st, Baja California Sur’s Secretary of Health announced that due to increased numbers of COVID-19, any event attracting large gatherings are suspended for an undetermined time.
Baja Under the Stars  
The Denver Botanic Gardens
September 17, 2022

If you would like to be notified when tickets are on sale, please click the link below to send us a email.

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