March 2022
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-ATM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A, to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...
Spring Cleaning!

The phone number to contact Elaine from this point forward is 425-870-9366. No more land-lines! Please make a note of it.

While you can still order the transdermal calcium lotion that is made by Elaine, we thought you might like references in case you prefer oral calcium. It is difficult to find calcium without vitamin D added to it, and D negates the Respen-A if your daily intake is greater than 400iu. Here are your choices:

Dose amount: 4 capsules

*we have found that this is available on Amazon at a much higher price. Also, it is occasionally unavailable at both Amazon AND But check back often as it is back in stock within a reasonable timeframe.

Roxane Laboratories (Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Inc.) Liquid Calcium Carbonate oral suspension (not USP), 1250 mg/5mL: this needs to be ordered through a pharmacy (usually a 1 day turnaround), no prescription necessary. The price should be close to $15 USD. It has a spearmint taste. Shake the bottle before dispensing.

Dose amount: 4 tsp.

When supplementing with oral calcium, you will need to also supplement Magnesium in a 1 to 4 ratio of magnesium to calcium, and 500 mg is a recommended starting place. If stools are too loose, then go down to 375 mg, or till the reduced amount resolves the issue. Some kids need 750 mg magnesium to resolve the constipation that the calcium induces.

When using the PST disc do we still need to make sure to have a serving of meat daily?


Is magnesium carbonate o.k. to use?

Yes, that is fine.

What is the shelf-life of the Respen-A™ disc?

Each Respen-A™ Disc has a shelf life of two years when stored in its original packaging. Therefore, we can ship a 12-month supply of the Respen-A™ Discs to decrease the cost of shipping, if you desire.

We realize that the ZipSeal of the packaging might fail when opened daily for thirty days, and recommend being gentle when pulling the ZipSeal apart. If the ZipSeal fails, fold the top of the package over a couple of times, and use a bag clip on the corner. DO NOT STORE THE RESPEN-A™ DISCS IN ANY OTHER TYPE OF PACKAGING! The ZipSeal packaging is occlusive, meaning it will keep light and air out.

Once the Respen-A™ Disc has been activated on the skin, it is active for 20-24 hours. This is why we suggest that you put a disc on the child in the morning, and remove it when they go to bed at night. The adhesive tape included with the Respen-A™ is waterproof, so your child can swim or shower while wearing the Respen-A™ Disc.

Does it matter if I put the Respen-A™ disc on before my child takes the calcium supplement?

Most parents report better results if you wait 45 minutes following calcium skin cream, or 1 hour following oral calcium, before applying the disc.

Is it o.k. to take calcium at night?

If you are using Respen-A™ then calcium should not be taken at night as it keeps the parathyroid from turning on- the parathyroid regulates the serum calcium concentration. Because of this, if you take calcium at night then you end up with low calcium.

Parathyroid hormone regulates calcium levels in the blood, largely by increasing the levels when they are too low. It does this through its actions on the kidneys, bones and intestine: Bones – parathyroid hormone stimulates the release of calcium from large calcium stores in the bones into the bloodstream.

If you have osteoporosis then taking calcium at night is a good thing as it would shut down the parathyroid thus preventing it from pulling calcium out of the bones.

Our son has been on Respen-A™ almost two weeks. We are seeing improved mood and conversational skills. Does Respen-A™ help with noisy stimming behaviors?

Improvements with the Respen-A™ Disc build on each other, so give it time, and the stimming may decrease.

Does Respen-A™ help reduce toxins and clear pathogens?

The newest research shows that MAO-A is one of the greatest detoxifiers in the liver (toxins, drugs, metals, chemicals). If you get the MAO-A production healthy again by increasing its activity with the use of the Respen-A™ Disc, then the liver can do its job of detoxification. Respen-A™ does not help reduce pathogens. 


Tyler, age 17, earned the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America in October of 2021. Tyler was one of the very first children to use Respen-A following his diagnosis with autism. He quickly transitioned from a special-ed preschool into mainstream kindergarten and never looked back.

In June of 2020 Tyler switched to the PST and AM-4 discs and has seen even greater gains.
Tyler's Eagle Project was the installation of four long-lasting, all-weather benches at the Bigfork Community Cemetery.

"Earning the Rank of Eagle Scout has been a goal of mine ever since I first started scouting. To reach this goal after 11 years of dedication has provided me with an unimaginable sense of satisfaction. From my walk on this trail, I have not only learned about what it means to be a scout, but also that persistence is key. If you have persistence, there is nothing that you can't accomplish."

Congratulations Tyler on a job well done!

*Magnesium deficiency can cause grinding of teeth.

*Wait 30 - 60 minutes after taking the oral calcium (parents report better results when waiting 60 minutes) before applying the Respen-A Disc.

*Often, after using the Respen-A Disc, less sensory issues are exhibited, and your child may be more tolerant to using the calcium skin cream- which parents report is more effective than an oral calcium supplement. The skin cream bypasses the gut and resolves the above concerns. It has Emu oil in it and is creamy and smooth.

*An easy form of calcium carbonate to give orally is TUMS. If you get the TUMS Ultra 1,000, you will need to chew 5 with breakfast, as each tablet provides 400 mg of elemental calcium. If you get the regular strength TUMS you will need to chew 10 with breakfast.

*Taking calcium on an empty stomach can cause stomach upset and vomiting.
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