March 2022 e-Newsletter
Lower Gwynedd Township Upcoming Meetings & Events:
General News
Real Estate Taxes Can Now Be Paid Electronically
Natalie Cormier is the new Tax Collector for Lower Gwynedd Township. Real Estate tax bills were mailed the week of February 21st. Please note this year’s bill will look different as they were printed on white paper. Office hours, address, and additional important information can be found on the back of the printed bill. There are 3 options for bill payment this year, regular mail, in-person, or on-line! Yes you can pay your taxes on-line with the new secure on-line website. Please click here to access the tax page of the Township website where you will find the online payment button. Please be advised there is a $0.50 flat fee for E-Check and a 2% fee for credit cards when using online bill pay. Additional reminder, the discount period will end on April 30, 2022. 
Virtual Presentation
Hidden, High & Hammered Virtual Presentation
Lower Gwynedd Township Police Officer, Beth Sandborn, will be presenting the Hidden, High & Hammered free webinar on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 7pm! Hidden, High & Hammered takes the old "Mock Teen Bedroom" to an entirely different level. In this virtual program, parents will learn indicators of poor lifestyle choices and develop skills to help identify a child before a crisis occurs. Join us to learn about stash devices meant to confuse and conceal, vape devices, paraphernalia, CBD products, the evolution of marijuana, and alcoholic items with deceptive advertising. You must register in advance for this free webinar. You can do so by clicking here! For more information, contact Lis Snodgrass at or 610-630-2111 ext. 264. 

Battery Recycling Update
As announced last month, the LGT EAC is revising the battery recycling program. Batteries cannot be dropped off at the Township building anymore, except on designated dates and times. Batteries will be collected for recycling on the second Saturday of the odd months from 9-11am, in the parking lot of the township building. The first collection is Saturday, March 12th. This collection is only open to LGT residents, and proof of residency will be required. Residents will be required to properly tape certain batteries before dropping them off (see list below), and are asked to do so before arriving to speed up the drop-off process. 
All lithium batteries and any battery over 9V must have the terminals covered with clear tape to prevent accidental short circuiting, which can cause a fire, during shipping. Batteries that are accepted for recycling are:

●       Alkaline
●       Zinc Carbon
●       Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
●       Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
●       Lithium-Ion
●       Lithium Primary
●       Mercury Batteries
●       Silver Oxide
●       Button Cells (could be lithium)
●       Lead Acid – Non-Spillable
The Lower Gwynedd Township Residential Electronics Recycling & Shredding Event will be held on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 from 8am-12pm at the Township Building. We will be accepting paper and electronics (anything with a plug or battery). This service is for Township residents only, proof of residency required to access the site. Residents must remain in their vehicles at all times. Items to be recycled or shredded must be placed in the trunk, pick-up truck bed, or a small trailer. Employees will remove these items from your vehicle when you arrive. Items will only be collected during the event time. Items cannot be delivered before or after the event!!

The Lower Gwynedd Parks & Recreation Board will hold an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 at Penllyn Woods from 10am-11am!
Rescheduled Republic Recycling Presentation –
Thursday, April 7, 7pm at the Township Building:

Join the EAC and Dominic Fulginiti of Republic Services, Lower Gwynedd Township's waste disposal service company, to get the dirt on what happens to the stuff we place in our recycling bins every week. We will learn the dos and don'ts of what should be put in the bins and why; how different materials are handled once they pass from our bins to the trucks and beyond; what we can do to make the process more efficient and thereby less costly for all of us; and more. Dominic will be able to answer all of your recycling and trash questions!
2022 Kiwanis Club of Ambler Carnival & Fireworks

The Kiwanis Club of Ambler's annual 4th of July Carnival & Fireworks display will be held this summer! The carnival will run from June 28th until July 2nd with fireworks scheduled for July 1st. For more information contact the Kiwanis Club of Ambler!
EAC Green Tip of the Month
Has your heating bill this winter been higher than expected? Are you dreading the electric bill this summer after running your AC all summer? Did you know that PECO offers a low-cost Energy Assessment that can provide a big return on your future energy bills? Visit the PECO website to schedule an assessment today. For only $49 for a virtual, or in-home assessment, you will get professional advice from a PECO energy advisor, free energy-saving products like LED bulbs and smart power strips, plus a personalized report with tips for lowering your energy costs and rebates on weatherization and heating/cooling equipment.

Boards & Committee Updates
The BOS held their regular meeting on February 14th, 2022. At this meeting the BOS recognized Michelle Miller for serving the community at the Wissahickon Library for over 33 years. The BOS appointed BBD Auditors to a 3-year term as the new auditing firm for the Township. The board continued to discuss the collection of the Business Privilege Tax to determine whether it would be prudent to hire a firm that specializes in identifying businesses who should be paying the tax but are not. Police Chief, Paul Kenny, provided a future staffing presentation. He outlined his plan for adding a squad to the department and establishing a Community Resource Unit (CRU). In other business, the BOS appointed a new volunteer to the Pike Fest Committee, authorized the execution of the required agreement to participate in the opioid crisis settlement, authorized the solicitation of bids for the pedestrian improvement project at Dager Road, approved the renewal of the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission Compost Agreement, and approved the advertisement of two job openings. They also authorized the advertisement of a proposed ordinance that would limit the number of terms a Supervisor could serve.

At the second regular meeting held February 28th, 2022, the BOS approved a contract proposal from ECON Partners Inc. following a presentation from the President of the company, Coleen Terry. Her company will provide grant writing services to the Township. The BOS also approved the E-Collect proposal to provide business tax collection services to the Township. The Goddard School was granted a waiver from providing additional sidewalk in relation to their approved land development project on Bethlehem Pike. In other business, the BOS authorized the advertisement of an ordinance to amend the current sign ordinance to permit the Little League to erect sponsorship signage on the outfield fencing of the Township-owned baseball fields. The signs will be inward facing and will be erected during the baseball season (Spring, Summer, Fall) and removed after the season has ended. The Township Engineer gave an update on the status of the Brookside Avenue Flood Mitigation Study. Residents from Brookside Avenue requested to be part of the process as things progress. The BOS also approved two resolutions authorizing staff to submit grant applications for the pedestrian improvements along Bethlehem Pike and for the rehabilitation of the Old Bethlehem Pike Culvert. The BOS approved a proposal from the Township Engineer for a strategic plan for the Township parks. The plan will help identify improvements that can be made within the parks. The BOS also authorized the advertisement of various summer job openings in the Parks & Recreation Department and the Public Works Department. The BOS will hold their next meeting on March 14, 2022 at 7pm.
Environmental Advisory Council (EAC)
The EAC held their regular meeting on February 9, 2022. The EAC is planning a survey for residents to get input from the public on environmental initiatives. They continue to work on a proposal for a tree giveaway. Keep your eye out for that! The group also formed a subcommittee to address energy conservation. The subcommittee meetings are open to the public and all are invited to join. The EAC will launch it's revised battery recycling program this month. March 12th will be the first collection opportunity! Batteries can be dropped off at the Township building from 9am-11am on March 12th. This program is open to Lower Gwynedd residents only. The EAC will also host a recycling presentation and bird walks in April.
February Hearings- February 10, 2022:
900 N. Bethlehem Pike (Spring House Farmer's Market, Inc.: D-Business District; Applicant seeks variances to permit proposed signage and any other relief deemed necessary for a new retail sales and farmers market use. Application not heard; applicant requested a continuance.

1 Gypsian Way: A-Residential District; Applicant seeks variances and any other relief deemed necessary to facilitate certain improvements to an existing single-family dwelling, including placing a pool and associated equipment within in the front yard and to permit a generator in the front yard. Approved.

1501 Cedar Hill Road: A-1 Residential District; Applicant seeks variances and any other relief deemed necessary to facilitate a two-lot residential subdivision, including permitting a side yard setback less than required and to permit a flag lot access strip to be longer than allowed. Approved.

745 Tennis Avenue: A-Residential District; Applicant seeks variances and any other relief deemed necessary to facilitate the construction of a single-family dwelling and associated improvements including permitting a lot width of less than 200 feet and a side yard less than 50 feet. Application not heard; applicant requested continuance.
The following projects are currently under review by the PC. The PC meets the third Wednesday of every month as needed. They met on February 16, 2022 and reorganized. They discussed the applications as indicated below. Please check the website for the most current agenda.

(#20-04) 301 Norristown Road Land Development (Gwynedd Estates-Acts)Multi-family residential development that includes the addition of a new skilled nursing wing at the NE corner of the site and a reconfiguration of existing parking areas while also adding new parking and subsurface stormwater management facilities. Revisions were submitted and discussed at the October meeting. The applicant will comply with the conditions outlined in the letters. There will be an emergency access off of Tennis Avenue to the site. The applicant continues to work through sewer connection issues with Williams Pipeline. Issues regarding stormwater impacts to the adjacent property owner are under investigation. The applicant and adjacent property owner are working to resolve these issues. Status: Not discussed. Remains under review.

(#21-04) Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary Land Development (Gwynedd Mercy University Campus 1325 Sumneytown Pike): This project is a proposed land development of the Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary on the GMU campus. The plan proposes the consolidation of two parcels within the campus property and the addition of a new college residence hall with a chapel, new student life center, and a new maintenance building. Future plans for a gym and an additional building are also shown. The plans also provide for associated improvements including the reconfiguration and addition of parking facilities, new access drive, landscaping, and lighting. Two above-ground and one subsurface stormwater management facilities are also proposed. The berm along Meetinghouse Road and the reduction of parking spaces along the shared property line with the neighbors was discussed. The reduced parking allowed for a change in the design where they are able to pull the development in further and add the berm and landscaping creating a dense buffer. Tree replacement was also discussed. Reviewing the stormwater runoff created from a larger berm was also suggested. Status: The PC recommended the project for preliminary/final approval to the BOS with conditions.

(#22-01) 812 N. Bethlehem Pike, Waiver of Land Development (Harth Builders): A commercial development of an existing property that currently contains a 20,000 square foot office/retail building and parking lot. The proposed plans include a 1,169 square foot building addition for retail use, a proposed terrace, and a 126 square foot building addition on the entrance of the building. Additional improvements proposed include 16 new parking spaces, the reconfiguration of parking spaces in the rear of the building, concrete sidewalk, and a conceptual rain garden. The applicant is seeking a waiver of land development for what will be considered Phase 1. The Fire Marshal noted the importance of keeping the vehicle accessway through the site maintained. The PC did not have any issues with the proposal as any future phases will go through the full land development process. Status: The PC recommended a waiver of land development for this project subject to conditions.

Ordinance Consideration: Little League Sponsorship Signage:  A proposed ordinance to amend the Lower Gwynedd Township Code to permit seasonal Little League sponsorship signs to be erected on Township owned fields was circulated to the PC for their review and discussion. The sign sponsorships would give the Little League the ability to raise funds. The PC discussed the distinction between sidelines and the outfield and a notification process of the start and end of the season. Overall the PC was supportive of the proposed ordinance. Status: PC recommended the ordinance with the discussion comments to the BOS.
Park & Recreation Board (PRB)
The PRB held their regular meeting on February 15th, 2022. The PRB reviewed and offered comments to the proposed sign ordinance amendment pertaining to sponsorship signs on the baseball fields. Overall, the PRB was supportive of the proposed ordinance. The PRB also discussed the strategic plan for the area parks and are excited to have that project move forward. The Recreation Director, Sandi Feight-Hicks is working on an interactive trail map that will soon be available to the public for use in navigating the local trail network. The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 at Penllyn Woods from 10am-11am. Also, if you're interested in learning more about the Township trails, join the PRB on Mondays and Wednesdays starting April 4th, 2022 to walk the trails. For more information click here.
Departmental Round-Up
We're HIRING!!!
Come join the Lower Gwynedd Team! We're hiring in our Parks & Recreation Department and our Public Works Department. Click the job titles below for a full description.

Parks & Recreation Department

Public Works Department

 Lower Gwynedd Township
1130 North Bethlehem Pike
Spring House, PA 19477
Phone: (215) 646-5302
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