March 2023 | Issue 29
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From the Desk of Ana Gopoian

Finding Balance During Change

"Getting in balance is not so much about adopting new strategies to change your behaviors, as it is about realigning yourself in all of your thoughts so as to create a balance between what you desire and how you conduct your life on a daily basis." - Wayne Dyer, Being in Balance

We have talked a lot over the past few issues about our thought processes and how they can usher in change and manifest the things we desire and can also bring about chaos and confusion in our lives. Like so many others, I find change to be both exciting and unsettling. Change often brings with it a barrage of thoughts that are based in uncertainty and fear and seem to rise up unceasingly and without warning.

Over the past few weeks, for many very valid reasons, I found myself in a tailspin of turmoil. Each day, I woke up with an overwhelming sense that the change I had hoped and prayed for over the years was culminating too fast, that the speed of progress was overtaking my ability to keep up in thought, word and deed. I felt like I was teetering on the edge of a cliff, looking down, with my toes hanging off, and wondering if I could survive the jump.

Well, what if we could find balance by just deciding to have great faith in the wisdom of uncertainty? To find that "standing on the edge looking into the canyon" feeling to be invigorating and exciting? To feel the joy and bliss in knowledge of the infinite possibilities we are exposed to in every moment, even if we do not have the exact certainty of what the future brings?

I am slowly pulling out of this tailspin…realigning my thoughts and catching up with the momentum I have created. Soon, I will get back to focusing on the balance between what I have desired all my life and the choices I make in conducting my daily life. The list of reasons to be in a tailspin is long and harrowing. We all have long lists, but if we allow the feelings of unease and uncertainty to pervade our thinking and disrupt the balance in our lives, we will never take the leap and know with certainty we can survive it!

I will make today a great day to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty and dispel my fear of it!!!

As we said last month, sometimes it is one day at a time, sometimes one minute, sometimes one breath! Take life as it comes; live it with purpose and always remember you are not alone.

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TriCircle 2023 Memorial Scholarship
Applications Now Being Accepted!

TriCircle seeks to identify people who reside in Connecticut and have demonstrated a commitment to further their collegiate or vocational studies. We recognize that the epidemic of substance use disorder exists here in our state and that tragically thousands of wonderful people have died due to the disease of addiction. We have come together to continue this scholarship opportunity, originally created in honor of Michael F. Gagnon II. The TriCircle Memorial Scholarship will be awarding two $2,500 scholarships in 2023. Scholarship applications and information are available via the links below, by email to, or can be picked up at our new office location: TriCircle, 169 Colony Street, 2nd Floor, Room 28, Meriden, CT 06451.
The signed, completed scholarship application with all supporting documentation must be received in one packet and postmarked
no later than April 28th, 2023.

Access the scholarship forms here:
Our March Spotlight

Toni McGovern

Balance is Essential

The amazing and beautiful Toni McGovern became a certified health coach in 2018 after navigating through her own health issues. Throughout her journey, she found a deeper healing through the yoga practice, which was a motivating factor in receiving her 200 hour certification. Toni believes that yoga is the missing piece in healing oneself, and the benefits can be overlooked. Yoga brings a connection to the mind and body that is essential to complete healing. Toni enhances the benefits of her daily practice and classes by incorporating her love and knowledge of essential oils. She is generously offering free yoga classes at the TriCircle office in
Meriden - please see below for details and consider
taking some well deserved time for self-care.

Together WE are Stronger!
Free Yoga Classes
at our new location:
169 Colony Street
Second Floor, Room 28
Meriden, CT 06451
Join us on the last Saturday of every month at
10:00 am, all the way through March, April and May! Come enjoy some "me time" as you relax, unwind and center, courtesy of Toni McGovern of Inner Balance Living in Wallingford. Toni is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach.
2022 Save the Dates
May 20-22 - Connecticut Barber Expo, Mohegan Sun, Uncasville

May 2023 - TBD - TriCircle Online Auction, stay tuned for details

October 14 - Hope & Support Retreat, Story Barn, Somers

October 15 - Hope After Loss Retreat, Story Barn, Somers

October 22 - TriCircle Gala at Wallingford Elks Lodge

Join us on March 1st and 15th for card games and fun at our Setback location at Bergen House! Beginning March 31, Setback will continue to be at Bergen House every last Friday of the month.

Homemade Ginger Ale
is a house specialty at Bergen!
In addition to the last Fridays of the month at Bergen House, beginning April 5, we will also be back at our regular location - dates and times indicated below!


Together WE are Stronger!
TriCircle is looking for people who are action oriented and passionate about our cause, or have a need for community service hours, to work with the Scholarship Committee or the Fundraising & Events Advisory Board. We welcome you to join us for the Fundraising & Events meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm at TriCircle's new office location.
Please contact: for
information about joining Fundraising & Events!

Our next Scholarship Committee meeting will take place on Friday, March 10th at 11:00 am! If you are interested in honoring your loved one through our TriCircle Scholarship, please inquire about making a donation or joining the committee by contacting Trish Williams at is looking for a volunteer coordinator for its Twisted Trails 5K Color Run at the enchanting and beautiful Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown, CT. If you have experience in event planning or volunteer coordination and you are willing and able to help, we would love to hear from you!
The proceeds from this event benefit TriCircle and four other
CT nonprofits. To learn more contact Ceci at:

Changes to our Support Group Meetings have begun. Hope After Loss held Monday evenings, rotating between Meriden, Berlin and Putnam.
Hope & Support held Thursday evenings, rotating between Meriden, Somers and Putnam locations.
Zoom options will continue to be available.
Please click below or email Ana for more details!
Hope & Support Groups provide a safe and confidential space for parents, guardians and others who are concerned about a loved one's substance use or addiction. All are welcomed and encouraged to utilize these services at not cost. Click here for
the full rotating schedule of our Thursday evening
Hope & Support Group meetings.
Hope After Loss Groups offer a place where everyone understands. There is no judgment or blame, but rather support and understanding. Join us as we work together on this journey of healing. All are welcomed and encouraged to utilize these services at not cost. Click here for the full rotating schedule of our Monday evening Hope After Loss Group meetings.


169 Colony Street
Second Floor, Room 28
Meriden, CT 06451

We are pleased to be located inside the Women and Families Center. This will allow for wonderful opportunities for us to expand the reach of our support services and resources as we cultivate this collaborative partnership. This location also provides increased accessibility with bus and train stops close by.

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