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March 19, 2023
4:30 PM

Presider: Mike Corso

Palm Sunday, April 2, 2023
4:30 PM
on Zoom

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Lenten Book Discussion

Sunday, March 26, 2023
4:30 PM

Entering Eternity with Ease
A Spirituality for Any Pandemic
By Sal Umana

"We can have eternal life right now, just as Jesus has eternal life right now, through his 'resurrected presence' among those who love him. The rest of us will not have millions of believers and followers who will follow us down the centuries. That is why it is so important to grasp the significance of the 'eternal NOW.' Eternity is NOW. Eternity always was and always will be. Eternity is not a lot of time before and after. Eternity is out of time, beyond time, beyond the material, beyond the moving parts of cosmic explosions. Eternity is now and forever."

Entering Eternity With Ease teaches us that there is no difference between life and death. We do not live in order to die. We live in order to love, and LOVE is everlasting...

There is no difference between life and death, or between life and love. There is no difference between time and eternity... no difference between heaven and earth.

The book can be ordered online and is also available as an e-book on SCRIBD with a thirty-day free trial.
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April 30, 2023
4:30 PM
On Zoom

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You can join Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community, the "sister" community of VOTFNJ, via Zoom for liturgies. Contact Mike Corso for more information.
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Journeying together as family though sadness and joy...
Praying Together...

We continue to pray for Tish's son, Paul, and Juanita's brother, Greg, as they are treated successfully for cancer.

We pray for theologian Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN, who has Alzheimers. Sister Barbara conducted a VOTFNJ retreat in 2015.

From Mike Corso and the Sophia Community:

Sadly, Ryan O'Rrouke's friend, Molly, passed away after suffering a cardiac event while swimming.
"Please keep Dianna Morrison's whole family in our prayers and send positive energy that all will be well."
Celebrating Together...
We send our best wishes and blessings to Tish Dickinson and her family over the "miraculous" births of her two great-grandsons.
We congratulate Carole and Leo Rogers on the creation of SparkNJ, a New Jersey philanthropic organization whose mission is to support small, Black-led nonprofits. SparkNJ has announced the recipients of its six inaugural grants. Read Carole's OpEd in the Morristown Green, "Commentary: Sparking support for Black-led nonprofits."
Sharing Together...

If anyone would like to contribute to the relief efforts for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Mary Aktay has been in touch with friends in Turkey. They have advised donating to the "Embrace Relief" organization right here in NJ.
Please email if you have news to share or need community support and prayers. We are here for each other!
Membership Drive
This month, letters will be mailed out inviting you to become a member or renew your membership with VOTFNJ. We are here because of you and we can't be here without you!

VOTFNJ is FAMILY even in social distancing! If you need anything at all, supplies, a ride somewhere (with safety precautions), or simply someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for each other!
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VOTFNJ's online presentations are free for all to join, but we still give honorariums to our presenters. When we met in person, we had collection baskets to help defray our costs. Please consider sending donations to help VOTFNJ continue to provide excellent programs for all. Please send your contributions to:

VOTFNJ c/o Robert Pipchick Treasurer, 107 Lincoln Ave. E Cranford, NJ 07016

Thank you for your generosity!
The Synod

Mary Murphy, VOTFNJ's liaison to the national organization, has provided these documents.
Confronting Systemic Racism

The VOTFNJ Coordinating Team has compiled a resource list on the subject of systemic racism, offering theological readings as well as historical and political perspectives. Download it here.
VOTFNJ is a founding member and supporter of Refugee Assistance Morris Partners. RAMP is proud of its work sponsoring refugee families from the Middle East since its founding in 2016 thanks to the ongoing support of its deeply dedicated volunteers, faith-based organizations, and generous donors. RAMP partners with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and has welcomed a new family from Afghanistan to New Jersey.

Regarding the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, Mary Gannon reports: "Monday night, I spoke with the Tarajki family who joined our RAMP family in 2016. They came to us from Syria via Turkey. They left many relatives behind in Syria.

They were able to contact their relatives and all survived but their homes were destroyed. The relatives are living in school buildings that were one-floor buildings rather than higher ones that crumbled.

Despite all of what they have been through they were so grateful to know their aunts and uncles, cousins and friends were safe while at the same time mourning for their once beautiful country and beautiful people."
Supporting Survivors

Keep up with coverage in VOTF National, America, NCR, Commonweal, and Crux. We recommend reading Fr. Ken Lasch's posts on his website; keeping up with all the news and events at Road to Recovery and Catholic Whistleblowers; and visiting Catholics4Change, Bishop Accountability; Awake, and Catholic Church Reform International.

NJ Clergy Abuse Hotline 855-363-6548

NY Victims and Anyone with Information are Encouraged to Call the Hotline at 
1-800-771-7755 or File Complaint Online at ag.ny.gov/ClergyAbuse

Keep up with the activities and outreach of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) and Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).
Road to Recovery, Catholic Whistleblowers, and US News
Vatican and International News
VOTFNJ has developed an Action Packet of useful steps you can take to confront the abuse crisis in our Church.
Financial Accountability
Structural Change in the Church
View more videos on Synod-va and Synodal Times.
Women in the Church

Representatives push for women to be admitted to priesthood...

The feminist image of God by Joan Chittister, OSB
Living Laudato Si'
Lenten Resources
Poem for Lent by Joyce Rupp

The cosmos dreams in me
while I wait in stillness,
ready to lean a little further
into the heart of the Holy.

I, a little blip of life,
a wisp of unassuming love,
a quickly passing breeze,
come once more into Lent.

No need to sign me
with the black bleeding ash
of palms, fried and baked.
I know my humus place.

This Lent I will sail
on the graced wings of desire,
yearning to go deeper
to the place where
I am one in the One.

Oh, may I go there soon,
in the same breath
that takes me to the stars
when the cosmos dreams in me.