Firethorne Exchange
March 2023
Happenings in Firethorne:
March 3rd
Story Time
New HOA Building
28100 N. Firethorne Road

March 15th
Modification Applications
due by 2:00pm
HOA Management Office
March 23rd
HOA Board Metting
via ZOOM
Save the Date:
Spring Fest
April 1, 2023 (10am - Noon)
Spring Cleaning

It’s the perfect time of year to get your yard/house looking it’s best.

·        Remove and replace any dead brushes and plants
·        Rake leaves
·        Fertilize grass
·        Pull any weeds in flower bed or expansion joints
·        Mulch all flower beds
·        Check for any mildew or mold buildup and clean it off your home
·        Clean windows
·        Trim low hanging limbs, especially over sidewalks
·        Power wash driveways and sidewalks as needed
·        Make sure your address number is visible from the street

·        Remove any trees without prior approval from the Modification Committee
·        Replace mulch with rocks, gravel or pebbles. ONLY hard wood mulch allowed
·        Use artificial greenery, flowers or turf
·        Leave your garbage can visible from the street
New Pool Review Fee

Starting March 1, 2023 the new pool review fee will increase from $125 to $150. This is a fee charged by Quiddity for an engineering review of pool plans, this pass-through fee is an application requirement for building a new swimming pool in your back yard.
2023 HOA Fees

The Community Assessment for 2023 is $850.

An additional Neighborhood Assessment for Section 25/26 (Gated) is $275, making their fees $1125 total. An additional Neighborhood Assessment for Section 16 West (Gated) is $200, making their fees $1050 total. 713-783-1021.

If you haven't paid your HOA dues yet, they are now late. If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact Canady & Canady ASAP at
713-783-1021 ext. 318 or 301.

Babysitter List

We are updating the Firethorne Babysitter List. If you would like to be added to the list please click here for application. Bring completed application to the HOA Management Office.
Home Modification Applications

Applications are due Wednesday, March 15th by 2pm
Click here to find applications and guidelines.

You can email completed applications to [email protected], [email protected] or
drop them by the office.
Community Reminders

  • Remember that many houses are very close to each other. Keep your neighbors in mind when you are in your yard and be mindful of your noise level especially late at night.

  • Golf Carts are NOT allowed on the Sports Fields or any other sidewalks in Firethorne. Golf Carts are to be driven on the streets by licensed driver ONLY.

  • Clean up after your dog especially if they go to the bathroom on your neighbor's lawn.
  • Report street light outages to Centerpoint, be sure to have the 6-digit pole number available.
  • There are many varieties of wildlife around Katy. Be mindful when letting small pets outside alone.
  • Firethorne is a safe place to live but you still shouldn't leave valuables in your car when visiting the pools and parks. Be sure to always lock your car doors.
  • Basketball Goals cannot be in the street, this includes culs-de-sac.
  • Please do not tape flyers to any poles or mailboxes throughout the neighborhood.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Please stay alert and free of distractions while driving.
  • Parking by the mailboxes is for short term parking ONLY while you are picking up your mail. Do not park in these areas overnight.
  • If you have books to donate to the Little Free Library by the main playgroup you may drop them off at the HOA Management Office.
  • Fence height may not exceed 6ft 6in. Any fence facing the street, drainage areas or any other common areas must remain at 6ft. Click here for more info.
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