March 2023 News Bulletin


10 NLWIC-funded Research Projects Completed to Date

Ten out of 20 community-based workforce development research projects funded by the NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) are completed and the Final Reports are available to download.

The purpose of these projects is to test innovative new models and tools and share the results with labour market stakeholders across all sectors and regions in Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal is that these stakeholders (employers, training providers, government, etc.) will be able to adapt, replicate and/or scale these new models and tools to address their labour market challenges and create opportunities to grow and diversify their workforce.

Find information about NLWIC-Funded Research Projects, including the Final Reports from the finished projects, on the NLWIC website. Several projects are currently being wrapped up, so more Reports and Deliverables will be available later this year.

The two most recently released Reports from the Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council and Eastern Health are featured below:

Read the Going the Distance: Equipping Rural Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with the Abilities & Skills to Succeed in Online Learning Final Report by the NL Laubach Literacy Council (NLLLC).

This research project focused on overcoming barriers to online learning for those with low writing and computer skills to create a more inclusive learning environment at any level. By raising literacy levels, this underrepresented population is more likely to reach their educational goals through online learning.

Read the Improving Psychological Health & Safety in Health Care Workers through Technology-Based Support Final Report by Eastern Health.

This research project resulted in the development of a novel chatbot that used AI to provide relevant resources and supports to health care workers’ text-based queries, in collaboration with IBM. In the first year, there were 3,509 meaningful interactions with EVA. Feedback on the EVA application was generally positive, with many reporting that they would use it again and recommend it to others.

Learn More about NLWIC-funded Research Projects

Upcoming Events

Entrepreneur Coffee Break with Horizon TNL Spicer Facilitation, March 21, 2023 10 a.m. NT, Virtual

For more than 20 years, Horizon TNL has been providing services and expertise in economic development in NL. Join us as we discuss the Francophone workforce in Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Learn about job opportunities for bilingual individuals and how adding a bilingual person to your business may expand your market reach. All are welcome!

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Using Evidence for Impact Future Skills Centre, Research Impact Canada, March 21, 2023, 2:30 p.m. NT, Virtual

In this session we will be discussing the constraints and challenges around evidence generation, discuss strategies and tools that have helped communicating impact and review experiences of adapting how and when to use evidence to inform program design and changes.

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Financial Management Fundamentals

CBDC Humber, Navigate, March 23, 2023 11 a.m. ET (12:30 p.m. NT), Online

Join the free 3-hour session on the fundamentals of good financial management. Topics include cash flow management, basic budgeting, CRA registration, reading your financial statements.

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Net-Zero 2050: Why it Matters for Your Business

APEC, April 5, 2023, 10:30 a.m. NT, Online

The transition to net-zero will impact all businesses, not just large emitters. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will face higher costs for transportation, heating and electricity due to government climate actions. They will need to consider changes to their transportation fleet, buildings and how they produce. SMEs are also starting to face pressures to prepare for net-zero from their supply chain, investors and employees.  

Learn more about how this transition to net-zero will affect your business and what you can do about it.  

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Workforce Innovation in Action

Pilot Program Paves Path to Post-Secondary College of the North Atlantic

The Technology Career Pathway (TCP) program at College of the North Atlantic (CNA) is doing something that hasn’t been done before – providing students with access to post-secondary education while still in high school.

Richard Spencer, Instructional Lead of the Technology Career Pathway Program, says it is breaking new ground and students are the primary beneficiaries.

“Opportunities for students are changing and for the better! Doors are being opened and will continue to be opened so we can enrich the lives of our secondary level students. Everyone involved in this initiative is doing it for these students, to give them opportunities that were previously unheard of.”

Read More

Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Consultations EngageNL

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador passed the Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Act in October 2022. The Act outlines pay equity provisions for the public sector, and pay transparency provisions for the public and private sectors.

The Office of Women and Gender Equality, the Department of Environment and Climate Change, and the Treasury Board Secretariat are seeking input to help inform the drafting of regulations regarding the Act.

Closing Date: April 23, 2023

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Established in 2017 by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and administered by College of the North Atlantic, NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) has a provincial mandate to provide a coordinated, central point of access to engage all labour market stakeholders about challenges, opportunities and best practices in workforce development.

NLWIC’s goal is to promote the research, testing and sharing of ideas and models of innovation in workforce development that will positively impact employability, employment and entrepreneurship within the province’s labour force and particularly underrepresented groups. Funding for NLWIC is provided by the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS) under the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement.

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