What's Happening at YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County

It is an exciting time at the YWCA of Gettysburg and Adams County! Membership has returned to pre-Covid levels, the childcare program has nearly all the rooms filled, and the Board of Directors has launched the annual sponsorship campaign.

Board President Lyne Aurand will oversee Programs at the YW, while Board Member Carrie Soliday will oversee Administrative functions during the leadership transition. Additional board of directors and community members have stepped up to add this team approach. YWCA members have been sharing "why they love the Y" on paper hearts on the bulletin board and in their daily interactions at the YW. This 95-year-old institution and community hub is a place to belong, to connect with others, and to pursue wellness. 

As promised, the Leadership wants to update you on what is happening at the YW. Here are a few updates not covered elsewhere in the newsletter:

● The YWCA will utilize a Wellspan Health Inspire grant to purchase equipment for youth programs and host summer clinics/camps. 

● Another Wellspan Grant is in the application process to fund a Senior Center. The goal is to add monthly art classes, lunches provided in partnership with the Office of Aging, and more to the morning schedule of classes already available for the 55+ group who love the Y. 

● The gym is used daily with groups who have self-organized Pickleball Play, Middle School Basketball practice, and high school indoor soccer.

● The racquetball courts have seen action by traditional racquetball matches as well as wallyball and handball. 

● The Annual Sponsorship Campaign was launched by the Board of Directors. Opportunities are available for individual donations, event sponsorship, and organization sustainability sponsorships.

Why is the sponsorship campaign important when the YW charges membership and program fees? The YWCA of Gettysburg and Adams is celebrating 95 years as a community institution. The only reason the facility and programs at 909 Fairfield Road and the Adams Commerce Center exist is through the Leadership and contributions of generous members of the community. 

Membership fees, program fees, and grants cover the bulk of the YW's $4.1M budget. The YWCA needs to raise about 15% of its operating budget through sponsorships and donations. Facilities that are large enough to house a pool, fitness center, and childcare classrooms are expensive to operate and maintain. Utilities and the cost of insurance to cover the buildings and health benefits of full-time staff have increased considerably for the YW, just as they have likely increased for your business and personal budgets. For example, the YW's electric bill is $10,000 a month. 

We know that the community values the institution. Not just for the physical plant: the pool, the gym, the childcare center, and classrooms. But for the social interactions and the mission-driven programs. Please join the Board of Directors, Lyne, and Carrie, by also supporting the YW financially in a way that makes sense with your budget, time, talents, and in-kind donations.

It's Women In History Month

We're celebrating slightly differently this year - by honoring women who have shaped our lives and history. Read all about them, learn more, and send us your story. You'll find it all - and lots more on our Advocacy Page.

Spring Cleaning Is Underway

Spring cleaning is starting early at the YWCA and Bud Glass, our esteemed Property and Grounds Director, has "shed some light" on a particular need.

In the pool area, nearly all of the overhead bulbs will soon need to be replaced using either a rented lift or a contractor to change out the lights.  As the old fluorescent tubes burn out, changing over to LED tubes leads to cost savings. The LED tubes have a longer life expectancy and use less wattage.  The estimated cost for bulbs and lift rental is $2128.00. To offset the cost of replacing burnt-out bulbs across the facility, financial donations or in-kind donations of the exact bulbs needed are welcomed.

In the Spirit of The Spirit

For 30 years, the Spirit of Gettysburg was an Adams County tradition. We've decided to bring it back, in a whole new way.

Planing for this event will be extra easy and convenient!

Learn More

Nearly New Again

Here comes the spring version of one of our greatest traditions - the YWCA Nearly New Sale. Buy and sell nearly new children's clothing.

Good deals for everybody!


Childcare Leadership Defined

Doug Kubeck and Lydia Van Evera are taking on the leadership role at the Adams Commerce Center Childcare. They will serve as co-directors, with Doug overseeing Educational Operations and Lydia overseeing Administrative Coordination.  This dynamic duo is well known for creating a welcoming atmosphere, communicating with families, checking in with the staff, and ensuring all licensing requirements are met. 

Congratulations to Doug and Lydia for taking on new roles in the YWCA's award-winning childcare program

Also...We are in the process of cleaning out the rooms at 909 Fairfield Road, previously used by the childcare program. must be cleaned out by March 29. Other local childcare services, nonprofits, schools, youth groups, etc are invited to come to visit and select items they can use. Goodwill offerings will be accepted. Organizations should send us an email or contact Lyne Aurand (717-495-1103) or Julie Haller (717- 515-7416) to arrange an appointed time.

Congrats, Howard

One of the reasons members love the YWCA is Howard Dorsey! Howard is now overseeing the Fitness Areas and continues over personal training sessions. Oh, to be sure, he is still counting your reps and asking about your workout while making sure the cardio room is welcoming, energized, and clean! Congrats, Howard!

Please note: Members will need to update their locker rentals at the Front Desk by March 29. Locks will be removed from expired locker rentals or from lockers with no record of rentals. Any lock remaining on lockers at the end of the day that were used just for the day and not rented, will be checked randomly and removed.

Calling all Sharks, fans of the Sharks, and those who love to swim at the YWCA! The Sharks Swim Team had an undefeated season - yeah team! To celebrate and keep their home pool looking good, they have launched a fundraiser to purchase seven lap lines, six touchpads, wiring and plungers for six lanes with backups. 

Support the Sharks and the YWCA Aquatics Program by joining the fundraiser!

Another rite of spring at the YWCA is the annual Tennis Tournament. We'll serve and volley for the 22nd time this years, on May 11th.

Come on out and play or contribute as a sponsor. See why so many players come back, year after year.

In memory of Arthur and Muriel Rice, the event benefits the YW and our community.

Click here for more infomration and  a registration form.

Please Support Your YWCA

YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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