March 20th COVID-19 Update
Roofing / Essential Trade
CRCA Members,

The CRCA office has received many questions already about Gov. Pritzker's Executive Order (EO) today. Based on the EO, it appears that individuals in Critical Trades may leave their homes "to perform any work necessary to offer, provision, operate, maintain and repair Essential Infrastructure. Essential Infrastructure "including but not limited to":

  • " construction...building management and maintenance..." (EO Item 9, paragraph 2)
  • Critical Trades: "Building and Construction Tradesmen and Tradeswomen..." (EO Item 12H)

The order also allows those that provide supplies to essential trades:
  • "Businesses that sell, manufacture, or supply other Essential Businesses and Operations with the support or materials necessary to operate..." (EO Item N)

The order also allows those that manufacture and distribute products for essential trades:
  • "Manufacturing companies, distributors, and supply chain companies well as products used by other Essential Businesses and Operations." (EO Item T)

As far as we know right now, roofing according to the Governor's Executive Order, will continue on Monday - as long as the construction sites and customers allow roofing workers onsite.

CRCA continues to work with Roofers Local 11, the AFL-CIO, the Chicago Federation of Labor and other industry partners to learn more about the new order. Once additional information is received, we will forward.

Please remind your staff to follow the coronavirus prevention information already sent including but not limited to the following:
  • Social distancing
  • Use of Hand Sanitizer and sanitizing products
  • Personal Water bottles - no sharing
  • Practice Respiratory Hygiene
  • Avoid touching Eyes, Nose & Mouth
  • Stay at home if unwell

Please watch CRCA's website and social media for updates as well.

Download the Executive Order - View the specific text below:
EO 9. Essential Infrastructure . For purposes of this Executive Order, individuals may leave their residence to provide any services or perform any work necessary to offer, provision, operate, maintain and repair Essential Infrastructure.
Essential Infrastructure includes, but is not limited to: food production, distribution, and sale; construction (including, but not limited to, construction required in response to this public health emergency, hospital construction, construction of long-term care facilities, public works construction, and housing construction); building management and maintenance; airport operations; operation and maintenance of utilities, including water, sewer, and gas; electrical (including power generation, distribution, and production of raw materials); distribution centers; oil and biofuel refining; roads, highways, railroads, and public transportation; ports; cybersecurity operations; flood control; solid waste and recycling collection and removal; and internet, video, and telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential global, national, and local infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, communications, and web-based services).
Essential Infrastructure shall be construed broadly to avoid any impacts to essential infrastructure, broadly defined.

EO 12. Essential Businesses and Operations. For the purposes of this Executive Order, Essential Businesses and Operations means Healthcare and Public Health Operations, Human Services Operations, Essential Governmental Functions and Essential Infrastructure, and the following:...
h.       Critical trades. Building and Construction Tradesmen and Tradeswomen, and other trades including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff for commercial and governmental properties, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC, painting, moving and relocation services, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, Essential Activities, and Essential Businesses and Operations;
CRCA recognizes that this is an ever evolving situation and and plans to keep all members updated on the above issues and more. Please follow CRCA's social media and check for ongoing updates.