March 22, 2016 eBLAST

New Suite of Tools 
Webinar from the COE

Hello Colleagues,
In Fall 2014, the Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) created Demand and Supply data tools for community colleges to utilize in their applications for the CTE Enhancement Fund grants in each region in California.  These data tools were used to complete the section of the application that required documentation of the "labor market gap" between demand for an occupation(s) and the supply of graduates from a program of study.
These data tools were widely used by colleges and many requested they be updated as new data became available.  The COE have updated these tools with both new data and new features, in an attempt to make them more user-friendly. We also asked a few CTE practitioners to preview and provide feedback. We used this feedback to make further improvements where it was feasible.
These tools are intended to be complementary to the data in Launchboard.
We are pleased to share these improved resources with you today! At   you will find:
  • Demand Table to access current labor market demand data for occupations related to your programs. The table can be filtered by region, county, occupation, and other criteria. Note that it is a password protected file due to our licensing agreements with the data provider. The password to access the file is "GetLMI". Please do not share this passcode with anyone outside of community colleges.
  • Supply Table to access the number of awards conferred by community colleges and other post-secondary education providers. The data can be filtered by region, TOP code, TOP title and type of award.
  • Instructions to guide you through opening and using the Demand and Supply Tables.
  • Short video tutorials to provide you with step-by-step instructions on using these tools (to be released in April)..
MARK YOUR CALENDAR! We will be demonstrating these tools on an hour-long statewide  webinar  on  April 4th at 11:00a.m . To register:
For audio dial: 1-888-886-3951, Participant Passcode: 111430  

For more information:

  • Lori Sanchez