WEEKLY UPDATE | March 22-28, 2020
A Message from Reverend Vicki
Dear UUCGL Community,
I will be returning from sabbatical a month early, officially starting on April 10th. But in the meanwhile, I will be consulting with our staff and leaders and with clergy all over the world about how to do this! None of us knows. We only know that we are in this together and that it helps slow the rate of infection if humans keep distance from each other. 
Everything is upended. Work and school are disrupted. Whether in good or fragile health, we are aware that we can't take access to health care or hospitalizations for granted. We're laying in the toilet paper and Tylenol. I ran out of milk and suddenly it's a really big deal to go to the store and I have to carefully consider which one, and when, and how I will outfit myself in order to touch things.
There are no live sporting events to watch, no movies to go to, no cultural outings, no libraries to visit. We're having a lot of time to think, to feel, and to consider ultimate things. What a great time for ministry! What a perfect time for spiritual reflection and practice. Terrible way to get there, but there we are.
Please keep visiting the UUCGL Facebook page regularly, as it will be the most frequently updated communication with you. You may have to sign up for a Facebook account for the time being to access the page, and for that I ask forgiveness: I was unable to find any problem with the account settings that apparently make the page impossible to view for folks without a Facebook account.
Facebook is where I will be regularly, both on the UUCGL page and as Victoria Anne Weinstein, where you are welcome to friend me. I also have an independent public online ministry under the name PeaceBang where I have been writing and posting videos for the general public for many years, on Facebook and on PeaceBang.com. You may find that my tone, approach and style as PeaceBang are different from the Rev. Vicki you know. That is intentional; you and I know each other. We have a relationship. We share our lives. PeaceBang is a persona drawn in broader strokes.
What is most important now is that we help each other cope. Please pray for each other and continue to be patient as we figure out how to do this "new thing under the sun." There have been many epidemics and plagues before, but none with social media, and so in this we are very fortunate. We want to use it well.
As you may know, our Interim Director of Community Life and Learning, Mark LaPointe's, husband is very ill and hospitalized. Please hold Mark and his husband Jim and their son Bryce in your prayers. 
Meanwhile, enjoy some sunny days, get some fresh air if you can, and keep checking the church Facebook page. I will be working with our scheduled pulpit guest, Rev. Michael Hall, to share his sermon and perhaps a reading and prayer by video. Stay tuned. Check that FB page for details.
In faith, hope and love,
Rev. Vicki
UUCGL Events, News and Updates
It’s Pledge Season
The building may be temporarily closed, but pledge season is always open. Thank you to those who have already returned their pledge cards.
On March 8, Michael Celona gave a moving, inspiring—and humorous—sermon, “I Pledge Gratitude,” and asks, “What makes church great for you?” We encourage anyone who was not able to attend to listen to it by clicking here . And if you were here, it is even better the second time.

It is important that the church has your completed pledge card as soon as possible because we are working on next fiscal year’s budget. You may mail it in or pledge by e-mailing mypledge@uucgl.org

Your pledge counts! Thank you.
Sermons Online
We are exploring many ways to enrich our lives as a spiritual community during this physical-distancing time. One such way is to be able to listen to past sermons and we now have added many recent ones given during Rev. Vicki’s sabbatical period. Click here for the link on our website that takes you to both our YouTube channel for recent sermons, and Rev. Vicki’s sermons.
Urgent News from My Brother's Table
My Brother’s Table has had to postpone a major annual fundraiser, the Founders’ Celebration, that was slated for March, but now will be held on October 14. This puts them in a very difficult situation, as they rely on the money raised by that event to help close out their fiscal year. As eager as they are to balance their books, the more important goal is to keep the community healthy.
The loss of income, coupled with the increased expenses of changing operations in response to the pandemic, has put an incredible strain on their finances. They are reaching out to their supporters to ask for help during this challenging time. If you are able, please consider making a donation via their website here , or by mail: 98 Willow Street, Lynn MA 01901.
As their guests rely on them for their meals, they rely on us, their supporters, to help continue to feed the community safely and with as much compassion as possible. They are grateful for any help we can give. Thank you.
Update on Home Base and Sanctuary
Michael Celona, President of the Board, Scott Nowka, Chair of the Sanctuary Task Force, and Eileen Cummings, Chair of the Home Base Task Force have developed an update on the Church's Home Base and Sanctuary efforts. Here is a link to that update. Paper copies are available in the church foyer.
Bring more solar to the area . . .
and help UUCGL raise funds!
If the GSMT's Climate Change and Faith series has increased your sense of urgency about the climate emergency, here is a concrete step you can take. Sign up for a site visit to see if your home is right for solar electric, solar hot water or air source heat pump (efficient heating) technology. The communities of Nahant, Swampscott and Salem have worked with the state to vet three installers of these technologies under the Solarize program. Info is available at www.solarizenorthshore.org .
The three installers are offering to pay non-profits for referrals: $25 per site visit plus $100 per installation for each technology for each address referred. Please sign up and refer your friends. To sign up under the UUCGL umbrella, email taragall@comcast.net . Indicate your name, email address and address and the technology (solar PV, solar thermal and/or heating/cooling) you are interested in. Tara Gallagher will be at Fellowship Hour on March 1st to answer any questions.
General Assembly June 24-28, 2020
Our GA Delegates
General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Rooted, Inspired, & Ready! is the theme for General Assembly in June 2020.
This year our congregation will be represented by Nicki Buscemi, Scott Nowka and Linda Jones. GA will be held June 24-28 in Providence RI this year. Any member can attend, but only delegates have a vote. GA is a fun and informative chance to connect with other UUs and has lots of opportunities for fun and learning. If anyone is interested or has questions, please talk to or email ( mcseknitter@gmail.com ) Eileen Cummings
Faith Development Programming
Save the Date!
Ferry Beach - May 1-3, 2020
Warmer weather and beautiful surroundings are calling us! Our annual retreat to Ferry Beach is this May!

The registration process will be here before you know it, so save the date! It’s an opportunity to gather with people of all ages within the congregation in a relaxing and joyful setting. Stay tuned for more details!
Sabbatical Guide Available
Rev. Vicki started her six month sabbatical after her November 10 worship service. A Sabbatical Guide is available that contains information about this period of time and who will be covering in her absence. Copies of the Sabbatical Guide are available on the Welcome Table in the church foyer and also in the church office, or you may download a copy here .
Does the Office Know Your Current
Contact Information?
Please keep your name, address, phone number, and e-mail current in the church office. E-mail Elizabeth Muller with your correct information.
Not sure what information we have on file for you?

Call Elizabeth at:
781-595-8836, ext. 10
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