Community e-News l 3.22.20
Ms. Thor shakes up the learning-at-home routine by teaching her Spanish 2 class how to dance the s alsa, merengue, cambia , and other latin dances. Mrs. Thor said, "It's a chance to learn some culture, create some class bonding, get a little exercise, be invigorated by the music, and, if nothing else, laugh a little at the completely awkward and awesome experience that they will all share by dancing together online." ¡ Qué divertido!
The Virtual Week Ahead...

Mon. Mar. 23
Online Learning I 8:30 AM start l 2/4/6/0
Office Hours and Check-ins (Counselors and Student Life) during 0 period
Tue. Mar. 24
Virtual F/S or Department Meetings l 8:00 AM
Online Learning I 8:30 AM start l 1/3/5/7
Office Hours and Check-ins (Counselors and Student Life) l 3:00-3:30 PM
Wed. Mar. 25
Virtual F/S or Department Meetings l 8:00 AM
Online Learning I 8:30 AM start l 2/4/6/0
Period 0 or Clubs, Activities, and Community Group meetings l 1:30-3:00 PM
Office Hours and Check-ins (Counselors and Student Life) l 3:00-3:30 PM
Thu. Mar. 26
Virtual F/S or Department Meetings l 8:00 AM
Online Learning I 8:30 AM start l 1/3/5/7
Office Hours and Check-ins (Counselors and Student Life) l 3:00-3:30 PM

Fri. Mar. 27
Online Learning I 8:30 AM start l 2/4/6
Office Hours and Check-ins (Counselors and Student Life) l 1:30-3:00 PM

If you haven't yet, bookmark these pages:
Online Learning bell schedule
Our bell schedule and class schedule adjusts as we continue Online Learning this week. The website calendar reflects the updated bell schedule. You can also view the week-by-week view on Online Learning webpage and as a Printable PDF .
Dear Carondelet Families,
Our prayers continue for each and every one of you and our greater community to remain safe and secure during this time. All of us, certainly, are impacted by this world crisis but some of our families more so than others. 
Please know that we are committed to all of our families, today and through the coming weeks and months ahead. We are already in the process of providing our hardest hit families with the support and financial relief they need for this year as well as next year. We are taking steps to ensure that everyone enrolled in Carondelet now will be able to return next year. We are committed to supporting our dedicated faculty and staff. And we want to ensure that all our students receive the quality education they need to prepare them for their futures, through the remainder of this year, next year, and throughout their time at Carondelet.
We need to work through this crisis together as one community. We are committed to doing everything in our power to keep our community whole. As such, we continue to monitor this highly fluid and dynamic situation as it unfolds in order that we may remain responsive to the needs of our families and community. 
Please help us. I encourage you or anyone you know who needs help to reach out to us immediately to discuss their unique circumstances related to the impacts of Coronavirus. We have already developed a process to help our families through this time as well as to help support them through the coming weeks and months…and perhaps years ahead. 
Please reach out to Jessica Mix directly at  or (925) 326-7848. She is the initial point person to work with our families who may need assistance. 

May God continue to watch over us and protect us in this time of great need.


Wellness Update

Dear Families,

As we navigate this incredibly challenging time together as a community, we are aware of just how vital it is to remain focused on caring for both our physical and emotional well being. With that in mind we have collected several valuable resources for students, parents, and educators, which offer great strategies for stress and anxiety management, family communication, mindfulness practice, etc.

We realize that anxiety is heightened for many right now, and it can be very difficult to lack the routine, activities, special events, and in-person social contact we are used to. This is especially true for children and teens. Fortunately, digital technology these days allows us to access so many resources to stay connected academically and socially.

As families work together to establish flexible routines to adjust to this increased time at home, new opportunities to connect as a family are possible (i.e., family dinners, game and movie nights, outdoor activities (socially distanced), fun projects, etc...). This “together time” also needs to be balanced with family members’ needs for independent and private time. It can be challenging for families to strike that balance, and positive communication is key.

Please know that we are here to support your daughters and to serve as a resource to families. We are available to talk with students as needs arise during the school day and to offer counseling support and referral information for community mental health services. Please email or leave a voicemail and we will reach back out. 


Stacie Besagno,  x158
Sarah Alpert,  x156
Wellness Resources

Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus , (Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley) - A comprehensive guide with articles, podcasts, and audio/video resources (anxiety and stress management, mindfulness practices, etc.) for families and educators. 

Kaiser Permanente Wellness Resources

Panorama SEL & Self Care Resources

Mindfulness Apps (i.e., Headspace, Calm, Colorfy, Breethe, Happify)
Many of these apps are free or are currently offering free features.

Podcast - Meditative Story
Serving Community Needs 

We recognize that many of you may be feeling a desire to do more and help the especially vulnerable populations during this time of uncertainty. We are working with several organizations who are serving those most affected. Please view the opportunities below on our Community Service webpage , if you are able and desire, sign up to help. 

College & Career Update

Class of 2020, your college counselors put together resources for you regarding being waitlisted at colleges, DVC enrollment, financial aid, and more, here .

Class of 2021, read important reminders from your college counselors, and stay up to date about the SAT/ACT and AP exams.

Students, your college counselor is available to meet with you via Zoom. Make an appointment .
Athletics Update
Cougar Families,

Athletically speaking, we are in limbo like everything else during this time of uncertainty. I do like the stance CIF has taken and that is we are not canceling anything just yet. We are basically taking an extended spring break if you will.

Dani our Strength and Conditioning Coach has been working the students out each day through our Instagram account (@carondeletcougars). This morning I checked in and "watched" Dani's routine. I found it exhausting, but exhilarating!

Jessica, our ATC (Athletic Trainer Certified), has been posting rehabilitation videos that the girls have been watching. So far she's posted on Instagram about ankle sprains, shin splints, and patellofemoral pain.

Please have your student/athlete reach out to us if they have questions or concerns.

May we go forth together with courage,

Scott Kennedy,

Technology Support - Students may submit a ticket and request support with resources such as their iPads, software systems like Schoology, Google Suite, etc.  Request tech help.
A peak into Coug Nation's morning announcements including an upbeat Sisterhood Week student carpool karaoke filmed prior to our social distancing. :)
Essay Scholarship Competition
for all College Bound Seniors
Five $1,000 Scholarships Will Be Awarded

The Prompt : “What are the three insights about your High School life that you want to share with the world?”

The Details : Submit a 500-word essay to:

The Deadline : extended to Sunday, March 29

Essay must be in Word or PDF (MLA) Format
Include full name and student ID# in the subject line of the email
(All essays will receive a code to ensure anonymity with readers.)

Scholarships will be announced and awarded in May. Best of luck to All Participants!
Staying Connected through Morning Prayers & Daily Sendings
As we begin Online Learning, we start new daily rituals to continue fostering our strong schoolwide community. Here is an example of what your student is experiencing through morning prayer each morning. They are also receiving a daily sending at the end of their day. We welcome all of you to partake in these daily rituals.
Courage, Confidence, and Strength
We are all athletes... Feeling a bit lethargic after all your time indoor. Go out in the fresh air and experience one of the workouts with Dani Bernat, Carondelet's Strength & Conditioning Coach, that your student had the opportunity to participate in this week. Or if you want to relax and read about the experience, you can here.
Giving Day Update

This week we made the decision to postpone Carondelet Giving Day originally scheduled for March 19. Despite the challenging times we are facing, we are thankful that some donors were able to participate anyway.

Sarah Henry Walsh ‘80 explains why she made a gift, “Tonight I participated in the Giving Day (even though it will be rescheduled). I always like to give in memory of my dear sister Betsy (Elizabeth "Betsy" Henry '77). She left us too early and it comforts my still grieving heart to give to Carondelet in her name. She loved Carondelet, especially the swim team and the faith experience.”

In addition, Elizabeth Chaponot, Ph.D and VP of Academics and Ed Tech donated on Giving Day saying, “I was tempted to do a personal plea to say I gave right away because I am SO proud and impressed to be working for a school that in difficult times is 1) trying to make sure their employees are taken care of and 2) part of a community that has stepped up and pulled all stops to make sure our students are protected and kept safe and can continue learning.”
Creating Superhumans
The plan is to host this presentation virtually
RSVP today for FREE on Eventbrite
School Store - Delivers to Your Home
Carondelet bundle on sale now (a $68 value for $55).

Shop for home delivery at the school store:

Additional Alumnae Category Items
Additional Cougar Cubs Items
Additional Sweatshirts on Clearance
Camp Carondelet
Registration Still Open
Due to newly implemented social distancing policies, we have received multiple inquiries as families begin shifting their summer travel plans and searching for local activities. At this time, we are still planning to run all four sessions of Camp Carondelet throughout the months of June and July and we are still accepting registrations. We will continue to monitor advisories from local and national experts and also have plans to incorporate additional wellness practices to ensure our campers have a healthy and fun summer experience. Read March Update
Sports Clinics
Registration Still Open
Middle school girls are invited to our campuses to train with Carondelet coaches, improve their skills, and have fun playing their favorite sport!

Choose from seven sports this June-July. (S trength and conditioning cub camps also available for incoming 2nd-5th grade girls .)

  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Strength & Conditioning
Athlete Profile: Helena Perez '20
Helena telling her student/athlete perspective on losing with grace, being humble when winning, and not letting setbacks overcome you. She will be spiking the volleyball at Colorado State University. Congrats, Helena!
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