March 23, 2020


With much gratitude to our parents, teachers, and staff for your continued hard work!  Please share message with your children.

You are all in my prayers.

May God bless your day.

Donna Lauro


We are continuing our Lenten outreach of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving for Mary Hill Primary School in Uganda, and the need is greater than ever!  The COVID-19 situation is adding additional concern and suffering to the children and families who rely on Mary Hill Primary School not only for learning, but even more importantly for daily meals for their children.  According to international news sources, Uganda has only one confirmed case thus far, but has taken drastic measures for prevention including requiring all schools to close, workers to stay home, and borders closed to any travel except cargo.  Online learning from home is likely not even an option for the Mary Hill Primary staff and students.  Word directly from our contact there is that they are still able to give some students food support to take home. However, food prices are skyrocketing, and there is a fear of starvation for many, as well as fear violence because of dire conditions.  
HEARTS OF HOPE are needed now more than ever!
What can we do, even as we are experiencing our own challenges at this time?
PRAY - Include the students, families, and staff of Mary Hill in your family's prayer every day day.  Use the Rosary, the Novena prayer, or your own words to pray for them.  You may also want to print the Hearts of Hope World Map and/or the student photos in each homeroom. 

FAST - As we go without many of our usual activities during this time, we can be mindful to offer our fasting to God in solidarity with the families of Mary Hill who have far less than we do. As a family, decide what you could "give up" for Mary Hill.
GIVE ALMS   - We are still accepting donations for Mary Hill Primary School.  No amount is too small!  You can mail checks made to OLPH (memo line - Hearts of Hope) to our school office.  We are sending the $3500 that the school has already collected as soon as possible, and we will send additional donations at a later time.  
We are called to extend our Catholic Christian community around the globe during this crisis for all humanity.  We can bring a face to this global crisis through our ongoing remembrance of our brothers and sisters in Uganda.  We join our Hearts of Hope with theirs!

Sc hoolwide  L earning  E xpectation focus:  
Global Ambassador

Follow the Golden Rule

Respect themselves and each other

Are peacemakers

Appreciate and care for all God's creation

Recognize that everyone is equal in God's eyes


Parents, thank you for recognizing and acknowledging your children if you witness them being Regal Celtics!

... for healing for Jean Marie Tipsord as she recovers from back surgery

... for healing for all those inflicted with the corona virus

... for healing for Ralph Gonzalez as he recovers from cancer surgery

... for the repose of the soul of Janet Simon and for comfort for the Simon family as they mourn their loss, Abigail Simon's grandma

... for Madeleine Grace Novotny, granddaughter to an alumna, born premature she needs prayers to grow and thrive

... for the repose of the soul of Zachary Guerrero, class of 2013, and for comfort for his mom, dad, and sister

... for Jacqueline Markus, Kylie Popa's grandma, may she rest in peace and for Kylie Popa's family as they mourn their loss

... for healing for Henry Simon

... for the passing of Josie Miotke's uncle,  Frank Soto, may his soul be at peace.

... for the passing of Cruz Gomez; may her soul be at peace.

... for healing for Mollye Taylor, Mrs. Purcell's mom, as she recovers from surgery
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