In Today's Newsletter

Upcoming Events:
Apr 1-5 - IOWA Assessments
Apr 12 - Teacher Work Day (No School)
Apr 22-26 - Easter Break
"Life is Good Here!"  What an incredible event!  We hope you enjoyed the auction - your generosity was humbling.  THANK YOU to everyone who attended AND everyone who worked so hard to make it happen!  Thank you to donors - we had such a wonderful variety of items this year.  Receipts will be sent out this week.  After some number crunching, we will let everyone know our totals, so stay tuned!

Many hands make light work. Nothing could be truer when we think about the annual school auction. Listed below are some of the people who served on the auction committee and worked hard to make this event special and successful:

Mindy Orcutt - for learning and using the new auction software from the beginning of the process until after the auction. Answering everyone's questions, procuring items.... Thank you Laneta Nauman for assisting Mindy and helping the day of the auction. We saw you cleaning up!  Thanks to Missy Hughes for helping Mindy with data entry of winning bids during the auction.

Laurie Fielder for coordinating the auction from the very beginning and seeing it through until the end. Dave Fielder who supports Laurie as she works through all the details, a runner, and willingly helps the day of the auction with anything and everything!

Nate Snyder - technical support for new auction software.

Eric Warren - emcee of our Auction Event, Tom Pasma the auctioneer, and Jennifer Pempiet of Maverick Catering. Our meals were delicious. Kelly McLean for serving as our liaison with First Baptist along with Rich McLean took care of the sound and lighting.

Pablo and Melina Guerrero - producing the d├ęcor for the auction. Miss O and her 5th grade class for designing and creating the owls that held the live auction item numbers.

Sara Peterson, Chris & Senya Enochs - silent auction - set-up through tear down.

Larry & Riley Anderson-balloon table, Nic Sopher - quilt raffle and Becky Werkhoven - dessert dash. (Thank you to everyone who provided desserts! They looked awesome!) Heather Huff - beverage table.

Laurie Ukrainetz - silent auction set-up, recorder, and cashier. Susan Franz - cashier, Claudia Mendoza - runner, Steve Werkhoven and Soren Hughes were spotters, Kiera and Matti-June delivered certificates to the winning bids.

Lita Timmerman was one of our greeters and instrumental in procuring items for the auction. Melinda Grazier was also one of our greeters.

Pat & Janet Gjerde - helping with arrangements for clean-up.

Thank you to all who attended our 1st Grandparents Day Chapel.  We are so thankful that you were able to join us in worship and to see what our students are working on in their classrooms.  We were so encouraged by your response that we are going to make this a yearly event for our entire school!  We have almost completed filling the Easter Eggs for the City of Monroe because of your help.
Thank you, Sofia Moro for getting our flower planters ready for spring!  They are beautiful!
It is Iowa Assessment Time.  The 2nd-8th grade students will be taking their yearly academic tests the week of April 1-5.  The best way you can assist is to:
  • encourage your student to eat a healthy breakfast
  • get plenty of sleep by going to bed on time with no devices
  • address anxiety regarding the tests by reassuring your child to complete the tests to the best of their ability
Parents will receive the results of the testing at the May Parent/Teacher Conferences.   Please note this change: Parent/ Teacher Conferences originally scheduled for April 11th have been moved to May 23rd so the results of these tests will be provided at that time.
SmartAid online applications must be completed by April 12.  If you need information, please contact Laurie Fielder.
This Friday, March 29th, is Pizza Day.

The cost is $4.00 for one slice of cheese or pepperoni plus Capri Sun and a treat or $6.00 for two slices.  Individual payments will go directly to the teacher. Please bring in-full payments to the office.  If you would like to pay in full for the remainder of the school year please refer to the following information:

6 pizza lunches (1 slice) - $24.00
6 pizza lunches (2 slices) - $36.00
Do you want to learn more about Love & Logic?  Parenting with Love and Logic:  Teaching Children Responsibility is available for loan in the office.  Please contact Laurie ( if you would like to borrow it.  In order to make the book available to as many as possible, loan will be for two weeks (or less if you just can't put it down ).