March 26, 2020
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We are living in unusual times and it is hard to stay connected with one another. However, Dayspring wants to stay connected with you. In the coming days volunteers from Dayspring will be calling Dayspring families on a weekly basis to check-in, to see how you are doing and asking if you have any prayer requests. We will also be asking if you have an emergency contact number that you would like to share with the church and if you have any emergency management training that could be used if needed. We are so thankful to have over 50 persons who have volunteered to be “Care Callers.” Please note that Care Callers will not be asking for financial information, please do not give out.
Family Promise, the temporary shelter, has temporarily suspended its congregational network, the lifeblood for its families’ food and shelter source. They are sheltering in-place, and packed. Because schools are closed, many families will require childcare so an additional facility will temporarily serve as a daycare hub. This new situation requires hiring of temporary staff (nights and weekends), procuring food, additional childcare, and sanitation services & supplies. Family Promise leadership estimates an unplanned increase in their operating expenses of more than $100,000 over the next three months. Donations to help offset some of these costs can be made here .
This week Dayspring continued to support our partner ministries by sending a check for $1500 to Justa Center, $1500 to Save the Family and $1000 to Wesley Community Center. These amounts were set aside in the General Fund budget by the Covenant Council to support these non-profit organizations who are bringing much needed aid to our local community. In this critical time of job loss, illness and social isolation, it was important to send our financial support now. Here is how these organizations are supporting the community:

Justa Center is located in downtown Phoenix and serves the homeless seniors and veterans over 55 with health, housing, hygiene and nutrition support. See here for other ways you can help.

Save the Family is located in Mesa and offers housing for families, youth programs, career services, veterans' services, domestic violence services and more. See here for more ways to help.

Wesley Community Center has locations in downtown Phoenix and the West Valley and offers after school programs, nutrition, health services, financial literacy classes, and adult education. See here for more information about how their health services are supporting the community during this crisis.
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