KHC's Inspection & Monitoring Policy in Response to COVID-19

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Kentucky. To provide transparency and customer service, KHC will update this notice and share with partners via eGrams and targeted emails. KHC archives eGrams on this webpage.
In response to concerns related to COVID-19, KHC is implementing the following policies for inspections and monitoring. KHC's policy changes seek to minimize spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of tenants, homeowners, partners, and KHC staff.

Activity/Program                                    KHC's Interim Policy (subject to change)

Construction Progress/Completion Inspections
Multifamily & Single-Family Projects
for Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds, HOME, NHTF, AHTF, ARC, etc.
(Inspections conducted at active project construction sites by KHC's Design and Construction Review)

1. If the activity is new construction or rehab with NO residents in place, KHC will continue conducting inspections as usual.
2.  If the activity is rehab with residents in place:
  • NO on-site inspections will be conducted.
  • KHC will accept video, FaceTime (or equivalent format), and adequate photo documentation submitted by partners instead of conducting an on-site inspection. (through April 30)

Affordability/Compliance Period Inspections & File Monitoring
Multifamily & Single-Family Projects
for Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds, HOME, NHTF, AHTF, ARC, etc.
(Monitoring of completed construction/ rehab projects by  KHC's MF Asset Compliance or Housing Contract Administration)

1. KHC staff will NOT conduct physical inspections. 
2. All file monitoring will be completed as desktop reviews.
3.  Multifamily project/property staff will upload all requested files through TDCS for KHC to review remotely.
4.  There will be no interruption in review of 2019 Annual Owner Certifications.

Compliance Monitoring & TA Visits
(Monitoring of grants by  KHC's
Housing Contract Administration)

1. All on-site compliance monitoring and TA visits are suspended. 
2.  Desk monitoring will be implemented in the alternative and partners may need to submit documentation electronically
3. T echnical assistance will be offered to partners remotely.

Housing Quality Standards Inspections
for KHC's Sec. 8 Housing Choice Vouchers 
(Inspections that must take place before a voucher holder can move into a vacant unit.)
1.  ALL initial and biennial HQS inspections have been suspended from March 30 through April 30.
2.  U nits requiring inspections will receive a provisional initial HQS inspection via "Owner Self Certification" and on-site inspections will occur at a future date.
Weatherization Monitoring
(Visits by KHC's weatherization monitors to single family homes to monitor the work of our partners.)
1.   KHC will postpone on-site inspections and monitorings.
2.  Desk monitorings may take place, and partners may need to submit documentation electronically.
for KHC's Project-Based Section 8 properties.
(Reviews required in quarterly work plans under a contract between KHC & HUD.)
1. MOR on-site are suspended until further notice.
2. KHC is awaiting HUD guidance.
Complaint Inspections
for Multiple Programs
(Unscheduled inspections as a result of client complaints received by KHC.)
1.   The decision on whether to conduct client complaint inspections will be made on a case-by-case basis.
2.  Factors to be considered will include, severity of alleged issue (e.g. life and safety issue), occupancy of the building (e.g. is the building age-restricted or otherwise occupied by particularly vulnerable populations), etc.
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