The Chimes
Church Hill United Methodist Church
11 Church Street, Norwell, MA 02061 / (781) 826-4763 /
Pastor: Rev. Junsang Lee
Greetings in Christ!
We will have Easter Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday morning. This year, Sunrise Service will not be at the Church Hill Cemetery. Instead, we will gather at the parsonage lawn. If you want to join this service, please come to the parsonage lawn by 6:15AM. We will sing hymns, pray, and listen to a message. I will prepare a few chairs. If you need a chair during the service, please feel free to use them. There will also be hot tea and snacks prepared for you!
Easter Sunday Service will be at 10:00AM. If you plan to attend the service in-person, please submit the registration form on the church website. Even though we opened the church building again, I want to keep emphasizing that the pandemic is still ongoing. Please do not rush yourselves to attend the in-person service until your safety is fully guaranteed. Since it is the first time for us to have both in-person and live-streaming service simultaneously, I need your feedback so that the online service can be improved. Last Sunday, people who joined the live-streaming service couldn’t hear what people shared during the in-person service. One thing we will do this Sunday is to use a wireless microphone when congregants share their prayer requests. If you plan to attend the online live-streaming service and have any prayer requests, please email me by Saturday each week, so that I will pray for you during the service.
If you need a bulletin for Easter Sunday service, please visit the church website! (
In Christ,