March 27 Greetings
There are a couple of different directions in my reflections today:

But we are different,
because our citizenship is in heaven
Philippians 3:20
As people of faith, dedicated to the service of humankind and the building of the Kingdom of God, and as people who look to alleviate suffering...let us be in prayer for those lives lost recently in the shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, and for their families and communities. Being mindful that prayer also calls us to action, let us also be aware as to how the choices we make can have an impact upon our nation, and the need for a change that ushers in protection and respect for our everyday life in this country.
During this season of Lent, we are both encouraged and challenged by Christ, who laid down his rights for the sake of all.
If we feel called to love our neighbor, we may need to look at how we can best shepherd our neighbors into love, safety and respectful living. As a shepherd watching out for the sheep, sometimes tough decisions are made in order to protect the good of the whole. We may be called to give up certain earthly rights and privileges for the spiritual good of the whole.
May our personal lives, as well as our church, be an example of the kind of care that our country desperately needs at this time in the world.
It’s been a year of difficult news, constant and unforgiving in its daily delivery. That’s why recently I was happy to discover a website called “The Good News Network,” which intentionally brings together positive and inspiring true news stories in one place.

It helps us to realize good things and good people are still around us and making a difference every day; so I recommend you bookmark the site! I am sharing the following story from their site below, or click on the link:
Just One Day After Completing CPR Training, a Teen Saves ...

Even though CPR is one of the most important lessons we can learn, it's also something we hope we'll never have to use. Can you imagine just completing a life-saving training course and then having to test out your skills the very next day-on...

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Just One Day After Completing CPR Training, a Teen Saves Her Friend’s Life Using Procedure She’d Just Learned
Even though CPR is one of the most important lessons we can learn, it’s also something we hope we’ll never have to use. Can you imagine just completing a life-saving training course and then having to test out your skills the very next day—on your best friend?

St. Petersburg teen Torri’ell Norwood was behind the wheel of her car when it was T-boned by a speeding driver. The crash hurled the car containing 16-year-old Norwood and her three passengers across someone’s front lawn, where the car barreled into a tree.

After the force of the impact crushed Norwood’s door, she was forced to climb through her window to get out. Two of her passengers, both unhurt, were also able to extricate themselves from the vehicle.

But as they started to make their way clear of the wreckage, Norwood realized that her friend A’zarria Simmons was still in the car.

“When I turned around, I didn’t see A’zarria running with us,” Norwood told CNN. “So, I had to run back to the car as fast as I can. She was just sitting there unresponsive.”

Simmons had hit her head on a rear passenger window. The blunt-force trauma resulted in life-threatening injuries.

After pulling Simmons from the car, Norwood checked her vital signs. Unable to detect a pulse, she immediately began employing the CPR techniques she’d so recently learned on Simmons.

Norris had administered 30 compressions and two rescue breaths when Simmons regained consciousness. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and transported Simmons to the nearest Florida hospital.

Norwood learned her lifesaving skills at Lakewood High School’s Athletic Lifestyle Management Academy. Her instructor, Erika Miller, was both awed and astonished by her student’s stellar performance.

Miller noted that most of her former students never have cause to use their CPR training until they’re studying to become nurses or EMTs. “But not while they were still a student of mine or definitely not within 24 hours,” she told CNN, adding proudly: “This is what every teacher dreams of, you know, that somebody listens, pays attention, learns something.”

When Simmons woke up in the hospital, she didn’t remember the accident, but there’s little doubt she’ll ever forget the BFF who’d paid attention in class—and saved her life.  (from
Kids and families
Join us Today at 1:00 p.m.!

Weather permitting….We're packing up to head over to the church to enjoy some kite flying (BYOK – bring your own kite) and chalk art (BYOC, but the church will also provide chalk)! The parking lot art will be on full display for our Palm Sunday outdoor worship! You will split time between the field and the parking lot, of course keeping safe social distancing and masks as needed. Safe snacks will be provided; see you there!

Children are encouraged and welcome to join Jean Kiser and Kay Klock for Sunday school tomorrow, March 28…Palm Sunday! Kids will be invited to drum their way out of worship to the Sunday school area outside at a picnic table.

The recordings have been turned in…and we are busy editing our first-ever Virtual Easter Pageant. Just like with the Christmas pageant, kids, youth and families are using cell phones to record scenes from home, using home décor and costumes as needed. Look for the finished product Easter weekend on our church YouTube channel!

Plans are also in the works for an Easter egg hunt for Easter Sunday, April 4. Immediately after Easter worship, Jean Kiser, Kay Klock and other adults will lead the children around the church grounds to find their treasures!
So Cute!! Here’s “Funny Kids Tell the Story of Easter in Their Own Words” from Kids' Videos.
Here's “What a Friend We have in Jesus” performed by Celtic Worship.
A Bible Verse for Today:
Peace in Christ ~
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