Track & Field 2022
March 28, 2022
We had such a fun meet on Saturday and the kids are really working so hard! The Coaches have all given so much and we really appreciate you all!! This week we will need more volunteers as we are co-hosting. Please sigh up asap ! Storm is a very special team and after the past few years we have depleted our reserve funds, the schools have more than doubled in cost. We have found a way to help with this without adding an extra fundraiser. We have partnered with one of our families that will benefit you and the team! Please read below details, if you are interested!

I would like to recognize a few families that have gone above and beyond to help our meets get started The Calderon Family and the Woodward Family has been at the track early and helped set up and clean both days!! Jaime has used his truck to bring equipment over and then load it back after the meet! We could not do this great program without our volunteers!!

Please Sign Up to Volunteer This week we will have timing duties, data input, finish line, and the water table to manage Please make sure you sign up to help! We especial need trucks to help get the equipment over to the track at 6:30 am!

Ribbons Thursday - We will have the communication boxes out with the ribbons from Saturday! There will be boxes with a file for each family. Please pick them up at practice each week. It is best if parents come into the track to pick them up either before or during practice. Please report any missing ribbon

Saturday Meet- we will again be at Valencia High, and we are co-hosting with the Rush, We will also have A.V. Track Club and the Thimsha Tigers! This meet will be about the same size as last week

Warm Ups - The following athlete's need to pick up their warm ups at practice on Tuesday: Olivia Goynes, Kamden Mertens, Jon Marshall, Maya Smith, Lily Tatman, after Thursday they will be put in our storage unit, Please pick it up at practice, thank you

4X100 relay runners - If your child is in the 4x100 relay they MUST arrive at the meet by 8:30. to check in. It is very difficult to add your athletes even if they signed up for the event if they are late. It also will hurt the teams to make last minute changes. We really want to be putting our teams together on Thursday at practice so insure they have time to practice their hand off and position. Are teams for each A, B, C, ect... is put together based on 100 meter times and is very disappointing for the other athletes if their team mate does not show up on time other events are easy to change at the meet!! Please get them there on time.

Results for all meets can be found on our website under the "Track and Field " tab on top of the web site. We also will be updating results during the meet to! Our meet schedule is also on this page. we are a member of the Valley Youth Conference (VYC) You can find results for all the league teams on that web site
All Storm records and top 10 is also under the track and field page

If you think there is a problem with any result please contact Alan by Sunday evening so he can review it. Most issues can be reviewed and fixed if needed, but we need to make all changes by Monday to get the ribbons out in time.

Track Meet
Our next track meet will be this weekend It is at Valencia High, If your athletes will be doing one of the first events please arrive at 8:00. All 4x100 relay runners must arrive by 8:30 am

Events can be changed at the meet if needed.
If you have any questions about the number of events please ask your coach. The conference has a very strict policy about over eventing, the athlete will be Disqualified in all events of the day if they compete in too many events at a meet.

Volunteer Sign up

Here is a brief description of what we need this Saturday:
Tag pullers at the finish line - pull tags for each race
Finish line recorder - place tags on the board in the correct lane
Data Impute - enter results in the computer
Race Escorts - walk athletes to the starting line and help them get on the track
Relay zone judges - help athletes on the track in their zone and report if they pass out of the zone
Set Up and Clean up - 6:30 at our storage across the street from Valencia High with truck or SUV and return to storage at about 2:30
6:45 at Valencia High- set up tents, hurdles
Water table - fill cups for each race for finishing athletes

Weekly Schedule
Monday - All Athletes - Canceled due to rain!
Tuesday - All athletes - College of the Canyons- 6:00-7:45 (Gremlins 7:15)
Thursday -All Athletes- Castaic H.S. -6:00 pm - 7:45 pm (Gremlins 7:15)
Saturday - Meet - Valencia High School -8:am - about 3:00
All athletes should arrive at 8:00am - if they are on a 4x100 relay or in any of the first 3 running or field events
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans and Jolly Ranchers! We have enogh for now. We will let you know if we need more in the future
Team Fundraiser Opportunity

The STORM team has been met with unexpected expenses this spring and we have been reluctant to request any fundraising, but an opportunity is available that can benefit you and your family and the STORM family.
A local swim school with participants in STORM has offered to help fund-raise with a profit-sharing opportunity. The Swim Ranch is a private learn-to-swim and performance swim instruction service. The results and instruction are unmatched in the region. If you have your own pool, go to the ocean, are thinking of joining junior guards, a summer team, or adult triathlon...there is no doubt that proficiency in swimming is very important for basic safety.
We considered this option especially beneficial to our members because the lifelong skill of knowing how to swim correctly promotes fitness and safety across all ages.
Signing up for lessons and letting them know that you are a member of STORM will push (20)% of the costs directly towards the team for our current season. This is a service that most, if not all families should consider seeking, and the opportunity to learn to swim correctly in a fraction of the time of conventional lessons benefits everyone.

For kids it's $180.00 for 6 lessons so that would be $36 towards storm. We will also donate for adults if they signup for a session, those are usually 3 (40minutes) for $200, $40 would go to storm. Please contact:
Heather Kuck