Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, Executive Director
Reflections from the front lines serving adults experiencing homelessness, at the waning(?) of a global pandemic, during Phoenix "winter," disrupting systems, and living up to the legacy of a champion.

It has been seven days since my last post and 15 weeks since I lost my sense of smell. I also recently notice my forehead is bigger, which means my hair line is receding. Aging, what a process. I'm fortunate to have another day, to wake up on the top side of the dirt.

For the thousands of people experiencing homelessness every single night in Maricopa County, they don't have the same certainty of waking up. As the COVID positivity rate has plummeted (thank goodness), we are on the edges of our seats awaiting news that we can relieve some of the restrictions. Because even though it is "winter" on the calendar, Phoenix is fickle. This week the high temperatures are in the 80s. A short walk around the Campus today at 10 am was surprisingly warm. By this weekend the highs will dip into the 60s. We know "summer" is quickly on its way, outracing the official start date of June 21. [Read More]
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Episode 28 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
Episode 28: Senior Home Sharing
We take a closer look at fresh solutions aimed at keeping our seniors housed. Meet a trio of Valley leaders behind a new plan centered around “home sharing.” Plus, AZ Senate Bill 1581 is making headlines – it would allow COVID-19 relief funds to be used for sanctioned homeless encampment areas. Jessica Boehm, reporter for The Arizona Republic, joins us live in studio to break down the proposal.
Special guests include:
  • Jessica Boehm, Housing Insecurity Reporter, Arizona Republic
  • Ed Zuercher, Valley of the Sun United Way
  • Rob Podlogar, Chief Community Development and Engagement Officer, Valley of the Sun United Way
  • Deborah Arteaga, Chief Executive Officer, Tempe Community Action Agency
  • Deborah Schaus, Aster Aging
  • Trinity Donovan, CEO, AZCEND

Episode 29 will air on Monday, March 14th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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