In-person worship every Sunday with Rev. Laura Stratton, Pastor
9am at Mt. Zion UMC & 11am at Scottsville UMC
SUMC will follow the CDC's COVID-19 Community Levels
to determine on a weekly basis if masking will be required. (See links below)
Please watch for emails to be sent every Friday morning indicating the mask requirements for Sunday Worship.
If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please contact:
Staci 286-4736, Janet 286-3853, or Sharon 286-4078 Sandy 286-4204
Our next BLAST Event is an Easter Egg Hunt at
Mt. Zion on April 16th at 10:00am.

We need volunteers and eggs!
Upcoming Events:
Weds, April 6th: Bible study 10:00-11:30am in the SUMC fellowship hall
Thurs, April 7th: Bible study 7:00-8:30pm in the SUMC fellowship hall
Sat, April 16th: BLAST Easter Egg Hunt 10am at Mt. Zion (See the link above to
register to donate or volunteer)
Sun, April 17th: Easter Sunrise Service - Mt. Zion UMC at 6:30am with a light breakfast to follow
Sun, April 17th: Easter Traditional Service - Scottsville UMC at 11:00am
Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2, help weeding the flower beds at church.
No specific time, just when available. ~ Sharon

Prayer Vigil for Ukraine

If you missed the prayer vigil,
click the link below and
participate now.
Podcast, blog share historical, missional connection between Ukraine, Russian and the UMC
Do you fully understand the historical and missional connection between Russia and Ukraine? Members of the VAUMC with experience and knowledge in that region joined the Rev. Seungsoo "RJ" Jun, associate director of Serving Ministries, on the podcast VAUMC Conversations to help the conference better understand the reason for the war and how we can help in a time of crisis. Listen to the full episode on the conference websiteSpotify, or Apple.
A brief blog overview of the episode is also available. Read more...

Financial Aid to Ukraine
The best way to provide financial support the people of Ukraine is to contribute through the Global Ministries Advance for Eurasia and designate your gift for Ukrainian Assistance. - - Please note that while the headline of this Advance Special Giving is Russia and Belarus, the funds designated for Ukraine will go 100% to support Ukraine and the work of the Ukrainian UMCs. The United Methodist Church has mission-founded congregations in both Ukraine and Russia, some from the pre-Soviet period and others dating from post-Soviet years. Both countries are geographically within the Eurasia Episcopal Area and relate to the United Methodist central conferences of Europe. Bishop Eduard Khegay, the resident episcopal leader in Eurasia, is based in Moscow.
Prayers & Praise of the People
The Week of March 27th
  • joy that Marion was back in worship!
  • joy that Chuck and Kris' son returned from his deployment to Thailand
  • joy that Barry Rutland's surgery for throat cancer went well, but prayers for a difficult recovery
  • Bev Baber, whose sister-in-law, Lynda, died
  • Frankie Ward, who also fractured her knee and is in rehab at Fontaine
  • Jack Hamner, who has begun his treatments
  • Mary O'Connell, whose dementia is rapidly progressing, and her family
  • Ruth Jackson, whose bladder cancer has returned
  • Chuck and Kris' daughter's friend, who is struggling with mental illness
  • El Rhodes, who has cancer
  • Eddie Baber, a woodworker who lost all of his supplies in a shed fire
  • Martha's friend, Mike Smithers, who had 2 heart attacks this past week
  • Mike Sheets, who has been diagnosed with leukemia

The Week of March 20th
  • joy that Randy H.'s oldest son got a good interest rate!
  • joy that Agnes hopes to come home on the 30th
  • Sharon W.'s mom, who is entering hospice care
  • Randy's youngest son, who is having a tough time with finding employment
  • the family and friends of Cecil Lamb, who died last Monday
  • Chuck and his coworker who are having difficult time professionally
  • Tillie's nephew, Thomas Tooley, who is at UVA with heart issues
  • Frankie Ward, who fell and broke her arm and has a bump on her head
The Week of March 13th
  • joy for Jake Herndon's family to be in worship with us at SUMC!
  • Thelma Profitt's sister, Audrey Chandler, who died this week. Keep Thelma and Audrey's husband, Paul in your prayers
  • Jack and Ann's friend, Cindy Coletti, who is in the ICU at UVA
  • the family and friends of Ron Reardon, a former student of Mary Curtis, who died
The Week of March 6th
  • praise that Ellen got a good report
  • praise that Jack's procedure went well
  • Connie, who was injured in an accident at work
  • Naomi Adcock, Tillie's daughter-in-law, who had a toe amputated
  • Marian Lawhorne
  • the family and friends of Frances Johnson, who died last week. Frances is the mother of Ellen and Bonnie's sister-in-law.
  • Agnes, who fell and is now in rehab at the Laurels
  • Ukraine
Long Term Requests
  • Raymond Bunch, the husband of Katherine D.'s niece, who is deployed to Africa
  • Ky, the son of Chuck and Kris, who is deployed to Thailand
  • John Smith & his mother Katie
  • Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts' brother
  • Joyce Jarratt
Our Shut-Ins
Margaret Hughes, Mary O'Connell, Ruby Willis, and Agnes Johnson
Additional Requests
  • The healing of our nation, physically, socially & spiritually.
  • All afflicted by COVID-19
  • Hope Beyond the Bars prison ministry - volunteers & participants


Michael Wynnyk 10th
Beverly Baber 15th
Thank You from the Skipper's Club
(A financial donation was also made)
A Note from Beyond the Bars

Please pray for my two beautiful children that I love and miss very much. For me to never loose strength or hope that my walk with Christ grows more abundant each and every day. This place is surrounded in darkness, and I just want something different for my life.

Also, my grandfather is very sick, his name is Jeff Dean, and he is the only dad I have ever had in my life. Actually, the only person I have ever had in my life period. He is 76 years old and is on dialysis 3 times a week. He taught me everything I know about God when I was young and made sure I was in church when the doors were open, He has never given up on me. Please pray for healing in his life

I know that God is moving mountains in my life. I can feel it. I have never been able to feel God talking to me or moving in me like I have the last couple of months since I have changed my circle and completely surrendered myself. I have always tried to live on both sides of the fence, but it has taken me this long to realize that I can’t. I am not strong enough to live that way. I have to be all or nothing. I don’t want to be lukewarm. I want to be on fire. And let’s just say when the fire started burning bright the past few months it brought out the snakes. But I have finally became strong enough and equipped to handle this. God is showing me new things every day and I am so blessed.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. You have no idea how much I need someone on the other end of this computer with an inspiring word. Thank you and God bless you in all that you do. ~ Tabitha

Thank you to everyone that has donated to Hope Beyond the Bars. You are helping us make a difference in people’s lives. 
Interested in Learning More About a New District?
The Charlottesville and Richmond Districts have been working on a plan to join the two districts pending the vote at Annual Conference. The bi-district will feature two foci: 1) a simplified leadership structure, and 2) a cluster leader program. We are hosting four town halls in order to share information about the plan and provide an opportunity for individuals to ask questions.

Please make plans to attend one (or more) of the town halls:
Thurs. Mar. 31, 7pm - via Zoom
Thurs. Apr. 28, 7pm - via Zoom
Sun. May 1, 3pm - in-person at Zion UMC, 1674 Zion Road, Troy, VA 22974
Thurs. May 5, 7pm - in-person at Ginter Park UMC, 1010 West Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227

For more information and to register, please visit the Richmond District website.
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Blessings, Staci