March 30th, 2021
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Redmond Oregon--A Garden Spot of the Inland Empire
Condition: Very Good. Gold, red and green pebbled staple-bound wrappers. Very light edge wear; quite a striking design in beautiful condition.

Many green-tinted black and white photographs plus full-page spread in the center of a bird's eye view of the Deschutes Valley and Redmond, Oregon. A rather expensive promotional pamphlet for its time. 4 copies found in OCLC as of February 2021. ; 12mo 7" - 7½" tall; 32 pp. 022416. $185
Argo Red Salmon Cook Book--How to Eat Canned Salmon
Condition: Very Good. Grey staple-bound wrappers with red, gold and green imprint on front and can of Argo Salmon of same colors on back wrapper. Staples are rusty and wrappers are lightly soiled. Interior is clean. Laid in is an chromolithographed Argo Salmon Canning Label "The Poor Man's Meal--The Rich Man's Relish." Label folded into thirds with wonderful promotional testimony on its verso.

This small cook book is quite charming with a combination of color art and small vignettes enticing us all to eat Argo Red Salmon. Likely dates circa 1905. ; 24mo 5" - 6" tall; 36 pp. 022410. $75

Knights of Honor Assessment Payments [Brazoria, Texas]

Condition: Good. Lot of 137 assessment payments from the Brazoria, Texas, Knights of Honor, Lodge No. 2543. Names on the payments are Edward Simon and Gregory Simon, and are dated from 1881-1885. Most measure 8 ¼" x 3 ½" and a handful measure 6 ¾" x 3". Many have the embossed seal of the lodge on the left side. Overall good. Moderate toning and light wear; some have a 1/8" hole where the document was put on a spindle.

The Knights of Honor (K. of H.) was a fraternal and beneficiary society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries where members paid using a graded assessment rate (older members paid a higher price). The group disbanded in 1916 but was one of the most successful fraternal beneficiary societies of its time. 022388. $75
Glimpses of Ouray--In the Heart of the Rockies
Schlichting, A
Condition: Good. Red wrappers with gold and black imprint on front with photo-mechanical photo tipped on front. Measures 6 3/4 x 10 inches. Slight discoloration several places on wrapper with small chips and a half inch tear to top edge. String-binding is secure.

Likely published by Denver & Rio Grande R. R. In the late 19th century. Little is known about the photographer A. Schlichting. Viewbook includes a striking Bird's-eye view of Ouray as the centerfold. Many photos highlighting the mines in and around Ouray, scenic views, town views and the fabulous Twin Bridges Ouray toll road. Light wear to interior. 8 copies recorded in OCLC; not often seen in commerce. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 24 pp. 022406. $95
May-Joe Cabinet Card Side-Show Buffalo Bill's Great Wildwest Show 1909
Photo-mechanical cabinet card (6 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches) of May-Joe from Buffalo Bill's Great Wildwest Show of 1909. Slight soiling to card; small scratch across May-Joe's chest.

May-Joe was born in 1905 near Hayesville, Ohio. Within a year May-Joe was introduced as the "Wonder of the World", a hermaphroditict child with three legs, fifteen toes, two stomachs and two sets of kidneys. May-Joe is pronounced by her doctor to posses the intelligence of two ordinary children. Verso has a biographical sketch of May-Joe. Not found in commerce nor in OCLC records. 022405. $250
Black Hills--A Description of a Wonderful and Picturesque Mining Region and Natural Sanitarium
Condition: Very Good. Third Edition. Grey wrappers with title on front and North-Western Line logo on back. Light crease to one corner back wrapper. Very light chipping to base of spine. Interior is clean. Agents stamp on first endpaper. Includes the large folding map (20 1/2 x 15 inches) of the Black Hills Reached Via The North-Western Line. Map is creased near spine; includes all water features in blue.

Booklet includes the human and natural history and resources of the Black Hills plus a large promotional section on the mining in the Hills. Filled with many black and white photos. 4 copies of the 1904 edition in OCLC as of February 2021. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 49 pp. 022407. $175
Gilded Mean, The
Hall, Holworthy
Condition: Very Good. Original color-illustrated wrappers, staple bound. Accompanied by an embossed certificate from the Library of Congress Copyright Office; this booklet likely a file copy for the Copyright Office or the publisher. Certificate measures 3" by 5" with the title, publisher, date of publication, copies received, affidavit received and entry number handwritten in. The book and certificate is housed in an envelope with title, author and date of publication typed on front. Book has 1/2" damage to rear wrap (possibly from being stuck to something) , certificate has light toning and envelope has light soiling.

These miniature books were published as premiums for the American Tobacco Company, Egyptian Straights Cigarettes, and other tobacco companies by the Winthrop Press. ; Color Illustration; 2" x 2 3/4"; 32 pp. 022396. $75
Silver King Mining Company of Elkhorn, Oregon
Condition: Fine. Purple staple-bound wrapper with striking silver and black pictorial cover. Back is blank. Binding tight and interior is clean. Very slight toning to edges.

A very classy mining prospectus with four black and white photos, several sketches and assay sheets. The Silver King is located in the Lester Mining District on the western slopes of the Cascade Range about 10 miles northeast of Gates, Oregon. Quite a cleaver production including 'updated' assay sheets tipped in over older sheets. The updated sheets show a dramatic increase in mineral values. Not that I would ever doubt the whole validity of a mining prospectus. 4 Universities hold this prospectus as of February 2021. ; 24mo 5" - 6" tall; 32 pp. 022411. $225
California Brothers Hymn Written to a Soldier in the Civil War
Slichter, Jacob; Edwin Bower
Condition: Good. A historic hymn that was written to Joseph Slichter, a private in the Civil War, from his brother Jacob Slichter of Hummelstown, PA. Dated December 30th, 1861. Manuscript letter is written in a clear hand. Letter has moderate toning, foxing and soiling; previous owner has written "old letters" in blue ink.

The letter was "coppied[sic] by Edwin Bower, Hummelstown, Dec. 30th 1861 by request of Jacob Slichter to his brother Joseph Slichter in the army 3d Reg. Co. D. P. R.V.[?]C. under Captain Briner in Gen McClellan(?) Division." We do not know who first authored this hymn but we found other versions of it with stanzas in differing order but all with the same tone. The hymn is a sad one, written from the perspective of a man telling his brother that he is dying: "Harken to me, brother harken! I hark something I would say/Ere the veil my vision darken and I go from earth away;/I am dying, brother, dying; soon you'll miss me from your berth/And my form will soon be lying neath the ocean's briny surf..." We found that Jacob Slichter was a Hummelstown, PA Methodist minister in 1861. We hope that he was not dying when this hymn was sent to his brother, but if he was it was done in a beautiful way. Joseph Slichter, enlisted in Co. "D" of the 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves (32nd Infantry) and mustered out on 6/17/1864 at Philadelphia, PA. The 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves fought at Turner's Gap in the Battle of South Mountain and at the Battle of Antietam. ; 7 1/2" x 12"; 3 pp. 1861. 022383. $125
Affidavit for 1863 Dispute over Rights to Mine Guano on the Pacific Islands of Jarvis and Baker--United States Guano Co. V. American Guano Company
Mitchell, William
12 1 /4 x 8 inch lined blue paper with light chipping at edges, mild toning at bottom and previous folds. Manuscript writing on both sides of paper, signed in manuscript Wm. Mitchell Referee N. Y. May 19th, 1863.

Document from a court case involving the American Guano Company V. United States Guano Company and the rights to mine guano on two remote Pacific Ocean Islands. From a May 1865 New York Times article: "This was an action brought to test the title to a guano island in the Pacific Ocean, and to forbid the defendants from procuring any of the guano on the island." A second Island, Baker Island was also litigated. The dispute dated to 1856 based upon an Act of Congress (Unites States Guano Islands Act) which authorized the President of the United States: 1. To assert the Jurisdiction of the United States over any guano island which might have been or should thereafter be discovered by any of its citizens; and, 2. To confer upon the discoverer, or his assigns, the exclusive right to the guano upon such islands. In January 1859 the United States Guano Company made contracts to mine and sell Guano deposits on the two islands only to find men from the American Guano Company already occupying the islands. According to a Wiki page on Jarvis Island, the American Guano Company ultimately mined guano for 20 years, shipping the product to the Unites States for fertilizer. Names included in this document include Alfred Benson the President of the American Guano Company, plus the surnames Lucas, Baker, Taylor, Turner, Russell and Roberts. Alfred Benson's son also played a role. The United States Guano Islands Act is still on the books just in case you sail upon an unknown island piled high in guano--you can legally seize the island as a United States Possession. ; 2 pp. 022385. $125
New England Textile Industry Letters [set of 9 ALS]
Burleigh, John A.
Condition: Very Good. Set of nine letters relating to textile manufacturing in New England. Pre-Civil War letters dated to 1847 (5), 1848 (1) and 1850 (3); all are date stamped with Great Falls, NH as location (except one with location of Boston, Mass.). Letters have light soiling and a few are torn at opening; the letter from 1848 has moderate soiling, toning, creasing and minor chipping. Letters have been refolded by previous owner with newer fold lines. Overall very good.

Letters were written by agents of the Great Falls Manufacturing Company in Somersworth, New Hampshire. One letter is written to John A. Burleigh, an agent of the Company based out of Somersworth but the remaining 8 are written by him to other agents in Boston. Recipients of letters include John Morse of Boston (3), John Clark of Boston (5). The letter written to Burleigh was from W. C. Highborn who shipped 485 bales of upland cotton from Charleston to Boston on the Bark "Hamilton." This letter contains a detailed invoice of cotton purchased. Other subjects include an order of cotton arriving late on the bark "Hamilton", supplies needed such as baling paper, baling rope and cement, and that the Company was in want of a good teacher, "a man with a liberal education and a faculty for governing," for their newly built schoolhouse. A great set of textile manufacturing letters dating to pre-civil war. ; 10 1/2" x 8 1/4". 022377. $175
Receipts and Legal Documents from Early Settler of Sheboygan Falls [Wisconsin Territory]
Littlefield, Aurin Z.
Condition: Good. Thirty-seven documents from territorial Wisconsin with connection to early Sheboygan settlers. Lot includes receipts, legal documents and a letter. Items are dated from 1844 to 1877 with most material dating to the 1840s. Most receipts and documents are in manuscript but 8 legal documents are printed, some with nice seals. Items measure from 3" x 5" to 13" x 17" with most in the middle. Overall good.

Documents have expected toning, soiling and wear and a few items have moderate soiling and tearing along fold lines. This lot of material revolves around Aurin Z. Littlefield, an early settler in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Territory from Maine who operated a lumberyard and sawmill. He partnered with his son-in-law Jonathan Leighton and did much business with other early settler, David Giddings. About half of this lot is receipts and the other half is legal documents. Receipts were paid to Sheboygan House, J. Keller and Albert A. Story of Sheboygan, William H. Byron of Milwaukie and George Barler of Milwaukee from whom Littlefield purchased a schooner named "Pilot" in 1845. There were a handful of printed land documents between A. Z. Littlefield and D. Giddings, most of them signed by one or both parties, and many legal documents from the Probate Court of Sheboygan regarding the estate of A. Z. Littlefield after his death in 1847. There are 2 printed legal documents from Maine appointing Aurin Z. Littlefield as a Justice of the Peace of Somerset, Maine; one of these is signed by the Governor of Maine, Edward Kavanagh. Finally there is one document written in code or shorthand that ends with a few full sentences written in the tone of scripture. A nice set of material from territorial Wisconsin. 022387. $225
Nathan Starr Family Letters [Set of 15 ALS]
Starr, Nathan, Jr. ; Samuel G. Starr
Condition: Very Good. Set of 15 stampless letters and 1 promissory note surrounding the family business of Nathan Starr Jr., son of the famed sword and arms maker, Nathan Starr. Pre-Civil War letters dated 1841 (4) and 1842 (11), and the note is possibly dated to 1839. Only 3 letters are datestamped from New York. Letters range from 1-4 pages. Letters have light to moderate soiling and two letters have moderate chipping to edge and soiling. Overall very good.

All letters were written to Frederick Seymour Wildman (1805-1893) of Danbury, CT, brother-in-law of Nathan Starr Jr. Writers of these letters were Nathan Starr Jr. of New York (8), Samuel G. Starr of New York (5), C. Walton of New York (1) and J. H. James of Urbana (1). One promissory note for F. S. Wildman by S. G. Starr, possibly dated to 1839. Letters mostly pertain to business matter including land and stock transactions (Ohio state stock), banking (in Cincinnati and Chillicothe), and railroads along with family matters such as the death of child. The Starr family is quite prestigious. Nathan Starr Jr. (1784-1852) was the son and business partner of famous sword and arms maker, Nathan Starr. Nathan Starr Sr. received the federal government's first-ever contract for sword production supplying cutlasses for the War of 1812. "By the end of the War of 1812, Starr, together with his son Nathan Starr Jr., had firmly established themselves as one of the foremost arms manufacturers in the United States, producing not only swords, sabers, and cutlasses, but muskets and rifles as well." A nice set of letters from the Starr family.; 8" x 10". 022378. $225
1795 Land Document about the "Susquehanna Purchase" [Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Land Dispute]
Ward, Icabod[?]
Condition: Good. A land document dated to 1795 concerning a portion of land that was originally part of the "Susquehanna Purchase" in the Pennsylvania Colony. The document is written in a relatively clear hand but is not signed by anyone; there is no content on verso. Document has moderate toning, was folded twice and has been repaired with archival tape along all fold lines.

This document states that Icabod(?) Ward of Winham[sic] in Windham County, Connecticut sells "one half right or share" of land to Joshua Cady whose ancestor, Abijah Cady of Canterbury, CT "was one of the original proprietors or purchasers from the Indian chiefs or sachems who was the owners and Natives of the Land and Country." This purchase "from the Indian Chiefs" refers to the purchase of land in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania by the Susquehanna Company of Connecticut. In 1754 the Susquehanna Company acquired the land for 2,000 pounds from an Iroquois delegation at a conference in Albany, New York. This sale was called into question by several tribal nations, colonists of Pennsylvania and colonists of Connecticut. For the next 50 years native nations, colonists of Pennsylvania and colonists of Connecticut clashed over rights to this land. Once created, the U.S. Congress intervened, deciding in favor of Pennsylvania's claim to the land; in 1799 Connecticut finally relinquished all claims to land in the Wyoming Valley (Office of the State Historian of CT). An interesting document connected to an 18th century land claim drama. ; 8" x 11". 022379. $250
Scrapbook of William N. Goodrich [1890s, New York Entertainment]
This is the scrapbook of William N. Goodrich of the New York City area and dated from January 1893 to May 1894. Half leather with marbled boards; content is mostly on recto only; items are glued onto leaves. Each page is captioned with the location of the event, date, companions, and how the evening fared. Scrapbook is approximately 178 pages with most content on recto only. Boards have moderate wear and chipping and heavy soiling; leaves have moderate toning and are wavey due to adhesive; ephemera has light to moderate soiling and wear; text blocks of a couple pamphlets are detached from bindings; a few pages are missing items of ephemera. Overall good.

This fascinating scrapbook takes one into the world of the 1890s showing the entertainments of the day. Goodrich attended numerous events throughout the year and a half that he kept this scrapbook. The scrapbook contains programs for concerts, plays, YMCA and religious meetings, pamphlets, dance cards, score cards, invitations, and newspaper clippings. Locations of these events include Mt. Vernon, Stamford, Manhattan, and Washington D. C. Little information could be found on William N. Goodrich but from the content it seems he was in the Seventh Regiment, New York National Guard, Company G. Included are two dance cards for receptions of the Seventh Regiment, N. G. S. N. Y., newspaper clippings regarding a march the Seventh Regiment took to Washington D. C. in March 1893, a menu for a regiment gathering, and a clipping from the Seventh Regiment Gazette. Goodrich was also active in the YMCA and Presbyterian Church, teaching Sunday school classes. He attended a concert at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan (the second indoor arena under that name), and the Amphion Glee Club in Mt. Vernon. Some of the pamphlets found in the scrapbook include "Dust or Where There's a Will, There's a Way", Berkeley Lyceum, 1893; Amphion Glee Club, Mt. Vernon, New York (3 copies - 2nd Season, 3rd Concert; 3rd Season, 1st Concert; 3rd Season, 2nd Concert); Churchill Hall, Stamford, N. Y. 1893; Golden Rod Council, Royal Arcanum 1893; The Scholar's Magazine, September, 1893 Vol. IV, No. 9 (1 copy OCLC). (Unless noted there were no copies found in OCLC or in commerce as of January 2021.) Examples of Goodrich's captions which were written above each piece of ephemera provide more depth to the pages: a small broadside for a "Mock Court Trial" is affixed to one page and his entry reads "Took Edith, Time- Poor affair but enjoyed my companion very much, Where - opera house, Date Nov. 16/93." A neat scrapbook that contains great military and entertainment ephemera from 1890s New York. ; 4to 11" - 13" tall. 022349. $375
Letters from an American in Japan [4 TLS on Japanese Rice Paper, 1920s]  
Condition: Good. Lot of 4 typed letters on Japanese rice paper each with a different color design and one envelope. Dated to 1926 and 1927. Two letters are complete and measure 7" x 42" and 7" x 35"; two are partial letters measuring 7" x 13" and 7" x 7". The letters are folded numerous times, have a few ink annotations by author and her signature is also in ink. The designs printed on the rice paper are still bright and depict scenery, floral and fruit images. The envelope was date stamped but it has been mostly torn away (a 1" x 1 ½" piece) along with any other stamps. Complete letters are fragile and have expected creasing and light toning. Partial letters are torn and missing a portion; the 7" x 7" letter is torn at the top and bottom of the letter; the 7" x 13" letter is torn at the top and has light dampstaining, affecting content. Along with being torn, the envelope has moderate soiling. Overall good.

These pretty, unique letters were written by Bernice "Bee" N. K. (her last name was not mentioned), an American living in Tokyo, Japan to Harriette "Harry" Flint[?] of Albany, New York. Bernice's address is at the top of the complete letters, 50 Takata Oimatsu Cho, Koishikawa Ku, Tokyo, and are dated June 10th, 1926 and January 19th, 1927. It seems that Bernice lived in Tokyo for at least a few seasons likely working as part of missionary group and teaching English. She mentions her English class kids, an inter-collegiate English-speaking society meeting and that she has to write "duty letters of Mission interest." She seems to have led a charmed life. The content in most of her letters to "Harry" is about travels throughout Japan, the unwanted suitors chasing her ("I'm in one of my marriage-hating moods"), and house parties with her fellow Americans. She visits Mt. Fuji, the Boshu Peninsula, the Oo Islands (possibly the Okinawa Islands), Nishi, Atami, Eno Island; motorcycles around Nikko and Chuzenji with Bob, a suitor doesn't really like but who has a good job (poor Bob); and goes "hiking" along the Izu Peninsula ("hiking," we find , refers to travel by boat, motor and stagecoach). Other news of interest includes her wanting to spend time at an epileptic school on the Oo Islands, and a day of remembrance for the last Korean emperor. An amusing set of letters from an American abroad and typed on prettily decorated paper. 022389. $285
Laurel and Hardy Mechanical Trade Card
Condition: Very Good. A mechanical trade card featuring Laurel and Hardy and advertising the "La Casa El Café Logroño" in Spain. Measures 9" x 5" when extended fully. No date but likely early 20th century. Card has light soiling and pins that hold the card together have light rusting.

When Laurel's leg is pulled it causes the two comics to remove or put on their bowler hats. 022463. $175
Our Donkey Party
Condition: Good. This one will bring you back! A vintage pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game in color with tails and original rule sheet. Copyrighted to 1916. Donkey poster is printed on linen and measures 23" x 18". The donkey tails were originally attached to the linen poster and were cut out. One tail is missing (#10) and all have pinholes and moderate fraying; poster has moderate fraying, dampstaining along top edge and pinholes at corners; rule sheet has heavy toning and chipping, has a 2" tear along fold line and was repaired with archival tape on verso.

This set was well-loved and brings back memories of childhood parties and too much cake. 022390. $35
Baxter Portable Outfits - The Sportsman's Favorite - Cooking and Serving Outfits in Portable and Convenient Form
Condition: Good. Tan wraps with green lettering and red border; great illustrations on rear wrap; staple bound. Includes two laid in testimonial sheets. No publication date but circa 1905. Wraps have moderate soiling and moderate wear to edges; light soiling and creasing to text block.

A trade catalog for camping kits with good illustrations and fun descriptions. The author writes that "the American people, being a nervous and overworked race, need, above all things, rest and healthy diversion" (p. 10) and should thus partake in "the 20th century idea" of camping. No copies on OCLC or in commerce as of February 2021. ; B&W Illustrations; 16mo 6" - 7" tall; 18 pp. 022438. $45
"Out West" [Colorado View Book]
Condition: Good. Souvenir view book with red cloth boards and stamped with decorative black and gold. One sheet with 24 panels, and many illustrations from photographs on each panel. Approximately 18 feet when unfolded. No publication information but likely published in the late 19th century. Boards have moderate soiling and wear but gilt lettering is still bright; a few panels have light soiling and silvering but most are clean; the paper along the inside of the spine has fallen off.

The first three panels of this view book depict native peoples of the west, 1 panel depicts scenes from New Mexico, 4 panels depict cowboys, and the remaining panels depict scenes from Colorado. Locations pictured include Pikes Peak, Creede Camp, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Leadville, Marshall Pass, Ouray, and many of Denver, including a bird's eye view from Capitol Hill. No copies found in commerce or in OCLC as of February 2021. ; 9 1/2" x 6". 022439. $295
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