Volume 64 | March 31st, 2021
Terrence Grateful for Employment, A Home and the Help from the Human Services Campus
Terrence, a recent client at the Human Services Campus, shares a few words in this video about his gratitude for the HSC and our partners for helping him get a job, and the opportunity to move into into stable housing.

Once a person's needs are assessed and a housing plan is created, whether that is here at the Campus or one of the 20 access points the HSC coordinates with throughout the County, we can address their specific barriers and connect people with the most appropriate housing.

Terrance's story is one of many that happen every day at the Campus. Programs of the HSC and our partners make this all possible. Thank you to all who support us in our efforts!
Schedule Your Gift Early This Year
AZ Gives Day is April 6th. It was created to connect people with causes they believe in and build a lasting, stronger spirit of philanthropy. As the HSC continues to operate with services adapted for COVID-19 to help our most vulnerable clients end their homelessness, we invite you to schedule your donation early this year. Thank you!

Our Next Donation Drive-by
is Saturday, April 3rd
With summer heat approaching, we need at least 60,000 bottles of water per month to keep our clients hydrated and healthy. Our next bottled water donation drop-off at 15th Avenue & Harrison is Saturday, April 3rd from 9am to noon, and it couldn’t be easier. You pull up and our staff will remove the donations from your vehicle. We also welcome travel-sized toiletries and clothing; currently we are in need of men's pants/jeans (waist 24-36) and any size men's sneakers. Thank you!

For more information, email volunteer@hsc-az.org or call Ivan at 602-282-0849.
Episode 6 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
In Episode 6, we discuss with Rick Mitchell, Executive Director of Homeless ID Project, the importance of identification documents to ending a person's homelessness. Then, Jonathan Koppell, Dean of ASU Watts College & Vice Provost for Public Service & Social Impact, discusses the ASU Action Nexus' relationship with the HSC, the amazing work that ASU students are doing at the Campus and the role of the Action Nexus at a regional level to end homelessness.

Episode 7 will be airing on Monday, April 12th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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