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The collection has original material pertaining to 21 American women poets, dating from 1842-1996 a total of 63 items, specifically 29 letters, 14 pieces of ephemera, 8 typescripts / manuscripts, 8 books, and 4 photos. Includes 2 pieces from Louise Glück, the winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature:...
Price: $5,500 USD or $6,860 Cdn #8446
18 Canadian authors
Eighteen Canadian authors are represented in this collection dating from 1882 to 1967, containing 54 items specifically, 23 letters, 21 cards and post cards, 3 photos, 3 books, 1 movie herald, 1 issue of a journal, 1 printing block, and 1 leaflet. ...
Price: $3,400 USD or $4,270 Cdn #8436
BROCK, Dr. George Sandison (1858-1949)
Archives of Dr. George Sandison Brock dating from 1882 to 1951, approximately 140 pp. with ephemera, and two related books.

Most of the collection relates to Dr. George Sandison Brock, FRCPE, FRSE (1858-1949), a physician at the British Embassy in Rome. During WWI, at the age of 57, he volunteered his services as head of the Villa Trento Field Hospital, situated in the Trentino–Alto Adige region between Udine and Gorizia in north-east Italy....
Price: $2,000 USD or $2,510 Cdn #8435
MARKHAM, Edwin (1852-1940)
A collection of 147 mostly unique ephemera items dating from 1892 to 1943, specifically approximately 70 leaflets and chapbooks, approximately 50 letters, 11 broadsides, 11 photos, 3 manuscripts/typescripts, 1 scrapbook, and 1 book.

Edwin Markham (né Charles Edward Anson Markham, (1852-1940) was an American poet, Poet Laureate of Oregon, best remembered for his poems, “Lincoln, the Man of the People” ...
Price: $5,000 USD or $6,280 Cdn #8434
LYALL, Edna (pseud. of Ada Ellen Bayly, [1857-1903]
Edna Lyall (pseud. of Ada Ellen Bayly, (1857-1903) was an English novelist. The daughter of upper-middle-class parents, educated privately, she spent her life living first with a sister married to the Vice Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral, and later with another sister married to a vicar in Eastbourne. The author of 19 books, her best-selling novels often feature heroines questioning orthodoxy and risking bad behaviour.

The collection consists of 13 items dating from 1889 to 1902 specifically, 7 letters, 2 postcards, 2 cards, 1 book and 1 sheet with small engravings....
Price: $1,000 USD or $1,260 Cdn #8433
BRUCE, Alexander Duncan (1868-1956)
The collection includes 21 items, specifically, two holograph Ontario diaries by Alexander D. Bruce, one 61 page diary (March 1884-April 15, 1885) one 64 page diary (Apr. 10, 1886, to Apr. 23, 1887, three holograph letters and 4 Cheese Factory related documents, Crofting Agreement dated Markham, 23 April 1844 plus 9 original photos of family members and one large photo copy of 15 other family members.

These Bruce family members were very successful Scottish emigrants in 1842 to Upper Canada (Markham area) in business, farming, milling (Carrick Mills renamed later to Bruce's Mill). They were all very active politically as evidenced by the content, authors and other people referred to. Absolutely fascinating first hand political perspective from a local, to national perspective....
Price: $3,500 USD or $4,400 Cdn #7877
CONRAD, Joseph [1857-1924]
Joseph Conrad and "The book "NOSTROMO" was first published in 1904 after nearly three years of intensive writing inspired by actual events occurring a quarter of a century earlier. Perhaps had the original events which stimulated Conrad to write his monumental tome been related in a more linear manner told in a straightforward chronological manner, Nostromo might be as widely read as Heart of Darkness. Instead, Conrad was his most ambitious literary mode during the long compositional process and the novel is structured in a manner that requires some hard work by the reader merely to figure out where they are in the timeline of the story." Quoted from the Grade Saver website.

A second UK English edition of this book was published in 1918 which is the focus of this collection....
Price: $2,500 USD or $3,150 Cdn #8095
LOOS, Anita [1889-1981]
Anita Loos was an American screenwriter, playwright and author, best known for her blockbuster comic novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She wrote film scripts from 1912, and became arguably the first-ever staff scriptwriter, when D.W. Griffith put her on the payroll at Triangle Film Corporation. She went on to write many of the Douglas Fairbanks films, as well as the stage adaptation of Colette’s Gigi.

The collection consists of 13 items dating from 1924 to 1976, specifically, 1 typescript, 4 books, 5 letters, 1 photo, 1 movie herald and 1 Loos’s signature on a card....
Price: $2,400 USD or $3,025 Cdn #8129
COWLEY, Malcolm (1898-1989)
Malcolm Cowley was an American literary critic, poet, editor and a social historian who went on to become a representative of the America’s ‘Lost Generation’ after the World War I. In 1939, he received the ‘Harriet Monroe Memorial Prize’ for his poetry. In 1980, he was honored with the ‘National Book Award for Biography’ for his exceptional work, ‘And I Worked at the Writer’s Trade’.

The collection contains 23 items dating from 1930 to 1980, specifically 12 letters, 3 poems, 7 books, 1 photo and 1 signed newspaper article...
Price: $2,000 USD or $2,520 Cdn #7901
JOHNSON, Sir John [1741-1830]
1798. 15 Legal documents prepared for a potential very high profile court case and documents dating circa 1798. Herman Leroi, William Bayard & Gerrit Boon James Jackson, Peter Smith, William Laight & John Jacob Astor are some plantiffs. The documents refer to the eligibility of a group of men in Canada to make claim for losses due to land confiscations in the American Revolution. Most plantiffs were United Empire Loyalists who left the Mohawk Valley of New York from land owed by Sir William Johnson....
Price: $1,915 USD or $2,415 Cdn #8132
MEREDITH, Sir William Collis [1812-1894]
A unique and important early Ontario land ownership archive of Judge William Collis Meredith.

This archive is a fantastic testimony of land and forest economics and the management of absentee land ownership in Southern Ontario in the 19th century; land purchases and sales, clearance of land, drainage issues, ditching of roads and land improvement, renting of land lots, selling of valuable forest species (timber; oak, walnut and hickory) and prices, payment of taxes, evolution of value and assessment of land, unlawful cutting of trees, etc. Archives Ontario Meredith fonds mentions due to a fire, most of the pre-1930 records of the Township of Romney were lost!...
Price: $2,290 USD or $2,885 Cdn #8420
British Government
A rare collection of laws that continued to inflame and finally triggered the American Revolution.

[INTOLERABLE or COERCIVE Acts]. Complete Set of Five British Parliamentary Acts:
#1 Boston Port Act (1774)
#2 Administration of Justice Act (1774)
#3 Massachusetts Government Act (1774)
#4 Quartering Act (1774)
#5 Quebec Act (1774)

“…these Acts demonstrated a parliamentary power more dangerous to colonial liberty than mere taxing.” Morison introduction, xxxiv

Set of Five “Intolerable Acts” or Coercive Acts, contained in two bound volumes for the year 1774. First editions, first printings preceding all American printings.
Price: $45,000 USD or $56,550 Cdn #8421
WALDO, S. Putnam (Samuel Putnam) [1780-1826]

First edition. 1823. Hartford: Published by Silas Andrus 5 x 8-1/4 inches. x, [2], [13]-392 pp. 3 plates (2 portraits, frontispiece of Murray, and James Monroe). Appendix: Character and official services of James Monroe; Familiar letters of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Tree calf, rubbed along the edges and corners, sprinkled edges, split on the spine, lacking part of the cap at the spine bottom, offsetting from the plates and some foxing. Overall good condition. ...
Price: $1,000 USD or $1,260 Cdn #8445
JOHNSON, E.[Emily] Pauline (Tekahionwake) [1861-1913]
2 books:
• “Legends of Vancouver” 6th edition, 1913. Very good condition overall. Published posthumously.
• “Flint and Feather” 2nd edition, first impression, 1913. Revised and enlarged edition. Overall very good condition...

3 Ephemera:
• Three Canadian 1961 first day covers...
Price: $160 USD or $200 Cdn #8440
LESAGE, Alain-René (1668-1747)

1st edition. 1732. Paris, chez Étienne Ganeau
2 vols. 3-1/2 x 6-1/4 inches, French text. Vol. 1: [18], 390 pp.; and vol. 2: [8], 363, [1] pp., lacking the half title. Illustrations by Robert Bonnart with 6 copper engravings by Jean-Baptiste Scotin after Bonnard; 2 illustrations are iconic, depicting native people...

First edition of this celebrated work written by Lesage from the supposed memoirs of Robert Chevalier Beauchêne, the infamous soldier, adventurer, and pirateer of New France...
Price: $1,650 USD or $2,070 Cdn #8412
[LATOUR Louis Bertrand de] [1701 - 1780]

1761. A Cologne, Chez Jean Frédéric Motiens
First edition. 12mo (164 x 100 mm). vii, [1]-2l5pp. Newer modern rich burgundy leather, new end papers, with title in gilt stamped on black leather label
This rare biography of François Xavier de Laval de Montigny [1623-1708], the first Bishop of Quebec (1623-1708) contains much useful information about the late 17th century history of the region...
Price: $1,500 USD or $1,890 Cdn #2245
VOLTAIRE (François-Marie Arouet 1694-1778)

1738. A Amsterdam, Chez Jacques Desbordes.
First Edition. 4-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches. [2], [3]-399, [1] pp., [9] leaves of plates (1 folded). Original brown leather, re-backed preserving most of original spine with elaborate gilt decorations, brief title in gilt, 5 bands...Very good condition...

Price: $1,620 USD or $2,040 Cdn #7395
TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.) [1802-1899]
2nd edition. 1873. London, T. Nelson and Sons, Patterson Row. A VERY NICE COPY
2nd edition. 4-1/2 x 6-3/4 inches. viii, [9]-207p. including 3pp. appendix. Illustrated. Green cloth covers with black decorative double border and gold gilt seal in center of cover high lighting the book title, gold gilt titles and decorative design on spine...
The nurse, Mrs. Frazer, who was born on the shores of Rice Lake in Upper Canada, describes, in story form, Canadian animals, flowers, fruits, and reptiles to her young charge, Lady Mary, the daughter of the Governor of Canada...
Price: $275 USD or $345 Cdn #1402
NEWCOMBE, C[harles]. F[rederic] [ 1851-1924]
First edition. 1914. Victoria, Archives of British Columbia. Over 7-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches. Soft Cover, 69 pp. Memoir No. 1 - 8 black and white tissue protected maps plates, one folding. Regarding Vancouver’s claim to be the first circumnavigator.

Provenance: “Joseph A. Pearce” name on front cover. Joseph Algernon Pearce, astrophysicist (1893-1988). Together with J.S. Plaskett, the first director of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria,...
Price: $250 USD or $315 Cdn #2291
SHIELDS, Carol Ann (nèe Warner) [1935-2003]
First edition. 1974. Ottawa, Published by Borealis Press 6 x 7 inches. [1]-59,(1). Soft cover. White and pink card wrapper covers with black lettering to front and spine.
Near fine condition and signed by Carol Shields on inside page.

This is the author's second volume of 50 poems published, 2 years after her first "Others"...
Price: $150 USD or $185 Cdn #5079
STRICKLAND, Major Samuel [1804-1867]
2nd edition. 1854 London, Richard Bentley
Two Volumes in One. (uncommon 2nd UK 1854 edition) 12.5cm x 19cm, (5-1/4 x 8 inches). (Vol. I) [1]title, [ix]-viii, [1]- 311pp., [1]printer, (Vol. II) [1]-344 pp....

The author was the brother of the Strickland sisters, Agnes, Jane, Susanna (Moodie) and Catharine (Parr Traill). He came to Canada in 1825 and settled in the Ontonabee Settlement (now Peterborough, Ont.).
Price: $125 USD or $155 Cdn #1151
TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.) [1802-1899]
1894 Toronto, William Briggs. First Cdn. Edition.
8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. (4),xxxvi, [37]-241pp. Original publisher's burgundy cloth binding with silver stamped floral design and title lettering, floral endpapers...

Catharine Parr Traill was a Canadian naturalist who also wrote: "The backwoods of Canada: Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer"; "Canadian Wildflowers"; "Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains"; etc....
Price: $125 USD or $155 Cdn #0471
1st edition. [1926]. Plymouth, William Brendon
First edition. 4to. 8-3/8 x 11-1/8 inches. 6 p. leaves, iv, 212pp; 213 unnumbered.
Original simulated leather boards with gilt type on spine and embossed royal coats of arms crest bookplate of Sir Less Knowles, in gilt...
103 tissue-protected b/w plates. Black and white illustration of Wolfe frontispiece... Limited Edition of 146 to 250 copies?
Price: $100 USD or $125 Cdn #0506
TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.) [1802-1899]
Backwoods [1846} iv,prelims,[5]-8advertisement, [9]-233pp.,[1]blank, 235-243pp. [1]blank. New dark brown cloth boards and spine with paper label. New yellow tan endpapers. Internally the pages are dull with sporadic spotting or foxing...
Price: $75 USD or $90 Cdn #1660
JOHNSON, H(omer) U(ri)
2nd edition 1896, Orwell, Ohio, H. U. Johnson
Small octavo, vi, [4], [9]-194 pp., portrait frontis. Original pictorial brown cloth. Frontis of Johnson; illustrated with 8 sketches and black and white photographs. Very good condition.

Johnson gathered the stories within this book from ”personal observation, extensive reading, visitations along many of the old lines, and numerous interviews and extensive correspondence with those heroic men and women who dared their fortunes and their personal liberty in the cause of humanity and right...”
Price: $95 USD or $115 Cdn #1102
KIRBY, William [1817-1906]
1st edition. 1859. Niagara, Printed at the "Mail" Office. 5-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches, pp. 178, [1] (Errata). Small 8vo, Original blind-stamped brown blind stamped cloth, gilt lettering on spine. The cover is soiled, spotted, crushed top spine and with bumped corners. New end papers.

Kirby was the Niagara customs collector and editor of the`Niagara Mail.'  Kirby's first literary work. A lengthy narrative poem about the United Empire Loyalists of Canada, and described by Morgan as "the most thoroughly distinctive poem we possess." Kirby went on to become one of the best known Canadian authors of the last half of the 19th century perhaps best remembered for his historical novel, The Golden Dog
Price: $95 USD or $115 Cdn #1490
CARLETON, Sir Guy 1st Baron DORCHESTER [1724-1808]
1775. Montreal, Sir Guy Carleton
Written in French, on a watermarked, fine-laid paper, dated June 24, 1775,
Boldy signed by Sir Guy Carleton in dark brown ink. Carleton’s signature, is next to an intact square papered seal. Lieutenant-Governor Hector Theophilus Cramahé countersigns the document with his signature below Carleton’s...
Carleton presses to fill the militia ranks. In part: "As it is necessary for the service of the King... to create militia companies in the various parishes of this Province... do hereby name and establish said Mr. Jean Bte. Belaire as captain of a militia company..."
Price: $3,000 USD or $3,780 Cdn #1769
BUTLER, Walter [1752-1781]
1775. Tryon County, Walter Butler
Autograph Document Signed twice, once in the text and once at the end, by Walter Butler as attorney for the defendant in a case before the County of Tryon Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 8-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches.
Walter Butler (1752-81) Loyalist who became a captain in Butler's Rangers, formed by his father, John...

“So feared was the Butler name,” George Francis Gilman Stanley has said, “that the rebels of the Mohawk valley rejoiced more over the news of his death [Walter Butler] than they did at the surrender of [Charles] Cornwallis at Yorktown.”
Price: $1,250 USD or $1,575 Cdn #3647
TOWNSEND, Charlotte Aurelia (née Winder) [1806-1884]

Fugitive Verses (Baltimore: Turnbull Brothers, 1876) 52 pages, collection of poetry. Fugitive Verses is a true rare book. No copies are recorded by WorldCat, and only one copy has appeared on the market in recent years...Townsend bound manuscript of Fugitive Pieces:
Manuscript book, 5 x 8 inches. 55pp plus a 4pp. letter affixed to p.81. pp. 21-74, 79-81. Leaves prior to p. 21 have been excised.

Charlotte Aurelia Townsend (née Winder), the daughter of General William Winder and Gertrude Polk of Maryland, was born at Rewastico, Somerset, Maryland, in 1806.
Her brother, General John Winder (1800-1865), was the Confederate general in charge of prisons who designed the infamous Andersonville Prison.
Price: $1,000 USD or $1,260 Cdn #8135
GISBORNE, F. N. (Frederick Newton) (1824-1892)

1883 Montreal, Canada Department of Public Works. Size : 37 x 50 inches. Hand-coloured. Folded, in very good condition.
A nice large scale (scale [1:300,000]) wall map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta depicting physical and geographical fissures of the Provinces. All major cities, mountain ranges, waterways and railways are depicted. This map shows a number of telegraph lines in Manitoba, the Canadian Pacific Railway ...
Price: $1,900 USD or $2,395 Cdn #8094
MONTGOMERY, Lucy Maud [1874-1942]
Black and white silver circa 1935 (LMM age 61) print with white border. Depicts the beloved Montgomery looking straight at the camera with a stylish hat cocked smartly over her right eye. Size: Paper- 13.9 cm x 10.7 cm. Image: 13 cm x 9.9 cm. Printed on glossy paper.

Original signature of L.M. Montgomery from the lower middle rising to the right on an angle through a dark part of her clothing....
Price: $1,570 USD or $1,980 Cdn #8377
Willards Maps of America
Frame size: 13-1/2 x 16 inches
Engraving size: 4-1/2 x 7-1/4 inches to matting
Map 7
Map from [Emma] Willards Maps of America, published in 1852, New York,..

Map of Boundaries in 1763, showing Six Nations & Delawares (and the Death of Wolfe inset) beautifully framed
Price: $150 USD or $185 Cdn #8432
Great Britain, Parliament

First edition. 1867. London, George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode. 7-3/8 x 11-1/5 inches. At head of title: Anno tricesimo Victoriae Reginae. Cap. III. pages [9]-47. The Constitution Act, 1867 (originally enacted as The British North America Act, 1867, and referred to as the BNA Act) (the Act) is a major part of Canada's Constitution. Very light scattered spotting and creasing to a few leaves, otherwise, near fine condition.

The ACT described the new country’s operating structure, including: Executive Power (as vested in the Queen, and the Governor General); Legislative Power (for the Senate and House of Commons, constituting the Parliament of Canada); Provincial Constitutions;...
Price: $7,500 USD or $9,450 Cdn #8425
Government of Canada

The Alberta Act is part of the Constitution of Canada. 1st Edition. 6-3/8 x 9-5/8 inches. 4-5 Edward VII, Chapter 3 (Statutes of Canada). Caption title... Near fine condition.

By virtue of the provisions outlined in the British North America Act, 1867 (30 & 31 Victoria, Chapter 3; U.K.) for the addition of new provinces to the Dominion of Canada, this Act established the new Province of Alberta.
Price: $4,000 USD or $5,000 Cdn #8425
Various c1837 to 1858
Rare broadside. Caption Title. To the King’s Most Excellent Majesty. Most Gracious Sovereign: No place, no publisher, no date (before 1837). Blank of a petition against the clergy reserves in Upper Canada.
Bill. “An Act to facilitate the Partition of Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, in certain cases, in Lower Canada”, At head of title: [No. 12]. . [Montréal] : Lovell and Gibson 2nd Session, 3rd Parliament, 12 Victoria, 1849.
Bill. An Act to provide for the erection of certain new Counties and Townships in Upper Canada, and for certain purposes relative to such new Counties. Quarto. 4 pages. [Montréal : Lovell and Gibson, 1849]....
Price: $1,985 USD or $2,500 Cdn #8426
LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid [1841-1919]
8 x 10-1/4 inches, was folded not flat. Typed Letter Signed, dated Ottawa, 9th June, 1910, on stationery of the Prime Minister's office, addressed to W. F. Alloway, Winnipeg. 6 lines on one sheet. Minor 3/8 inch open tear in black border fold long open separations, W in Wilfred signature smudged, otherwise in near fine condition.
Response letter to Alloway regarding two senior Canadian Pacific Railway management executives very positive....
Price: $1,350 USD or $1,700 Cdn #7604
BORDEN, Sir Robert Laird [1854-1937]
A lengthy letter discussing Conservative Party strategy for the upcoming 1908 federal election.

Typed Letter, signed "R. L. Borden," dated Ottawa, August 26th, 1908, addressed to a Col. A. Audet, Montreal, written on House of Commons stationery. 27 lines on two 8 x 10 sheets, was folded now flat, first page with some toning mostly on right edge, otherwise very good condition.
Price: $1,325 USD or $1,670 Cdn #7878
KING, William Lyon MacKenzie, [1874-1950]
Letter to Mrs. Mary Scott, 82 South Drive, Toronto, Ont. A friend of his parents and whom he had previous personal correspondence with before and after this. WLKM had very few friends and family and rarely showed his private side in public which makes these type of personal communications insightful and rare. Highly collectable.

Typed 2pp personal letter dated May 13, 1950 on Laurier House letterhead, (TSL) hand-written salutation and inscription and signature Billy (William Lyon MacKenzie King )....
Price: $1,300 USD or $1,640 Cdn #4389
WASHINGTON, Booker T(aliaferro). [1856 - 1915]
[Tuskegee, 15 May 1912.] 8.5 x 11 inch Booker T. Washington letter with his signature.
Booker T. Washington, Principal of the Tuskegeee Institute for African Americans, and leading Black rights activist, signed in his hand, only three years prior to his death.

He is requesting a contribution of tools for the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, addressed to Mr. J. T. McCready, a manufacturer in Ohio. "We are in need of tools and implements - also for use on our farms... ..
Price: $1,000 USD or $1,260 Cdn #4306
Legislative Assembly

Quarto, 3 p. Disbound, small holes, one tear, in margin. 3rd Session, 5th Parliament, 20th Victoria, 1857 Petition

Very important petition by representatives of Firms of Fowarders and Shipowners to be equally treated with Railroad companies with respect to the subsidies allocated and the assistance given, and not by one stroke be sacrificed to the Railway interests of Canada. Tolls payable between canals should be eliminated...
Price: $755 USD or $950 Cdn #8068
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