Friday, March 5th
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New Jersey Update
This morning, Governor Murphy was joined by Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, Department of Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli, Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack, and Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise to observe Union City senior citizens who were among the first recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in New Jersey. During this visit, the Governor announced 3,374 new positive cases and 35 deaths and that hospitalization numbers are continuing to decline. Positivity rate is at 6.2%, and the rate of transmission has slightly increased. The Governor mentioned that the State is identifying Brazilian, U.K., and New York variants among positive populations.

Governor Phil Murphy held a press conference Monday afternoon announcing that the Johnson & Johnson vaccination has officially been approved and is ready for use. NJ anticipated about 70,000 doses to be delivered this week. However, there is no clarity on what to expect in the next few weeks. CVS and RiteAid will receive an additional 22,500 doses through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

This month the eligibility for vaccinations will be expanding as follows:
  • March 15
  • Pre-K through 12th-grade educations and support staff;
  • Childcare workers in licensed and registered settings;
  • Public and local transportation workers, including bus, taxi, rideshare, and airport employees; NJ TRANSIT workers; and Motor Vehicle Commission staff;
  • Public safety workers who are not sworn law enforcement or fire professionals;
  • Migrant farm workers;
  • Members of tribal communities;
  • Individuals experiencing homelessness and those living in shelter, including domestic violence shelters.

  • March 29th - frontline workers in the following categories:
  • Food production, agriculture and food distribution;
  • Eldercare and support;
  • Warehousing and logistics;
  • Social services support staff;
  • Elections personnel;
  • Hospitality;
  • Medical supply chain;
  • Postal and shipping services;
  • Clergy; and
  • Judicial system.

More information on this expansion will be released soon. Read More Here.

All residents age 75 and over will be receiving outreach via telephone to help assist with registering and scheduling appointments for vaccinations as they are a vulnerable population and may have limited access to the internet.

Each mega site in NJ is properly stocked daily for those with scheduled appointments. The Governor advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, but please do not arrive hours in advance or without a scheduled appointment.

The Department of Health Commissioner, Judy Persichilli, advised that types of vaccinations should not be compared to one another as they did not undergo the same trials, people and timelines. She highlighted that all vaccinations are effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death.

Governor Murphy announced that sleepaway camps will be permitted to safely resume their operations this summer, after being suspended during the summer of 2020. He also announced that he will be signing an Executive Order allowing wedding receptions to proceed at 35% of a venues indoor capacity, up to 150 persons with the same cap on outdoor receptions. This order will took effect today at 6am. Governor Murphy mentioned that he would like to increase capacities for restaurants, but because of the variants they are more hesitant to take any action at this time.

The digital divide has been closed from the initial estimate of 231,000 students without internet or device access to 39 students today. As of today, there are 900,000 students learning either in their classrooms for all-day in-person instruction or on a hybrid schedule.
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Weekly Legislative Update

Assembly Voting Session March 1, 2021
A195 (Carter / Karabinchak) - Requires Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to conduct study and issue report on impact of artificial intelligence on growth of State's economy. Passed

A802 (Verrelli / Reynolds-Jackson / Murphy) - Requires certain retailers to train employees on gift card fraud. Passed

A812 (Verrelli / Holley / Mukherji) - Requires notice to be provided by municipal court to applicant for public defender of fees and process to waive fees for inability to pay. Amended on thee floor, did not receive a vote

A850 (Chiaravalloti / Karabinchak / Reynolds-Jackson) - Establishes "Broadband Access Study Commission." Passed

A953 (Karabinchak) - Requires architects disclose insurance coverage. Passed

A1223 (Chaparro / Webber / Moen) - Requires rail passenger service to provide purchasers with proof of payment at time of purchase. Passed

A1285 (Greenwald / Chiaravalloti / Moen) - Establishes procedures for awarding of design-build contracts. Passed

A2293 (Jasey / Kennedy / Moen) - Requires institutions of higher education to implement suicide prevention programs and raise awareness of mental health services. Amended on thee floor, did not receive a vote

A2339 (Moriarty / Benson / Murphy) - Requires cable television, direct broadcast satellite, and television streaming service companies to include certain fees and charges for service in advertised price to consumers. Held

A2635 (Moriarty) - Requires motor vehicle dealers provide loan application to consumers. Passed

A3062 (Pintor Marin / Moen / Reynolds-Jackson) - Establishes three year Financial Empowerment Pilot Program. Passed

A3199 (Murphy / Benson / Vainieri Huttle) - Prohibits discrimination against living organ donors in relation to life, health, and long-term care insurance. Passed

A4004 (Sumter / Jimenez / Carter) - Establishes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic Task Force on Racial and Health Disparities. Passed

A4174 (Verrelli / Vainieri Huttle / Benson) - Provides that institutions of higher education may permit final-year students in graduate degree programs for mental health care professions to graduate or be matched with residency or clinical programs early. Passed

A4433 (Greenwald / Mukherji / Lampitt) - Creates grant program to encourage school districts to partner with institutions of higher education in training school-based mental health services providers. Passed

A4434 (Greenwald / Lampitt / Mukherji) - Establishes Student Wellness Grant Program in DOE. Passed

A4435 (Verrelli / Greenwald / Speight) - Requires DCF to give priority to certain school districts with student mental health counseling centers in awarding grants under School Based Youth Services Program. Passed

A4436 (Mosquera / Greenwald / Murphy) - Establishes "Student Mental Health Task Force" to study resources available to schools and parents to address student mental health needs. Passed

A4437 (Lampitt / Greenwald / Speight) - Permits certain mental health professionals working in school districts to refer or help facilitate referral of students to private professional counselors. Passed

A4461 (Lampitt / Jasey / Quijano) - Requires State to enter into contract and coordinate with certain cooperative purchasing systems for procurement of COVID-19 related goods and services by school districts. Passed

A4671 (Schaer / Swain / Tully) - Requires public and local utilities to provide notice to residential customers of available relief measures during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Passed

A4788 (Pintor Marin / Ruiz) - Requires transfer of certain escheated civil forfeiture funds from Unclaimed Personal Property Trust Fund to General Fund for appropriation to county Prosecutor's offices. Passed

A4803 / A4811 (Sumter / Karabinchak / Pinkin / DeCroce / Zwicker) - Concerns approval process for personal protective equipment and State stockpiles of personal protective equipment. Passed

A4833 (Schaer / Benson / McKnight) - Expands crime of bias intimidation; establishes additional penalties for crimes of bias intimidation, harassment, and cyber-harassment; establishes bias intimidation motivation damages. Amended on thee floor, did not receive a vote

A4834 (Mazzeo / Quijano) - Requires disclosure letter be included with mail falsely implying State government connection. Passed

A4850 (Karabinchak / Freiman / Calabrese) - Establishes expedited construction inspection program. Passed

A5133 (Greenwald / Chiaravalloti / Benson) - Expands indoor capacity for food or beverage establishments and banquet and wedding venues under certain circumstances during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Did not receive a vote

A5135 (Greenwald / Karabinchak / Johnson) - Allows continued use of heaters and tents by food or beverage establishments under certain circumstances during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Did not receive a vote

A5136 (Greenwald / Johnson / Chiaravalloti) - Includes use of physical barriers as social distancing measure for food or beverage establishments during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Did not receive a vote

A5139 (Freiman / Greenwald / Johnson) - Eases certain food and beverage establishment tent requirements during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Did not receive a vote

A5405 (Coughlin / Speight / Armato) - Appropriates $10 million in federal funding to DHS to support Emergency Feeding Organizations and for direct food assistance. Passed

ACR196 (Benson / Verrelli) - Urges U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to lower recommended colorectal cancer screening age from 50 to 45. Passed

AJR174 / AJR199 (Moen / Greenwald / Chiaravalloti / Johnson) - Establishes "Commission to Review Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses." Passed

AR35 (Chiaravalloti / Murphy / Wirths) - Urges all law enforcement agencies to implement training programs on how to approach individuals who are hearing impaired. Passed

AR81 (Wimberly / Spearman / Timberlake) - Urges Congress to pass "Community Parks Revitalization Act." Passed

S275 / A2142 (Kean / Cruz-Perez / Tully / Swain / Dancer) - Provides resident tuition rate to certain non-resident dependent children of United States military personnel attending public institutions of higher education. Passed

S347 / A1992 (Smith / Vitale / Pinkin / Conaway) - Establishes "NJ One Health Task Force." Passed

S551 / A1057 (Codey / Bucco / Jasey / McKeon / Dunn) - Permits appointment of nonresident municipal emergency management coordinators in municipalities with populations under 5,000 persons in certain circumstances. Passed

S699 / A5245 (Ruiz / Singleton / Sumter / Reynolds-Jackson) - Requires training for DOE arbitrators to include issues related to cultural diversity and bias. Passed

S942 / A2890 (Singleton / Cardinale / Lopez / Chiaravalloti / Timberlake) - Requires certain standards for professional and occupational boards considering applicants with criminal history records. Passed

S1017 / A2562 (Gopal / Lagana / DeAngelo / Dancer / Chaparro) - Provides retirement allowance after 20 years of service regardless of age for current members of PFRS who retire within two years. Passed

S1851 / A4407 (Ruiz / Cryan / Jasey / Moriarty) - Eliminates eligibility of postsecondary students and other individuals for State student assistance, training, and employment services if school or training provider requires student to consent to arbitration agreement or proceeding or to waive certain. Passed

S2323 / A3869 (Gopal / Bucco / Armato / Vainieri Huttle / Verrelli) - Requires opioid antidote prescriptions for certain patients. Passed

S2476 / A3998 (Singleton / Addiego / Murphy / Giblin / Verrelli) - Concerns certain workers' compensation supplemental benefits for surviving dependents of essential employees who die in course of employment. Passed

S2691 / A4310 (Greenstein / Pou / Turner / Benson / Dancer) - Authorizes school districts to maintain surplus at four percent for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years. Passed

S2725 / A4473 (Gopal / Houghtaling / Downey) - Concerns assessment of real property in counties operating under "Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program." Passed

S2798 / A4430 (Vitale / Ruiz / Conaway / Vainieri Huttle / McKnight) - Establishes requirements for long-term care facilities to establish outbreak response plans. Received amendments on the floor, did not receive a vote

S2815 / A4623 (Gopal / Gill / Downey / Danielsen / Houghtaling) - Requires DMVA assist service members discharged solely due to LGBTQ status with petitions to change discharge designation. Passed

S2973 / A4895 (Beach / Armato) - Creates office of deputy superintendent of elections in counties of fifth class. Passed

S3003 / A5014 (Madden / Greenstein / Egan / Houghtaling) - Concerns contributions to the unemployment compensation fund by employee leasing companies. Passed

S3004 / A4947 (Sarlo / Pou / Johnson / Wirths / Reynolds-Jackson) - Establishes retroactive date for provisions of P.L.2018, c.165, which clarifies provisions of "Predatory Towing Prevention Act." Passed

S3070 / A4884 (Weinberg / Turner / Vainieri Huttle / McKnight / Reynolds-Jackson) - Establishes "Sexual Violence Restorative Justice Pilot Program." Passed

S3071 / A4885 (Weinberg / Ruiz / Vainieri Huttle / Lopez / Reynolds-Jackson) - Requires law enforcement provide victim of sexual assault with intial incident report; provides victim with option to review intial incident report and submit corrective form. Passed

S3072 / A4886 (Weinberg / Cunningham / Vainieri Huttle / Murphy / Reynolds-Jackson) - Requires resources be made available to victims of sexual assault. Passed

S3073 / A4887 (Weinberg / Corrado / Vainieri Huttle / Jasey / Timberlake) - Establishes right of victims to be notified of county prosecutor's charging decision in sexual assault cases. Passed

S3074 / A4888 (Weinberg / Greenstein / Vainieri Huttle / Lopez / Schepisi) - Requires AG issue annual report concerning sexual assault cases. Passed

S3075 / A4889 (Weinberg / Pou / Vainieri Huttle / Quijano / Speight) - Establishes sexual violence liaison officer in Division of State Police and local police departments. Passed

S3076 / A4890 (Weinberg / Gill / Vainieri Huttle / McKnight / Reynolds-Jackson) - Requires sexual assault training for prosecutors. Passed

S3093 / A4910 (Gopal / Sweeney / Singleton / Burzichelli / Johnson / Danielsen) - Establishes county-based mitigation plan to allow businesses to operate during pandemic. Did not receive a vote

S3203 / A4830 (Gill / Greenstein / Turner / Zwicker / Danielsen / Reynolds-Jackson) - Requires in person early voting period for certain elections; makes appropriation. Passed

S3214 / A5126 (Ruiz / Turner / McKnight / Lampitt / Vainieri Huttle) - Requires Commissioner of Education to prepare learning loss report and report on public school operations during COVID-19 public health emergency. Did not receive a vote

S3456 / A5385 (Cunningham / Scutari / Chiaravalloti / Mukherji / Carter) - Eliminates mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment determined by Legislature to be of non-violent nature. Passed

SCR103 / ACR126 (Rice / Reynolds-Jackson / McKnight) - Urges efforts at state and federal levels to protect minority communities through better regulation of debt settlement companies. Passed

SJR73 / AJR22 (Vitale / Vainieri Huttle / Murphy) - Designates March as "Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month." Passed

SJR93 / AJR180 (Lagana / Cunningham / Pou / Wimberly / Reynolds-Jackson / Quijano) - Designates February 14 of each year as Frederick Douglass Day in NJ. Passed

Senate Environment and Energy Committee
S1054 (Stack) - Requires owner notification of rabies testing protocol and owner options prior to testing of owner's animal for rabies. Passed

S1071 (Kean / Gopal) - Increases amount annually credited to Shore Protection Fund to $50 million. Passed

S2605 (Smith / Bateman) - Directs BPU to establish utility-scale solar energy development program; modifies State's renewable energy portfolio standards. Did not receive a vote

S2679 (Beach) - Requires paint producers to implement or participate in paint stewardship program. Passed

S3324 (Smith) - Establishes minimum energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold, offered for sale, or leased in the State. Passed

*SR102 (Codey) - Urges U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list monarch butterfly as threatened species. Passed

Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism, and Historic Preservation
S1838 / A2765 (Greenstein / Houghtaling / Dancer / Murphy) - Changes designation on official State logo denoting manufacture of products in New Jersey. Passed

S2986 (Gopal / Testa) - Allocates all revenue from hotel and motel occupancy fee for arts, historical heritage, and tourism purposes. Did not receive a vote

S3164 (Gopal) - Creates NJ Legislative Youth Council. Passed

S3185 (Cryan / Weinberg / Pou) - Allows current and former judicial officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers and certain family or household members to register to vote without disclosing residential address; prohibits public disclosure of that information. Passed

S3198 (Codey / Gopal) - Extends time outstanding parimutuel ticket may be claimed from six months to 12 months. Passed

S3489 (Sweeney) - Changes effective date of new law concerning certain State contracts for mental health, behavioral health, and addiction services. Passed

*S3495 / *A4438 (Carter / Murphy) - Permits DOC and DCF to award contracts for medical and dental services to vendors. Passed

SJR45 (Gopal) - Designates September 23 of each year as "Bruce Springsteen Day." Passed

*SJR67 (Codey) - Designates week of March 18 of each year as "President Grover Cleveland Week" in NJ. Passed

SJR109 (Weinberg) - Condemns hate and violent extremism and commits to defense of safe and just democracy. Passed
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