March 7, 2018

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  • Latest Updates From Albany & Washington, D.C.
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Message From the President
John Witkowski, President & CEO
Let me begin this week's newsletter by quoting my good friend and colleague Cam Fine, President & CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), on the key challenge - and opportunity - we community banks face this week. 

"Here we are, finally, at the culmination of a years-long campaign to tailor regulations and ease unnecessary burdens on community banks so we can better serve our communities. Following meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill, dozens of hearings and committee votes, and countless communications with elected officials, the time has come. This is a major test-one that we MUST pass."

This week is critical for community banks. We need to be active in our grassroots outreach to support S.2155, the regulatory relief legislation scheduled for debate and action by the U.S. Senate. This bipartisan legislation is our best opportunity in years -- since Dodd Frank -- to achieve meaningful regulatory relief from Washington.

There is growing momentum in the Senate. Yesterday, in a procedural vote, they voted 67-32 on the motion to 
proceed to the bill. A good result, but just the first step. They still need to vote on amendments, vote on cloture and then again on final passage of the bill. There is a long way to go before legislation is sent to the House. This bill still has a long way to go, this week and possibly next week as well, before it's sent over to the House. New York community banks need to keep up their calls and emails to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.

Democratic Senate Leader Schumer will play a key role in determining the fate of this bipartisan legislation. We want his support of the bill -- but equally important, we want him to remain "hands off" in allowing his Democratic colleagues to vote yes. New York community banks are reaching out to him to reiterate how very important S.2155 is to us and the communities we serve  -- and telling him we are counting on him.  
  • Please click here to read the letter IBANYS' Board of Directors sent to Sen. Schumer 
  • Please click here for talking points for use in calls to Senator Schumer's AND Senator Gillibrand's offices
  • Please click here for contact information to reach each of Senator Schumer's district offices throughout the state.
Meanwhile, here in Albany, there are only 24 more days until the April 1 deadline for the NYS Legislature and Governor to negotiate and pass a final state budget. They have now agreed to a consensus revenue projection (a good beginning), but have an additional pool of funds available to either pay down the deficit or increase spending. Taxes also remain a key issue: How to position the state in the aftermath of the changes in federal tax law that the Governor believes will have a negative economic impact on New York. Negotiations are ongoing, and will continue to dominate the landscape in Albany for the next few weeks.
This month also begins IBANYS' very busy springtime of meetings conferences. IBANYS will host programs specifically designed for community bank compliance officers, human resources officers, directors, and senior management teams. We're also preparing for our annual visit to Washington, D.C. to meet with our New York Congressional Delegation. Take a close look at what is available. Share the information with your key management teams and directors. Sign up and plan to join us! Also, check out our webinars section of the newsletter for the latest programs being offered.
One last reminder: Have you made your contribution to NYSIBPAC, our state political action committee? It supports office holders and candidates in New York State who understand and support the needs and priorities of New York communityt banks. In this crucial election year -- when control of the State Senate will be very much up for grabs, and every seat the State Legislature and each statewide official will be on the ballot -- your participation and support is vitally important to assure IBANYS and New York's community banks have a seat at the table in Albany. Our competition will be extremely well funded and active. We cannot afford to stand on the sidelines.

IBANYS is YOUR association. Make it work for you!

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2018 Meetings
Regional Compliance Conferences

March 20 - Rochester/Pittsford, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester/Pittsford
March 21 - Troy, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Troy

Presentations by OCC, NYS, DFS, industry experts and a peer bankers panel discussion.
Click here for program details and click here to register.  

CEO Forums

March 26
- Albany, NY at Pioneer Bank
March 27 - Syracuse, NY at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Syracuse
March 28 - Rochester/Buffalo, NY at Tompkins Bank of Castile -- CANCELLED 

Click here for program details and  click here  to register. 

The 2018 ICBA Capital Summit

April 8- April 11- Washington, D.C.

ICBA and fellow community bankers gather to advocate for change in various areas such as access to capital, regulatory and tax relief, mortgage reform and agricultural lending through their Plan for Prosperity. 

"Hill visits" with the New York congressional delegation will take place on Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 11. 

Click here to learn more. 

Regional Directors Conference

April 10- Rochester/Pittsford, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester/Pittsford
April 11- Troy, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Troy

Click here for program details and  click here to register

Regional Human Resources Conferences

April 24- Rochester/Pittsford, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester/Pittsford
April 25- Troy, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Troy

Bank Executive Symposium

May 7-9- Watkins Glen, NY at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

Lending Conference

June 5-6- Fairport, NY at the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa

Regional Security Conferences

June 19 - Rochester/Pittsford, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester/Pittsford
June 20 - Troy, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn Troy

Annual Convention

September 25-27- Albany, NY at the Hilton Albany

Member banks:  Share this information  with your senior management teams, officers, directors, compliance, security and human resources  officers.  Preferred providers, associate members and business show exhibitors : Now is the time to plan to attend, participate, sponsor/exhibit.  Contact Linda Gregware: 
New Feature!
Spotlight Bank of the Week

Spotlight Bank of the Week is a new feature that we are adding to our website and e-newsletter. It is an opportunity to promote anything about your organization, such as fun facts, organization news, special events, etc. The Spotlight Bank of the Week will be featured on our homepage slider, e-newsletter, and our social media platforms for one week. So don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to showcase your bank to thousands of people!

To apply, just fill out our registration form and email it to Natalie Rowan at

IBANYS Education/Webinars
IBANYS Webinars

IBANYS' webinars provide timely, informative sessions on important topics and issues of interest for community bankers. They are valuable not only for their content, but for their convenience. Participants can take part from the comfort and privacy of their offices, without leaving the bank.  Take a look at the various series of webinars we offer by clicking each of the links below. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 9:00 AM, hosted by 

Experience the future of digital lending.

Community Banks Spend $3 Billion Each Year On 
Data Collection Alone.
How Do You Maximize Your ROI, Stay Compliant and Provide An Outstanding Customer Experience . . .All At The Same Time?

In this webinar, you will learn about how to leverage 
the right technology to:
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and portfolio monitoring.
  • Expand geographic reach beyond your branch network.
  • Produce more loans and monetize every loan application without the hassle of paper chasing.
  • Establish your bank's legacy and keep it relevant for the next generation.
CLICK HERE to register/for details
Government Relations
Update On 2018-19 Budget Negotiations: A Consensus Revenue Projection Is In Place

There is now a consensus revenue forecast -- a key step in reaching an agreement on the budget. It  was released late last week by the State Division of Budget, Governor Cuomo, the Republican Senate and Democratic Assembly. Overall, two-year revenue is expected to be within a $675 million to $750 million range above what Cuomo's $168 billion spending plan initially estimated. The forecast includes some disagreement over the impact of the tax changes signed by President Trump.  All parties agree that household spending, employment and net worth are due to increase in 2018. The state's labor market points to a 1.1 percent increase for the 2018-19 fiscal year, with wages increases by 4.4 percent.  The Governor's original budget proposal included $1 billion in new taxes and fees. With as much as $750 million in additional money now projected from existing revenue streams ( based on the timing of tax payments to the state), Republicans will likely seek to pay down a $4.4 billion deficit and avoid the need to raise taxes. Democrats will likely seek extra funds for education, transit and other priorities. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie cautioned that that the revenue will be part of an overall negotiation, and noted Senate Republicans and the Governor want to cap spending increases at two percent. Republicans may also try to reduce the proposed $1 billion tax and fee hikes the Governor proposed.   The deadline to approve the budget is April 1, but legislators believe they can do so by March 29, several days before the start of the state's fiscal year.

Meanwhile, other legislative activity -- while taking a back seat to the budget process 
-- does continue. Senate Banks Chairman Hamilton (D-Brooklyn) introduced S.7819. The bill would impose a twelve-month limitation on compliance audits and examinations by the State Department of Financial Services (DFS), and require completion of reports of such audits within six months. 

Latest On Gubernatorial Race, Special Senate Elections

The Republican field of candidates for governor grew this week, as Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro indicated to GOP leaders he's launching a campaign to challenge incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo. State Senate Deputy majority Leader JohnDeFrancisco and former Housing Commissioner Joseph Holland are also currently running. The GOP nominating convention will be in May.
Meanwhile, two special Senate elections will be held April 24. A race in the Bronx looks like a lock for Democrats. The party has a 20-1 registration advantage over the GOP in the district, and Democrat Luis Sepulveda, a state assemblyman, doesn't yet have a Republican opponent. The second race, pitting Republican Julie Killian against Democratic Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer in Westchester, is expected to be much more competitive, though Democrats are betting that President Donald Trump's unpopularity will help. If Democrats win both seats they'll have the majority, though they'll also have to resolve the schism between the mainline Democrats and the eight-member Independent Democratic Conference that broke with mainline Democrats years ago to empower the Senate's GOP leaders. The two sides have agreed to reunify, however, if the Democrats win both seats.

Washington, D.C.

Senate Addressing Regulatory Relief This Week: Contact Senators Schumer & Gillibrand on S. 2155

The U.S. Senate voted 67-32 to proceed to the debate and vote on "The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155), the bipartisan and much-needed regulatory relief legislation. ICBA President & CEO Cam Fine noted: "The time has come for the biggest community banking grassroots event in recent memory. This week's full Senate vote on S. 2155 requires community banker grassroots outreach from the C-suite to the frontline to the board of directors. Let's be ready to hit the ground running and leave no doubt in our lawmakers' minds about the importance of passing S. 2155. The time has come-let's leave nothing on the field!"  ICBA is calling on community bankers nationwide to urge their senators to support the bill. S. 2155 is the culmination of years of grassroots outreach on behalf of tailored community bank regulations. IBANYS is urging New York community bankers to continue their outreach to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. This bipartisan legislation-including much that is based on ICBA's own Plan for Prosperity platform-offers substantial relief from mortgage, capital, data-reporting and many other regulations. ICBA is urging community bankers across the nation to "weigh in early and often this week using "ICBA's  Be Heard grassroots action center." The online resource makes it easy for community bankers to call and email their senators on behalf of S. 2155.

I BANYS sent out action alerts to all our member banks asking them to call or email Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.  As  former  House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank, co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, noted regarding S.2155: "The community banks drive this.They're in everyone's district."

House Focuses On Stand-Alone Reg. Relief Bills

As the Senate takes up the comprehensive reg. relief legislation S. 2155, the House continues to move a number of ICBA's (and IBANYS') "Plan for Prosperity" reg. relie provisions in stand-alone bills. The House this week passed three regulatory relief bills inspired by ICBA's Plan for Prosperity platform:
  • The "Portfolio Lending and Mortgage Access Act" (H.R. 2226) would provide a Qualified Mortgage safe harbor for all loans held in portfolio by institutions under $10 billion in assets
  • The "Comprehensive Regulatory Review Act" (H.R. 4607) would ensure EGRPRA regulatory relief reviews include the CFPB and occur every seven years rather than every 10
  • The "Community Bank Reporting Relief Act" (H.R. 4725) would provide for short-form call reports in the first and third quarters for banks with assets of less than $5 billion.
The House will also focus this week on the issue of data security. The House Financial Services Committee's Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit holds a today on reforming the data security and breach-notification regulatory regime.  Draft legislation from committee Chairman Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) would create new standards for timely data-breach notices. 

New York Representatives Want to Provide More HUD Funding

 Members of New York's congressional delegation will introduce legislation supplementing federal funding for housing assistance programs following major cuts to HUD in  President Trump's proposed fiscal 2019 budget. "The Hardest Hit Housing Act of 2018" will be introduced by Reps. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn), Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) and JosĂ© Serrano (D-Bronz). It would provide additional funding for HUD to go towards public housing, foreclosure mitigation and rental assistance grants

White House Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn Departing

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn resigned yesterday as White House chief economic advisor. His departure followed a decision by President Trump to impose stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs president and free trade advocate had strongly opposed tariffs. He played a key role in shepherding the tax cuts the president signed into law in December. The President stated: "Gary has been my chief economic advisor and did a superb job in driving our agenda, helping to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms and unleashing the American economy once again. He is a rare talent, and I thank him for his dedicated service to the American people." 

Other News From Washington

Over the past year, ICBA, IBANYS and community bankers across New York State and the nation have played a major role in seeking tax reform, easing reporting burdens, and vacating the CFPB's consumer arbitration restrictions. 

We must keep the momentum going in 2018.  This is truly a pivotal year, and your voice is essential in shaping the future of our industry.
Join us at the next month's ICBA Capital Summit in Washington, D.C. April 8-11, to help propel our voice in the nation's capital. During the summit,  share your story with members of our New York Congressional Delegation, and urge reform in meetings with federal regulators and policymakers. IBANYS is currently scheduling meetings "on the hill" with our Senators and Representatives.
Register today before hotel special event pricing ends March 16. Visit . . .Conference registration is complementary for ICBA members.
We look forward to seeing you in Washington, and t hank you for all that you do in support of community banking.

Action Alert

S.2155 Moving Toward Senate Vote: Support IBANYS' Grassroots Outreach to Senator Schumer

The bipartisan Senate regulatory relief bill (S.2155) , crafted   by Senate Banking Chairman Mike Crapo (R-ID) and supported by 12 mostly moderate Senate Democrats and 12 Republicans --  may be brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote by Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as early as next week.  However, the timing may be delayed into March due to other pressing Senate business.  Including Democratic support, the bill reportedly may already have the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate. The challenge before the Senate is to pass the legislation without any changes that could risk the bipartisan support it currently enjoys -- and then, to work to obtain House passage of the bill as is. IBANYS is conducting a grassroots outreach effort with Senator Schumer (D-New York, Senate Democratic Leader) to seek his support and his agreement to allow his Democratic colleagues to vote for the legislation. Senator Gillibrand (New York's junior U.S. Senator) opposes the bill. 

  • Read IBANYS' letter to Senator Schumer: click here
  • Read talking points in support of the bill: click here
  • Contact information for Senator Schumer's district offices: click here
*    *    *    *    *
We need to reach out to Senator Schumer's district offices thrioughout New York State to reiterate how important regulatory relief is to the New York community banking industry. Please help!

Industry Trends & Updates
Consumer Sentiment Up, Shadow Banking Industry Growing, Small Banks Credit Card Update
  • The University of Michigan's Index of Consumer Sentiment reported that last month, consumer sentiment improved to its second-highest level in 14 years (since 2004). It rose 4.2 percent, to 99.7, and was up 3.5 percent from its level of one year earlier. Consumer optimism was based on favorable assessments of jobs, wages, and larger paychecks following federal tax reform.
  • According to an estimate by the Financial Stability Board (FSB, a group of global financial policymakers and regulators), the "shadow banking industry" that engages in financial practices that don't follow the same safeguards as normal banking functions has grown to $45 trillion in assets. The FSB said shadow banking now makes up 13 percent of all financial assets around the world. That's up from 8 percent in the FSB's last annual estimate.
  • According to Federal Reserve data, small banks are contending with rising losses in the credit card market. Missed payments on credit cards at small banks have risen sharply over the past year, Their charge-off rate (the share of outstanding card balances written off as a loss after consumers failed to pay) reached 7.2% in the fourth quarter of 2017. That was up from 4.5% of a a year earlier

New Study: Amazon Could Become Nation's Third-biggest Bank

A new study by Bain states that by capitalizing off its digital prowess and massive consumer base , Amazon's banking services could grow to more than 70 million consumer relationships in the United States over roughly five years. That would rival Wells Fargo. The study also notes Amazon could evade more than $250,000,000 in credit card interchange fees every year if it finds a bank willing to partner, and that one-quarter of those using voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa would consider using them for everyday banking. Bain says that although many view "nimble fintech start-ups" as likely disrupters, established technology firms "pose a bigger threat."

ICBA has raised questions about discussions between Amazon and big banks to offer a checking-account-like product through the online retailer. In an American Banker article, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine asked how far the deposit-insurance safety net should spread. "If Amazon got in trouble, what happens to the deposits?" Fine asked. "I think this poses yet another challenge to the insured depository system."

Banking News
Online Lending

Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) is NYBDC's nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution and IBANYS' exclusive online lending partner. Their  mission is to help businesses in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania grow by providing small business loans and advisory services. As a nonprofit organization and a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution  (CDFI) , they're a responsible lender you can trust. Their  products are affordable and flexible, and their advisory services can help you reach your business goals. Their signature product, the EGF SmartLoan™, provides up to $100,000 through a streamlined online platform.  Loans are approved in 1-2 days and funded in a week.  For more details, please visit: 

Generations Bank, Medina S&L Announce Merger

The Seneca-Cayuga Bancorp Inc., the holding company for Generations Bank, and Medina bank officials announced that Medina Savings & Loan Association in Orleans County will merge into Generations Bank. Generations began in 1870 as Seneca Falls Savings Bank, reorganized under a holding company in 2000 and changed its name to Generations Bank in 2012. Its headquartered in Seneca Falls, and has nine locations in Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Geneva, Phelps, Auburn, Union Springs and Farmington. Medina Savings & Loan, established in 1888, has an office on Maple Ridge Road in Medina and a branch in the Walmart Supercenter in Albion. Both will become branch offices of Generations Bank, and operate under the name "MSL, a division of Generations Bank," for at least two years after completion of the merger. Because the transaction is a merger with a mutual entity, no purchase price is being paid. The merger would add $53 million in assets from Medina to Seneca-Cayuga Bancorp's assets of $291 million as of Dec. 31, 2017. The transaction must be approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services. From the Medina perspective, it must also receive approval from the New York State Office of Comptroller Currency, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2018.

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with Medina Savings and Loan. We are very familiar with Medina, its conservative approach to banking and its deep roots in the communities it serves. We are very excited about the future of our combined company," said Generations Bank CEO Menzo Case. "This is good for Generations Bank because it expands us from our most western site in Farmington to Medina. It's an opportunity to gain market share in the Rochester and Monroe and Orleans county markets. Medina is a well- respected bank with a very good reputation." Tim Moriarty, president and CEO of Medina Savings & Loan, said he feels the merger "is an excellent opportunity to enhance the services to and convenience for our customers and the communities we serve. Partnering with Generations will allow us to continue providing our customers with a high level of personalized service and local decision making while preserving our values of its community bank culture." 

Spotlight Bank of the Week

The First National Bank of Groton is locally owned, customer driven, community bank. We maintain a local focus that promotes growth by investing back into the same neighborhoods where our deposits come from. All decisions are made by people who know the local market and understand the needs of our customers. We know our customers by name, and vice-versa. We take pride in providing a superior level of personalized customer service, along with a blend of traditional banking products and innovative online and mobile services. As of December 31, 2017, our assets totaled over $170 million. All of our employees are area residents, which means we have the same personal investment in the community as our customers.

Established in 1865, The First National Bank of Groton has served the surrounding communities for over 150 years. "Customers for life, one day at a time" is our mission. Our long history includes many interesting details:

  • In 1896, when she was elected President of The First National Bank of Groton, Welthea M. Marsh became one of the first women in the United States to serve as President of a national bank.
  • Following the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, The First National Bank of Groton was one of the first financial institutions determined by the Treasury Department to be solvent, making it one of the first to be re-opened.
  • Our annual Customer Appreciation Day is widely recognized and eagerly awaited each year! Employees grill and serve the famous "quarter-pound" hot dogs for our customers and the entire community at each of our offices.
  • We open our lobbies to customers and the community as a way to showcase their artwork, their collections, and local memorabilia. Our Groton office features a thirty-foot mural, painted by a local artist, depicting the Village of Groton in 1900.
Our two locations are conveniently located in Groton and Moravia, NY. The First National Bank of Groton is a member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender. 
For more information, visit our website at or call us at (607) 898-5871.

IBANYS Spotlight Is On...

EscapeWire Solutions  is a managed IT Solutions service provider. They have been servicing clients across multiple industries for over 15 years, and have built their reputation on trust, expertise and dedicated customer service. EscapeWire works closely with each client to assure they have a program to meet their IT needs.  EscapeWire Solutions works closely with each client to assure that they are acquiring the proper equipment to meet their program and budget. Their staff is accustomed to interfacing with IT personnel, architects, engineers and contractors, as well as working out system financing and after the sale training for the client's staff.  Their team consists only of highly skilled professionals that provide the products and services businesses need to grow and succeed. For more information, visit the website at or contact CEO Chris Hart-Nova at (716) 893-4984,

IBANYS Endorsed Services

IBANYS identifies offers products and services that provide value to your banks, companies, employees communities. These brief summaries provide links for information. Please contact IBANYS President John Witkowski with questions.

Health & Wellness

My Wellness Resource & TELADOC

The health and wellness landscape continues to evolve. "My Wellness Resource" can be a nice addition to your existing benefit package. 

Teladoc can save your banks time and money, and provide real value to your employees as this testimonial from a New York community bank CEO proves:
"I wanted to let you know that some of our employees and I have been using "Teladoc" and it is one of the best things we have done for the bank. We all love it: We are saving time, avoiding waiting in an urgent care center or a doctor's waiting room for non-emergency related illnesses . . .and it is easy to use and convenient. Once you use it, you are hooked! This was a great find! Would recommend it to all banks."

Mario Martinez 
Chairman & CEO
Catskill Hudson Bank

Contact Alan Justin: (716) 907-5500. 

"Cure the Blue" Helps Banking Industry Battle Prostate Cancer!

The "Cure the Blue" program sponsored by the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation allows New Yorkers to participate in one of the most comprehensive efforts to help promote prostate cancer awareness and research in the United States.  Lake Shore Savings Bank has provided prostate cancer literature and Cure the Blue information at all eleven of its branches and their headquarters in Dunkirk. The bank also offered Cure the Blue ceramic lapel ribbon pins for a $5.00 donations to Cure the Blue to all their customers. "We fully understand the severity of this disease and the devastating effect it can have on families" said Lake Shore Savings Bank President and CEO Dan Reininga. "Our support of the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation's "Cure the Blue" initiative is something that we are taking very seriously and are proud to support." Buffalo Bills Wall of Famer and Alumni Foundation President Booker Edgerson, a two time prostate cancer survivor, said the bank has been a tremendous longtime supporter, noting: "They have really stepped up to the plate with their unwavering support of our Cure the Blue initiative." 

IBANYS urges all of our member banks, associate members and allies to join the effort. Cure the Blue" raises funds and awareness regarding prostate cancer in New York State. Visit  to get involved! Of all new cancer cases in the nation, prostate cancer represents 9.6%. In 2017, there were an estimated 161,000 new cases, and more than 26,000 fatalities due to the disease. Support IBANYS' "Cure the Blue" campaign to help New Yorkers participate to promote prostate cancer awareness and research.

Secure. Enhanced Internet Presence

The .bank program by fTLD operates trusted, verified, more secure, easily-identifiable internet locations for financial companies and customers. 

Did You Know?

  • That community banks constitute 99.5 percent of all banks? 
  • That there are more than 52,000 community bank locations nationwide? 
  • That community banks employ 765,000 Americans? 
  • That Community banks make nearly 50 percent of small business loans? 
  • That community banks make 82 percent of agricultural loans? 
  • That more than 2,500 community banks have been in business for over 100 years?

Do you think your federal and state legislators know?

New York community banks play a key role in our state and local economies. Help spread the good news among our customers, business, elected leaders and the media!

John J. Witkowski
President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen W. Rice
Director of Government Relations & Communications

Linda Gregware
Director of Administration & Membership Services

William Y. Crowell III
Legislative Counsel

Natalie Rowan
Marketing & Social Media Assistant
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