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Sunday, March 10

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Friday, March 8, 2019
Gentle reader,

What are you hungry for? What do you want so bad you can taste it? How do you satisfy, or perhaps resist that hunger? Why? We are all driven, to a certain extent, by our appetites, but they don't need to have the last word. Come this Sunday, watch Jesus wrestle with many temptations and learn a little bit more about what Jesus is truly hungering for. It may just change your life!

Pastor Grant
"We are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our 
confidence steadfast unto the end."  Hebrews 3:14

Dear Christian friends,

It is never easy to say good-bye to something you love. In my work at SPLC, I held great regard for Pastor Grant, our council, and each and every one of you. I loved my work with great passion; and so, making the decision to leave my position to stay and help my aging parents came with much prayer and consideration. I believe the Lord has opened and closed many doors of late for each one of us, and I find great peace in knowing He leads us through these times and beyond, into new and exciting times where we can use our love, talents, and faith to carry His work forward, whatever that may be.

I am so deeply humbled and grateful for every individual that has come forward to keep the office administration going forward in my absence. I am also forever changed for the better in witnessing time and again the deep love and Christian faith in all that serve to carry on the mission of our church. I have been blessed by so many of you stopping by to say hello, share a hug, bring a treat or a meal. Whatever we shared, I am more blessed because of it.  I especially think about the many opportunities to just reminisce about our spiritual inheritance through the delightful exercise of seeing God placing us in positions of profound difficulty at times; yet, leading us into what is perfectly right from His almighty grace and power.  My friends, let us hold together in Christian love, for there is a blessed 'afterward'; and as Job hoped, let us all hope.  May we be able to say, "When he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold!"

Thanks to each one of you for your kindness and your continued prayers.  I look forward to joining you in services whenever I am able, which I hope is often.

With love and kind regards,

Wendy Hazzard


Year-to-Date Giving
$ 35,938.13

Year-to-Date Budget
$ 37,509.14

$ (1,571.01)

As of  March 5, 2019
Questions, contact Katie Fetterly
Council Treasurer
Spring Ahead before you go to bed on Saturday night. If you don't set your clocks ahead one hour, you'll be late for church! (you won't to miss this Sunday, it's Girl Scout Sunday and we have Girl Scout Cookies for Sunday morning treats!)
Easter Flowers  Help "grow" a beautiful Easter Garden to celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

There are order forms at the Welcome Desk or you can download the form here. Complete the order form and turn it in to the church office along with your check made payable to St. Paul Lutheran Church. Thank you!

Deadline for ordering is  Wednesday, April 10.

You purchase gift cards from SPLC at face value, we order these cards from Scrip at a reduced price. The difference is an instant income for your SPLC. It's really that simple! 

Stop by the Welcome Center for more information. We will walk you through the FAST & EASY steps to start shopping with Scrip!

This year's Lenten offerings will be used to 
help  "Raise the Roof" at the Mtera School
Mtera School is in the process of building a multipurpose hall to be used for studying, worshiping, gathering for school assemblies, graduations and exams. Students have been collecting rocks for cement and the floor. The walls are up and the next phase would be to add a roof. Since it rains in Mtera nearly every day between January and April, they would like to complete this phase in June. SPLC currently has four students attending there from Mtera and Migoli  parishes and since it was through Mtera school that our congregation first became involved with Bega Kwa Bega and Tanzanian missions, SPLC has a special connection to the school.

We can help "Raise the Roof". The BKB Education Committee is asking congregations to help 
to raise $16,500 for the iron sheets to complete the roof. The iron sheets for the building cost $15 each which includes rivets and labor.   Click here  to learn more about  the Mtera "Raise the Roof" program.
Sunday, March 17
11:00 am - Family Activities

Join us for family fun in the snow. There will be snow sculpting, snow painting (if we can't have spring, at least paint it), games and maybe even a warm cup of hot chocolate to finish up!  Bring snow sculpting toys (sand toys). 

Help pack the Blessing Bags with the SPLASH kids. Everyone is invited to bring items by the 17th and help pack the bags after church on March 17th.   Ideas for Blessing Bags
Saturday, March 16
9:00 am

SPLC hosts the Family Pathways Mobile Food Truck monthly. Please remember this ministry needs donations and volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this great community outreach opportunity and for blood donors.

Sign-up for blood donors will be coming soon. If you would like to volunteer on April 6, please contact  Zella Oswald at 612-889-0963 or 
Do  you enjoy the Sunday Morning Treats?  

We need volunteers to bring treats for Sunday mornings. 

Sign-up sheet is located
by the coffee pot in the Narthex.

Blessing Bags of Necessities 
for the Homeless

The SPLASH kids are putting together Blessing Bags of Necessities for the homeless. Everyone is invited to bring items by the 17th and help pack the bags after church on March 17th. 

Flower Plant Sale
Sunday, May 12

Sunday School will be holding their annual Flower / Plant Sale on Mother's Day. This fundraiser covers all costs for the Sunday School Program.

Mark your calendar!
Confirmation Sunday
May 5, 2019
Make our Vacation Bible School the mane event! This epic African adventure engages the whole herd. At Roar, kids explore God's goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life.

Contact the education team if you would like to be involved in the planning of this year's VBS -
Friday, March 8
       3:00 pm           FH       Creation Vacation
Saturday, March 9
      9:00 am             FH        Creation Vacation
Sunday, March 10, GIRL SCOUT SUNDAY
       8:30 am               S        Traditional Worship Service
     10:00 am               S        Contemporary Worship Service
     10:00 am               S        Sunday School
       6:30 pm               L        Bible Study
Monday, March 11, Office Open by Appointment
       6:30 pm            FH        Boy Scouts
       7:00 pm               S        Choir Practice
Tuesday, March 12
        6:00pm             YR        Girl Scouts - Hyrkas
       6:00 pm             FH        Pack Meetings 142
       7:00 pm             SR        Cub Parent's Weekly Meeting
Wednesday, March 13
     10:00 am               S        Chapel - All God's Children
     12:15 pm               L        Bible Study
       1:30 pm               S        Chapel - All God's Children
       6:00 pm                        Confirmation
       7:00 pm                        Lenten Service
Thursday, March 14
       5:30 pm            FH        Daisy Girl Scouts - Reed
Saturday, March 16
       9:00 am            FH        Mobile Food Truck Family Pathways
Sunday, March 17
       8:30 am                        Traditional Worship Service
     10:00 am                        Contemporary Worship Service
     10:00 am                        Sunday School
     11:00 am                        Family Snow Day &
                                           Pack Homeless Bags
       6:30 pm                L       Bible Study
Locations:                 S        Sanctuary
                                    L        Library
                                 YR        Youth Room
                                 SR        Sunday School Rooms
                                 FH        Fellowship Hall
                                 MR       Music Room