Don't be late for church!
Set your clocks ahead one-hour Saturday night.
Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
Second Sunday in Lent
Sunday, March 8, 2020
Worship at 8:30 & 10:00am
Altar flowers this Sunday are given by Marilyn Erickson
in loving memory of Keith Erickson.
Accommodations throughout the church for those with disabilities.
Wireless hearing assist devices available for worship services.
Closed Captioning available with on-demand playback (not live) of worship services.
Nursery available at both services.
Parent/children's Pray-Ground available in the Sanctuary during worship.

Hospitality & Social Activities from 9-11:30am in the Narthex and Fellowship Hall

Click on the live-stream logo below or visit at
the time of the service to watch it on your media device.
We're "on the air" right now! Visit to watch TLC programming 24 hours a day all year long. And starting next week you'll notice curb signs on the church property advertising tlcGo.LIVE . We want to reach out to those driving and walking by TLC to visit us online and see what we're all about. The stream includes our weekly calendar, the previous Sunday's sermon, Wednesday's Lenten service, the Bubble Wrap incident, various promotions, ELCA news, youth and kids music videos, and now for Easter, an old-time movie matinee. TLC GO LIVE... a new digital way to get to know you and you to know us!
Responding to
Coronavirus Concerns
There is anxiety and fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak - and for good reason. But there are so many sources of information (and misinformation) today, we just don't seem to have a finite resolve. We can, though, be prepared, be proactive and be at peace through God.
Our sister church in Minneapolis, Central Lutheran, has provided the following information and advice (edited for TLC).
  • If you feel at all sick, please stay home. The blessing of our live-stream is that you can worship online at 8:30 or 10:00am on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Lent at 6:30pm [or watch later through our on-demand playlist].
  • If you are immunocompromised, you may also consider staying home and worshiping online as the spread of the coronavirus continues to unfold.
  • In worship, we will verbally share the peace. For communion distribution, the bread will be shared by a communion minister that has washed their hands [and applied hand-sanitizer of 60% alcohol content just prior to distribution] .The wine or juice will be offered for you to take from the tray, rather than by a communion minister handing you the wine or juice.
  • If you have additional concerns, please talk with a pastor or TLC staff after worship.
We offer the following source of excellent and dependable information regarding the coronavirus and our daily lives. As with other documents in the TLC Weekly, this is a pdf file that, depending on your browser, can be read online or downloaded for later reading/printing.
Evening services feature music from Holden Evening Prayer
March 11 - March 18 - March 25

Join us Wednesdays in Lent at Noon and 6:30pm for Lenten worship. Services will feature testimonies from TLC staff and members speaking of times when they have experienced “God Moments” in their lives or community. Evening services feature music from Holden Evening Prayer. Community meal at 5:30 - March 11 is Tater Tot Hotdish. Education hour following worship.
 All Wednesday evening services during the season of Lent will be live-streamed.
Ben Cherland Called to Pastorship in Big Sky Country
Pastor Ben will be serving Messiah Lutheran Church in Red Lodge, Montana
Ben Cherland has been TLC's Youth
and Family Minister since 2016
From Pastor Arthur:

It was with mixed emotions that I heard this past Sunday that Messiah Lutheran Church in Red Lodge, Montana, has called Ben Cherland to be their next pastor. Of course, I am thrilled for Ben. This call represents the culmination of many years of training, study and discernment. But I will be sorry to see Ben go. He has been a faithful, dedicated colleague and a joy to serve alongside.

Under Ben’s honest and authentic leadership, the youth and confirmation program has seen significant milestones: our first trip in many years to the ELCA National Youth Gathering, multiple camping, Boundary Waters and other Mission Trips, the establishment of Wilderness Canoe Base as our new go-to camp. Together, we have led confirmation retreats together and traveled to Liberia and back. Most importantly, Ben has led the way in creating a community led approach to youth programming. Parents, high school students and adult volunteers are deeply invested and taking active leadership. As a result, Ben is leaving our program in a great position to continue moving forward. Thank you, Ben!

Ben’s final Wednesday with us will be March 18 and his final Sunday will be March 22. Please join me in wishing him will, thanking him for his service and blessing him on his way.

To help us finish out the confirmation year, plan for the coming year and carry us through this transition, TLC will be contracting with InterServe Ministries. You can read about them at . Please welcome Pete Erickson who will be joining our staff beginning the week of March 16. Questions may be directed to Pastor Arthur or Sandy Stooke, Youth Team lead.
Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands
It seems like almost every year precautions have to be taken, even in our worship service----no more shaking hands until.... well, we don't know how long. No more “Sharing the Peace,” greeting our fellow worshipers with a smile and sometimes even a hug. Don't want that nasty virus taking over when we can just forgo touching at all. It'll be necessary to remind people each Sunday. Do we mind? No, as it's for everyone's benefit. Pastor Arthur suggested we merely smile and bow towards pew-mates.
There are so many reminders on TV to “Wash your hands” and not for only a
few seconds....let's say 20 seconds of lathering—especially after a restroom visit. If you mentally sing “Happy Birthday” quite slowly, you will reach the 20 seconds and know the germs went down the drain. But---don't forget to use a paper towel to open the door afterwards... All that lathering up would be for nothing. Think how many of us do not wash well, open the door to go out and the door handle is now.... well, you get the picture. One thing that could make this easier would be if the container for the used paper towels were a bit closer to the door.
Always something, isn't there? This coming Sunday we push our clocks (all of
them) forward one hour! Daylight Saving Time again. If you are in choir, you will notice this rather annoying “one less hour to sleep” pretty early. In fact, we call the day when clocks are turned back “The Good One.” Do you ever think we'll just let the clocks remain the same same throughout the year? I forget the reason this started in the first place, and who's the person who thought of it?

A memorable day this past Tuesday... Primary voting! I wish I could say we do
our voting at TLC, but our neighborhood is one mile away, and we must drive to Zenith Ave. and vote at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship church. It's been a good place to go, as they are so friendly, take good care of the voters, etc., just like TLC does. Kind of interesting to see that church doing so well. I think their building was once a house, but they've got a large room in their lower level that probably gets a lot of use just like our Fellowship Hall. I'd like to see their worship area sometime... Bird Lady is way too curious!

Take care, enjoy the melting snow and the warmer temps that promise to last a
while. Try not to envy the “snow birds” that left us for a while. Birdman and I tried that and it was just too hard to come back for the tail end of winter. Besides, it's fun to see signs of spring, and about time to look for the first robin!

-Bird Lady

Thrivent Choice 125px
Thrivent Financial will be offering a series of educational workshops designed to help participants take steps to improve their financial well-being. The workshops incorporate Christian values with timely financial topics. This Sunday there will be a survey form included in the bulletins asking you select three workshops you would most likely attend. Please fill it out and return to the Thrivent table in the Narthex attended by representative, Durk Peterson.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
The Church's
Half Year

Time for a Recap
It’s now time for a recap of where we’ve come from in the Church Year. As was mentioned some months ago, the Church Year is divided between God’s Half Year and the Church’s Half Year.

God’s Half Year begins with St. Andrew’s Day (who, tradition says, was the first disciple) which is around the end of November/beginning of December and ends with Pentecost.

During God’s Half Year, the focus is on what God has done for all of creation and humankind. These gracious acts of God include the preparation for the gift of the Christ Child which is the season of Advent. Then, the gift is given and celebrated during the Christmas season. Following that is the season of Epiphany which focuses on the giving of the Christ Child to the nations (re: the coming of the Magi and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh). Next follows the season of Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and finally the Queen of the seasons for Christians: Easter, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Next comes Eastertide or the Sundays after Easter and, finally, God’s Half Year is completed with Pentecost, the birthday of the Church.

Now we enter into what is called the Church’s Half Year.


It means that now, out of gratitude for all that God has done (creating, saving and empowering us to share the good news of Jesus Christ) we have the opportunity to say “thank you” by lives of love and service.

The lessons for this half of the Church year (Old Testament readings, Psalms, Epistles and Gospels) have been selected to show us how we might do this. They give us direction and insight into how we might live out what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

This year, or Year A, of the appointed lessons for this part of the Church Year except for Reformation Day and Thanksgiving, are from the Gospel according to Matthew and tell the story of Jesus’ ministry from the perspective of one of Jesus’ disciples, who tradition tells us had once been a despised tax collector.

Matthew had much to be thankful for. When Jesus came into his life, his life was literally turned inside out. Instead of being a despised collector of taxes, he became one who tells his version of the story of Jesus which includes the beautiful story of the Sermon on the Mount.

Next time: a few words about Matthew, his message and how his story can become our story.
Minnesota Food Share Campaign
Sunday, March 8         
Guest, Debbie Belfry from VEAP at 8:30 and 10:00am services; Pancakes with a Purpose breakfast, donations to VEAP.

Wednesday, March 11
Confirmation kids deliver VEAP flyers throughout neighborhood asking for food donations to be left on their doorsteps on Sunday. 

Sunday, March 15
Donations will be collected.

Monday, March 16
Donations will be delivered to VEAP– How many lbs. will it be?

From Joe McDonald, VEAP CEO:
2019 was quite a year at VEAP. We launched a new initiative to increase our visitors’ access to fresh produce, providing them with six additional visits per year. Strong relationships with food banks, along with donations from people like you, allowed us to distribute more than 4.3 million lbs. of food. That is an astounding 600,000 more pounds than any other year in VEAP’s history. And we provided more families with housing assistance than ever before. VEAP is making a difference in the communities we serve.

We exist only because of the generosity of our community.
Thank you for your support!
ELC Photographer: Hailey, 7 years old

"I stopped to take this picture of the ice because I really thought it was cool. My favorite part is the melting part, it is really white and then it melts to be clear and then melts to be water, it looks like ice dumped outside."
Short Course
Sunday, March 15, Adult Ed Room - Choose 8:30am or 10:00am class.
Get the basics of organizing, conducting meetings, setting goals, being a cohesive team member, and communication. Led by the Leadership Team.
Click here to view or download a pdf of the entire leadership manual on TLC’s website (documents/strategic). A shortened form will be used. All team and group members are urged to attend if you were unable to attend previous sessions. Contact Renee Jefferson for more information.
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to or on the TLC website here , or write your request on the yellow Life@TLC insert included in the bulletin each Sunday. These prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
Wednesday Evening at TLC
March 11
  • Community Meal 5:30-6:00pm. Tater Tot Hotdish. $5.00 suggested donation.
  • Lenten service with Communion & Holden Evening Prayer.
  • Confirmation
  • Women of the Bible - study
  • Chancel Choir Practice
  • Woodwind Rehearsal

Baked Egg Dish
Serves 6-8
What you'll need:
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1/8 tsp of pepper
  • 8 slices of bread (crust removed)
  • 12 oz of sharp cheddar cheese (or more if you like)
  • 1 lb of bacon, fried and crumbled
  • Lightly grease a 9 X13 pan (do NOT use butter or margarine)
  • Tear bread into large chunks and put into the greased pan.
  • Mix eggs together and pour over bread.
  • Sprinkle with cheese
  • Sprinkle with bacon 
  • Cover with foil and refrigerate OVERNIGHT
  • Preheat oven to 250
  • Bake uncovered for 1 hour
  • Insert tooth pick, if it comes up clean, its ready, if not, increase temperature to 375 for a few minutes.
  • Serves 6-8

* Must be refrigerated overnight before cooking!
The 2 nd Annual Youth LOCK-IN! The youth will be taking over the church for 12 hours starting Saturday night,March 7 .
Games, movies, food, door prizes, scavenger hunts, and even sardines! What?!
Bring your friends and RSVP to   
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