RXfundraising and Rite Aid are willing to give a portion of every dollar spent on prescriptions and purchases made at Rite Aid to support our school.
This program is similar to the Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer Rewards fundraising that we are currently involved with. If you happen to use Rite-Aid for your pharmacy (or if you’ve been considering switching to Rite-Aid) you can attach our school to your rewards card and a portion of your purchases will be donated back to the school. The link below contains the simple, straightforward instructions you will need to get started.

MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS: Does the company you work for (Boeing, Microsoft, etc.) match contributions you make to a non-profit company? Take a moment to find out. When you donate money to the school for a fundraiser or any other reason, follow your company's system to record it and designate MCS to receive matching funds! (If someone you know works at a participating company, they can also designate MCS!)