Dear Friends of the Beyond Words Movement-
As a nation, we have allowed silence to destroy the fabric of our union. Historically, different ethnic groups within this country have been victimized by the silence of citizens in the face of major injustices. The difference today is that people of America do not have any excuses for their silence and/or the rejection of others who are different from themselves since we have more information available to us than ever before. Furthermore, we are on the verge of another moment in our nation’s history where silence will be consent. Why, might you ask?
Friends, on Monday, March 8th, the trial of the killer of George Floyd will begin. The outcome of this trial rests in the hands of a jury, legal counsel, and a judge. However, we as clergy will hope and pray for justice to be done AND we will also proactively organize our communities and speak the truth of God’s vision for justice.

As pastors and leaders committed to the Beyond Words: Count Us In Movement, we need to Lead the Way.
  • Lead the Way by being outspoken against any levels of hardship or violence to anyone.
  • Lead the way through modeling a posture of grace and understanding towards those who are in a decision-making position related to the trial.
  • Lead the Way by contacting and encouraging those in positions of influence politically within our cities to be proactive versus reactive in the planning process to maintain peace on our streets.
  • Lead the Way by communicating with every pastor within our reach and stress the importance of educating the flock with facts and not false narratives related to the trial.
  • Lead the Way through prayer vigils throughout the court proceedings and especially for every single family involved in the process.
Friends, we have no other option but to lead gracefully, providing space to lament and protest the grave injustices of our nation, while also working to prevent violence on the streets of America from happening again. We must believe that true justice will prevail!


Rev. Alvin C. Bibbs, Sr.

President & CEO
Justice Journey Alliance,
Leadership Foundation of Chicago

J.D. Ward

National Director
Beyond Words | Website