Weekly e-Newsletter | March 8th, 2023

HSC Client from Venezuela Reunited with Friend in Chicago

Alfredo is a 22-year-old from Venezuela who recently came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center for assistance. He left Venezuela last year and traveled through Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. Alfredo's family is still in Venezuela, including his mother and four brothers. He was unable to financially support his family there and needed to come to the USA to work, allowing him to send money to his mother.


Alfredo has lived in Phoenix for eight months. He stated that he found employment and was living with a woman he met at work. Alfredo reported that she began using fentanyl, and the relationship became abusive. He arrived at the HSC with a cut across his nose from the abuse. Alfredo knew at that point it was time to leave Phoenix and look for another opportunity to help his family.


Alfredo indicated he had a close friend in Chicago who could help him find employment. HSC staff spoke with his friend who confirmed that Alfredo could live with him. Staff purchased a bus ticket for transportation to Chicago, and confirmed that Alfredo arrived safely. His plan in Chicago is to find work and help his family by sending financial assistance to them on a regular basis.


Thank you for helping us to help people like Alfredo every day. 


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