The best part of being a Community Development Financial Institution is getting to celebrate financial milestones for our clients. Whether it’s the moment of receiving a loan or making that final payment, these are often turning points that are worth celebrating. This month, we were able to celebrate a milestone of our own as we officially paid off our building! What once was a doctor and attorney's office, and then a vacant building is now our headquarters, where our day-to-day operations take place. We purchased the building in 2014 and officially moved in in 2016. Just six years later, we were able to pay off the mortgage, and took the opportunity to celebrate our success! We are so grateful for our community and all the support you’ve shown us since we moved in. For the foreseeable future, 707 K Street, Eureka will continue to be a place where we can help grow our region's economy by assisting local businesses!

-- Ross