Teammates and Friends,

As we set our clocks forward and welcome in warmer temps, excitement is building for the 2015 season. We are finalizing our race calendars, our fitness is building, and our training is becoming more focused. For those up north, we are actually getting to train outside! As the season draws near, I once again focus your attention to winning at what matters most in 2015 . When this season is over, will you be able to say, "I trained and raced hard, but more importantly, I was faithful to my calling to make disciples of Jesus."


In the last Aid Station we explored what a disciple is. To summarize, a disciple could be defined as an all-in apprentice of Jesus Christ, someone who is wholeheartedly committed to becoming as Jesus is, no matter the cost. This month, we'll begin discussing how someone grows as a disciple of Jesus in our current culture. This process is called discipleship, and it is usually a three-way partnership between the Holy Spirit, a disciple-maker, and a disciple.


Within this partnership, each role is extremely important. There are certain things that each party brings to the table and is responsible for. And, if their part is not done (well), it can sabotage the whole process. Basically, there are aspects of discipleship that only God can do through His Holy Spirit. If God doesn't do it, it cannot be made up for by anyone else. Similarly, a disciple has certain responsibilities (pursuing God, submitting to the Spirit, and being available and teachable for example). If he/she is not willing to do their part and respond to the Spirit, the disciple-maker can't overcome their lack of heart for God or commitment to grow. We may explore each of these roles at greater depth in the future, but today, we'll focus our attention on the disciple-maker.



Within the sports world, most of us are familiar with the role of a coach. I once heard a coach described as someone who helps someone else achieve their potential in a certain area of life. We have all seen this lived out in athletics as coaches help bring athletes to the next level. A coach recognizes potential, and helps an athlete unlock what is possible.


I love that definition of a coach and am inspired by the thought of someone helping me reach my God-given potential - in sports, life, service, leadership, and ministry. Beyond all of this though, I am grateful for the men in my life who have recognized God's desire for me as a disciple of Jesus and have invested in my growth to that end. These men are disciple-makers, and their faithfulness has not been in vain.


In this same light, one of my greatest joys is responding to the Lord's command to make disciples. On my own, I am so far from perfect and have so far to go in terms of being like Jesus. And yet, despite how far I have to go personally, with the Holy Spirit's help, God has worked through me to help others grow closer to Himself. Like a coach, I have been given a game plan (the Bible), and I have a little experience in following after Jesus. God has been able to use this to help those with a little less knowledge and experience grow closer to Himself. God has called each of you to do the same (Mt. 28:19-20).


I now return to my opening question. At the end of the 2015 season, will you be able to say that you were faithful to your calling to make disciples through endurance sports? Some may say, "I'm not ready to disciple anyone. I don't know enough and my life is still a mess." Here's my sporting metaphor. If you are a 35 minute 5K runner, find someone who walks a 45 minute 5K and help them get to where you are. Or, find someone who is sitting on a couch (doesn't know Jesus) and get them training for the race. You know more than you think you do, and you have more to offer than you are aware of. And, more important than all of this, Jesus will be with you to the end of the age (Mt. 28:20). Basically, the Head Coach has your back.  

Huddle & Event Celebrations

New Orleans Huddle:

The New Orleans Huddle has been busy preparing for ministry in 2015. They have numerous events planned for the upcoming season. As they "gear up", the Huddle has been investing in equipping themselves to be better followers and disciples of Christ by meeting regularly for fellowship and bible study. They just finished a study on Romans 12. Thank you to Huddle Leader Barry Edwards for your leadership!

Waukesha-Milwaukee Huddle: 

God has blessed the Waukesha-Milwaukee (WI) huddle by opening doors to ministry through a winter run series which is made up of six runs (5k and 10k) between the end of October and mid-March. Yes, for those reading this who are located in warm weather climates, we do run outside in the cold and snow up here in the north - new apparel technology is wonderful. With most of these races taking place on Sundays, athletes are forced to choose between church or running. Recognizing this need, the Huddle serves athletes by providing a pre-race chapel at all events. The Huddle is encouraged by the number of participants in attendance and now have "regulars" who have developed personal connections with each other.  People that are going through life trials and are struggling; now have another set of friends who care about them and will contact them outside of the race event for additional support.  The Huddle enjoys watching the Holy Spirit work each week. Thank you to Huddle Leader Gregg Eberhardt and the entire Waukesha-Milwaukee Huddle for your faithful service!

San Antonio Huddle: 

The San Antonio Huddle recently had the opportunity to pour into the lives of FCA staff and spouses at RealTime 2015. This event is held every three years to encourage and renew staff as they serve the Lord. The San Antonio Huddle blessed staff by organizing and hosting two  workouts over the weekend.  It was an incredible time for fellowship! Additional members of the team helped in the assembly of goodie bags.  Thank you to Huddle Leaders John & Claudia Ruibal, Marcelino Gutierrez, and the entire San Antonio Huddle!

TriCamp 2015: We want to celebrate the recent triathlon camp that was held in Tucson, AZ! God is so good, and we are thankful for all participants, fellowship, and awesome training we received. Pros Heather Gollinick, Derrick Garcia and Brad Seng shared their expertise on  swim technique, bike power, and running drills.  It was awesome to hear how God changed their lives, and encouraged us on how to use our lives to impact others.  David and Chelsea Shepard shared their gift of music with us and led three incredible worship services.  Throughout the week we were blessed by messages from Iron Pastors Linc Murdoch, Dan Perkins, and Bill Pinches. Thank you to Camp Director, Barry Edwards and all who served.  Join us for TriCamp next year January 28-31, 2016! 

Welcome New Huddles & Huddle Leaders

Please celebrate with us the following new additions to our team!  Let's lift them up in prayer as they start out in their ministries.


  • God continues to bless the San Antonio Huddle with growth and thus has called Marcelino Gutierrez to co-lead this huddle. We can't wait to see how God expands their ministry with more hands to serve.
  • Also from the great state of Texas, God has called John Hensley to serve as Huddle Leader of the newKingswood, TX Huddle.
  • Josh and Erin Broline have been called to co-lead the new Space Coast (West Melbourne, FL) Huddle.  We look forward to seeing what God has in store for their ministry. 
  • New International Huddle! FCA Endurance has its first certified group in Canada. Terry Ingles has been called to lead the new Penticton, British Columbia Huddle. We are excited that God continues to expand and grow the FCA Endurance Ministry globally. 
News & Updates
Membership Renewal Coming: In the coming week we will be sending out an email notification inviting you to renew your involvement in FCA Endurance. We look forward to your replies and are excited about what the Lord will do with our team in 2015!
FCA Endurance's Multi Sport Weekend Canceled: The 2015 Multi Sport Weekend is canceled.  Race organizers will be releasing additional information shortly and following up with registered participants individually.

Big Nasty Mud Run: Looking for some good clean fun?! Ok, I mean muddy fun!  Then check out the upcoming Big Nasty Mud Run in Bloomingdale, GA on Saturday, April 25th. This is a great event which benefits area charities.  For more information or to get signed up, follow this link: Big Nasty Mud Run. 

Wildflower Triathlons:  This highly anticipated event is just around the corner on May 1-3, 2015.  FCA Endurance will have a large presence at the event, being involved in the prayer service, expo, church service, and racers.  We are currently looking for volunteers to serve.  A limited number of comp spots are available and must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a Teammate

2. Race in a FCA Endurance jersey

3. Partner in our ministry service opportunities.

a. Serve at booth in FCA gear at scheduled time

    NOTE: Refrain from extended technology use (laptops, smartphones, etc.

b. Attend Iron Prayer on Friday

4. Be available at the race Sat & Sun - to race and serve at booth 

  Facebook Calendar: Don't forget to join FCA Endurance's Global Facebook Group! Connect with Teammates, post photos, and learn about ministry opportunities via our team calendar.  Have an upcoming event? Post it!


Jakroo Razor:  Ladies, check out this gotta-have Razor Racing Tank from Jakroo. Constructed with AIRSURF fabric, this tank wicks moisture away from the skin leaving you cool and dry. Perfect for race day. Check it out here: RAZOR Tank


HITS Napa Triathlon:  We have an ongoing partnership with HITS, and will have a ministry presence at the Napa Triathlon. They are offering our teammates 50% off the registration fee.  This discount ends tonight, please contact Chris Anderson to get the discount code.
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