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Issue: #29

March/April 2014

GPS Integration

Did you know that CIMS can provide you with the latitude and longitude for the center of each grave in your cemetery?  All cemeteries currently using CIMS with the aerial photo layer have this option, with the latitude and longitude typically going into a User Defined Field. Below is a screen shot from one cemetery that is currently using this service on their eCIMS site.




Once you have the latitude and longitude of a particular grave, you can enter those coordinates into any handheld GPS device and it will guide you to the location. If you'd like pricing information on including an aerial photo, or on including latitude and longitude, contact Rachel Tygum


Curtis' Corner  

Exporting Data From Reports  

Both CIMS and CIMS Light have the ability to export cemetery reports to multiple file formats. The most common format is exporting a report to a PDF file so you can save it for later use or attach it to an email. However, you also have the ability to export to Excel, CSV, XML, or Word*.  


To export a report, simply print a report and allow the CIMS Report Viewer to open as normal. Then, instead of clicking the print button, choose the very first button - the export button.   




Next, a small window will open and you will be able to choose the file format and a location to save the report. It's that easy!



*It should be noted that not every report will format properly when exported to either Excel or Word. As a rule of thumb, reports will look the best when exported to PDF, but only reports that are laid out with columns will look good when exported to Excel.


Data Migration

Even after you've started using CIMS, it is still possible for us to perform a data migration for you. While most of our clients have us migrate their data before they've started using CIMS or CIMS Light, we have a few clients that we've assisted with data migrations months or even years after our software has been installed. We've performed data migrations from paper records, Microsoft Word documents, Excel files, Access databases and a wide variety of databases including other cemetery software programs and custom built applications. Simply send a copy of your paper records, digital files, or database to us and we'll price it out for you. Data migrations into CIMS Light can include all of the spaces in your cemetery even if they are available, as long as they're included in the original database or information. Data migrations into CIMS include placing burials and markers on the map and rotating those to match the space rotation. If you have a system that you are currently using and are unsure how to get data out of it, please give us a call at (800) 332-7532 and we will assist you using our online screen sharing program. If you'd like more information regarding data migrations, please contact Rachel Tygum


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New CIMS and CIMS Light Clients
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New CIMS and CIMS Light Clients 

We would like to welcome our newest CIMS and CIMS Light clients!



*City of Hutchinson - Oakland Cemetery, Hutchinson, MN

*Dunbarton Cemeteries, Dunbarton, NH

*Elmwood Cemetery Association, Warren, IL

*Flordia Nature & Culture Center, Weston, FL

*Gates of Zion Cemetery, Airmont, NY

*LaBelle Cemetery Association, Oconomowoc, WI

*Mauston City Cemetery, Mauston, WI

*Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY

*St. John the Evangelist Church Cemetery, Hydes, MD


CIMS Light   

*Middletown Cemetery, Middletown, PA

*North Isanti  Baptist Church, Cambridge, MN

*Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery, Frontenac, KS

*Union Cemetery Association, Columbus, OH  


CIMS Testimonial  

"[CIMS] is a flexible, fantastic, phenomenal piece of software.  And hey, you guys are great too!" 



Highland Park, IL 

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