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March 2019
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3/20: ADA Day
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Oakmore Townhouse
Project Profile
This multi-family residence located in the Oakmore neighborhood consists of three townhouses – a two-story three-bedroom unit and two three-story two-bedroom units.
PSM Architects
Firm Profile
PSM Architects, located in Emeryville, was established in 1961 as Perata & Sylvester, a specialist in retail & commercial architecture. The award winning firm evolved into PSM Architects, Inc. in 1987 and is now headed by Laile Giansetto, AIA. 
The “Podium” Approach - Type IIIA/VA over Type IA Construction
Codes by Kerwin Lee, AIA
Section 510 of the 2016 California Building Code(CBC) contains the special provisions describing how to build what is commonly called a “podium” building, which are typically Type IIIA or VA wood frame construction, often R-2/housing, or a hotel, over a Type IA, S-2/parking garage.
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