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2013 International Book Awards Finalist
2013 Grace Awards Finalist
2013 Selah Awards Finalist
2013 Readers' Favorite Finalist
2014 Book Goodies Best Cover Contest Winner YA category

The Door is the first book in the Seventh Dimension Series that combines contemporary, historical, and fantasy elements into a Christian "coming-of-age" story. A curse put on Shale Snyder, because of a secret, shrouds her with insecurity and fear. Following suspension from school, Shale's best friend isn't allowed to see her anymore and she feels abandoned by her family. 

When a stray dog befriends her, she follows it into the woods. There she discovers a door that leads to another world--a garden with talking animals, demonic underlings, forbidden love, and a king unlike any other. Can Shale overcome her past, defeat the underlings, and embrace her eternal destiny?

Foreword Reviews' 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist
Finalist winner in the 2015 Literary Classics Awards for YA faith-based fiction. 

Award-Winning Finalist: Religious fiction category 2015 USA Best BookAwards. 

Winner of Young Adult Spirituality 2015 Books of the Year at BooksAndAuthors

The Seventh Dimension Award-Winning Series continues in "The Castle."

Haunted by a recurring dream of his missing father in a mysterious castle,17-year-old Daniel is captured by the Romans and finds asylum in the Temple.There he discovers a scroll that reveals his future concerning a wager between good and evil.

But the stakes are raised when he witnesses the trial and crucifixion of Yeshua. The convergence of time with supernatural events creates a suspenseful ending and leads to the fourth book in the Seventh Dimension Series,"The City," available March 2016. 

2014 Reader's Favorite Gold Award Winner for YA Mystery, Dead Dreams, Book 1, is a psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster and keep you asking for more. 
For readers 13 & up. 

Eighteen-year-old Brie O'Mara has so much going for her: a loving family in the sidelines, an heiress for a roommate, and dreams that might just come true. Big dreams--of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself. She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality. 

While Princesses Sleep: Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure, Book 1 (Princess Castle Adventure Mystery series) is a tale of two princess sisters living in an English castle in the 19th century. 

Princess Elle has discovered a mystery and drags her sister Princess Belle on an adventure. The princesses search the English castle they live in in this short story for children. This princess adventure story book features over fifty full color illustrations from master artists carefully selected for children. Children will enjoy this castle adventure in this first book of the princess books series. 

Great for readers who love Cinderella type fairy tales and English princess stories. 

This adventure storybook diaries their adventures and culminates in Book 8. While Princesses Sleep opens with the Princess Elle discovering a strange sound in the night. Curious, she determines the reason for these mysterious noises and starts the adventure with her sister, Belle. Something is afoot at the castle and they must find out what this is. However, finding the truth behind the secrets they stumble upon leads them to strange answers? What sort of trouble will the princesses get themselves into? 

This children's illustrated story is written from a first person point of view and is similar to a princess diary type book. In the princesses' adventure they are also introduced to the world of ballet. The spin-off series (coming soon) will deal more with ballerinas and ballet stories. 

From Award Winning, Best-Selling Author, Emma Right, comes this top selling fantasy for teens and pre-teens. This children fantasy promises adventure and mystery in a magical Kingdom called Reign. 

Life couldn't get more harrowing for Reign's cursed inhabitants, the Elfies, a blend of Elves and Fairies. Or for sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze. Or could it? 

Jules, the heir of a Keeper, suspects his family hides a forgotten secret. It was bad enough that his people, the Elfies of Reign, triggered a curse which reduced the entire inhabitants to a mere inch centuries ago. All because of one Keeper who failed his purpose. Even the King's Ancient Books, did not help ward off that anathema. 

Now, Gehzurolle, the evil lord, and his armies of Scorpents, seem bent on destroying Jules and his family. Why? Gehzurolle's agents hunt for Jules as he journeys into enemy land to find the truth. Truth that could save him and his family, and possibly even reverse the age-long curse.  Provided Jules doesn't get himself killed first. 

This top selling young adult fantasy by best Christian author, Emma Right, has won multiple book awards for best young adult fantasy, best children Christian fantasy and best teen and pre-teen fantasy. Check for details.   

Green Leaf's cousins are all older than he and don't like to play fair. He longs for a friend his own age he can play with, explore and fish with. When he meets a Luxembourger boy, Henri, Green Leaf is sure they could become friends, but Henri's words are strange to Green Leaf. How can they play and explore together? 

Green Leaf's mother says, "Friends learn to speak one another's words." But will Green Leaf learn to say his friend's words well enough to save Henri when he falls into danger?
Huldah Hartz is a curious girl who loves to watch the butterflies and grasshoppers. The flowers around her new home are pretty, especially the ones that grow close to the dark woods, where Papa and Mama say she must not play. 

When Bessie the cow wanders away, Huldah is sent to find her and bring her home. But Bessie doesn't want to come and Huldah doesn't know which way to go when night falls. How will she find her way?
How can Marie fit in with her new friends? 

Marie Brinker moved to America with her family. Her friends have new ways of dressing and talking, and making crafts. Will the new sewing machines take away her father's tailoring work? Will Papa like his new quilt instead of his featherbed? When her neighbor Augusta makes a poor choice at the county fair, Marie must decide who is a true friend and what new customs to follow. 
Who can Ann find for a grandfather? 

With so many aunts and uncles, why doesn't Ann Riley have a grandfather? Her friend, Katie Murphy, has a special grandfather who tells stories and remembers all the things he did at home in Ireland.

When Katie's little sister tells Ann that everyone has to have a grandfather, Ann decides to find one of her own. She asks all her neighbors to be her grandfather. But Green Leaf's grandfather doesn't speak the same language, the miller is too busy, the store owner too important, the cooper too fussy, the bagpipe player too loud, and Father Rehrl away too much. Who can be Ann's grandfather? 
When John Klessig's father dies suddenly in the mid-1850s, Mama marries Mr. Ernst, who is very different from Papa. His beard and his boots are big, and he doesn't want to help new families the same way Papa did with the inn. Without warning, fire threatens the village. John and all the neighbors, including the Indians, help each other as friends. But where is Mr. Ernst? How can John and his new stepfather learn to love and respect each other? John Klessig, the Saxon Boy was the Wisconsin Writers Association Fiction for Young People Jade Ring winner in 2013.
How can one boy change the minds of his neighbors? 

When Matthew LaCraft's father gives up his ship, the Mary Jean, Matthew is going to have to stay home and go to school. Worse, it's a new school his father helped to build. Matthew would much rather go to school with the boys he knows in Boltonville. When a Potawatomi boy, Green Leaf, attends the new school, not all the neighbors are happy. What can Matthew do to help everyone get along? Will his plan work? 

When Jeanine finally connects with film star Jamie Newkirk, the object of her obsession, will it be a dream come true? Or will she be pulled into his family's nightmare of secrets, control, and death? 

At age ten, preacher's daughter Jeanine fell in love with young movie star Jamie Newkirk and the character he played--Danny Summer. Jeanine believed God Himself promised Jamie would be part of her life--that he would rescue her from boring rural Georgia. But eleven years later, she's graduating college and about to settle into the dreary nine-to-five life with no word from Jamie or God. 

And then Jamie bursts into her life in an amazing way. There are plans to resurrect the Summer series of books and movies, and Jeanine is right in the middle of it all. Jamie seems to be falling for her, just as she'd dreamed. And yet... 

She never expected all the dark undercurrents. Jamie is hiding out in Georgia following the suspicious death of his former girlfriend. And isn't it odd that he found his mother dead of a supposed suicide in that same house two years before, and that both women had the same strangely-shaped burn on their bodies? And who knew there would be so many sinister characters involved in Jamie's life, and in the Summer series? There's his young co-star, Charlie--the Summer author died in an unexplained fire at his house. And Jamie's stepfather, Elliott, and uncle Richard seem to be in a vicious competition for control of the Summer series and of Jamie's life. 

Jamie is obviously hiding things--about his family, about the deaths of his mother and girlfriend. The media and the public have declared him guilty. Jeanine longs to prove his innocence. Unless she can, Jamie's dark secrets may shatter her dreams, her faith--and her life.

Temptation, depression, seduction, betrayal ... Not what Stephanie was expecting at fifteen years of age. Uprooted from her happy, all-girl high school life with a dream filled future and thrown into an unfriendly co-ed school, Stephanie spirals into depression. 

When charismatic high school senior, Jason notices her, Stephanie jumps in feet first and willingly puts all her faith and trust in him, a boy she barely knows. 
Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path. 

Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her ... but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most? 

Set in Australia, this novel contains adult themes. 
Recommended reading audiences 15+ 
With her security tied up in great friendships, life for Tabbie was a breeze... until her best friend moved interstate. That's when the exposing reality hit her. Who was she without her best friend? 

Forced to stand on her own, Tabbie finds a new confidence and sees the world for what it really is, her new convictions enlighten her to see her friends through a different lens. 

Is Tabbie strong enough to stay out of Stephanie's shadow when Steph returns? Can Tabbie be true to herself without letting her friends slip through the cracks? 
This YA Contemporary Realistic novel is set in Australia. 
Book 2 in the Spiralling Trilogy parallels book 1. 
Recommended for readers 15+
Chris Dunkin has lived a life of excessive partying since he was twelve. At fifteen, he is drinking more often and trying heavy drugs to keep himself high. But his dream of becoming a pro athlete is slipping away as quickly as his grades. Chris is empty inside, bored with the partying scene, and incredibly attracted to Courtney Angeletti. However, Courtney is Bryan Sartelli's girlfriend and is also the mayor's straight-laced Christian daughter. Chris sees inner strength in Courtney that he finds very attractive. Courtney is intrigued by Chris's "life of the party" reputation. Her hidden desire to rebel leads her to break up with Bryan and begin dating Chris. 

The more time Chris spends with Courtney, the less dependent he is on drugs. The night before his first day of high school, Chris throws a party and falls back into his old destructive ways. Meanwhile, Courtney becomes better acquainted with Chris's friends and desires to gain their acceptance. 

This story of teenage acceptance and the resulting battle over moral convictions will hit home with many teens looking for answers.
As Chris Dunkin arrives for his first year of high school, he enters drug-free with a new attitude and a Christian set of values. But it doesn't take long before he realizes that he was a whole lot more popular when he was the "life of the party." To make matters worse, his childhood best friend, Jason, turns on him, trying to destroy his reputation. 

But something else is about to happen, and as the skies grow darker over the town of Montgomery, no one suspects that the terrible oncoming storm is going to bring more than wind and rain to the kids of Montgomery Lake High.
Within a dimly lit hospital room, Chantal Kagelli peers at her boyfriend Andy's blank face. It has been one month since he slipped into a coma-one month since she last heard his voice. Chantal begins reflecting on their journey, which began two years prior in seventh grade. The Battle for Innocence flashes back to that pivotal year when the characters of Montgomery Lake High were first introduced to the temptations, peer pressures, and internal-struggles associated with adolescence. 

The Aftermath follows Jason Davids' journey of self-discovery, as he tries to overcome a destructive lifestyle. Jason, a high school freshman, has been caught up in drug use for the past two years. After a natural disaster strikes his town and lands one of his classmates in a coma, Jason feels responsible for the tragedy, attributing the magnitude of the accident to his own drug problem. As he tries to navigate through his mixed emotions, struggle with faith, and the influences of his older brothers and peers, Jason finds himself entangled in an enigmatic situation with a mysterious girl from his school. She appears to hold the secret to the freedom that Jason so desperately desires. As a series of unexpected events entwines their paths, Jason begins seeing his life from a new perspective. The Aftermath, a redemption story, encourages teenagers to be true to their moral convictions, even when that entails swimming against the current.

Last month, when a tornado wreaked havoc on my hometown, I suffered a severe head trauma. I have since experienced something much more disturbing. During my recovery celebration, I came face to face with a force more powerful than any weather phenomenon-something darker than I ever dared to imagine. 

Twice this past month, I woke up in a world that I did not recognize. I heard things that didn't align with my memories-things that made me question my identity, my beliefs, and my own thoughts. I still cannot fully comprehend what happened to me or distinguish reality from illusion. 

Am I, perhaps, discerning an additional dimension of life that I was too blind-too jaded-too scared-to see before? Could the forces within these two worlds exist as one? 

I'm determined to solve this mystery and gain all of the insight that I can from the haunting enigma that has recently become my life. 

The Forces Within follows Andy Rosetti and his friends' chilling adventure at Fallen Lake. Could Andy be stuck between two worlds, or have his eyes been opened to see a deeper reality? 

The story wrestles with spiritual warfare, moral convictions, and teenage social issues.

When God Speaks is a transformational book based on God's promises. If you commit to reading one devotional each day for 40 days and nights, you will come face to face with the faithfulness of God at the end of the journey. Anita takes you through her personal guide, you will not only be strengthened and encouraged in your faith, you will be challenged in the process. Joanne Ellison Teacher and Author Drawing Near to God Bible Study Series
When Martha and Sherry realize their husbands are not living the Christian life, as they did when they were young boys, they must learn to place their husbands' and newly conceived children's future in God's hands. Martha's husband, nineteen-year-old Bradan Turehue, is getting ready to start police academy in the fall. Though the idea of Bradan joining the police force is promising, Martha cannot ignore the fact that Bradan's lack of fellowhip with God is creating a rift in their relationship. Can pregnant Martha learn to leave the future of her family in God's hands? Sherry is married to the boy she was betrothed to as a child-Ken Asquinn-the older brother of her best friend Martha. Like his best friend Bradan, Ken will also soon enter the police academy and runs the risk of being estranged from fellowship with God and the church hamlet of Forest Lake. Can Sherry's prayers to God help turn her husband around?
Ken Asquinn and Bradan Turehue are married to their childhood loves. The men are now graduates of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but are they happy? Find out in this third installation of the Canadian smash hit, The Asquinn Twins.

The crew from the youth fellowship, The Boy's Den, returns to the Central Florida backwoods for the most adventurous trip yet: A two-night canoe trip. Jeff and Chang become separated from the group in a rainstorm, a tree snaps alonside the river, and the food runs out. Join The Boy's Den as their survival skills - and faith - are tested.

If you find your job a bore... If you have been drifting from job to job... If you're confused about what to major in at college, and want to earn a degree that trains you for a career you'll really enjoy... Finding Your Career at the Crossroads can help you fine-tune your ambitions and find a career you can be truly passionate about! This short read can help you know yourself better and narrow in on a career field that excites you and enables you to realize your true potential. With expert advice from Theresa Franklin and Barry Davis, both mentors at the Mentor Me Career Network, this ebook provides concrete steps you can take now to change your destiny. Begin your journey today!

Jesus is coming back - and soon! That knowledge should motivate all Christians to live with expectation and accountability in mind. 

Are you a new Christian with a desire to grow in your faith? Are you a mature Christian looking for ways to encourage and mentor a new Christian? Written in an easy-to-read and understand format, this book is an excellent resource for you! 

The compilation of articles contained herein cover the basics of Christian living to include: prayer, Bible-reading, fellowship with other believers, and evangelism - and all topics are provided with supporting Scripture. 

"Living for Jesus Until He Returns" calls the Church to godly-living and soul-winning in anticipation of the Master's return!

"Get on Board and Stay on Board contains poems, articles, and short Bible studies. It is directed toward unbelievers and believers alike. It is designed to lead the unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ, and then help him or her in a spiritual journey. Articles and poems in section one of the book clearly challenge unbelievers about their need for salvation and admonish them to prepare for eternity before it is too late by accepting Jesus' offer of salvation through His shed blood. 

There is emphasis on good works not being good enough to save; only the blood of Jesus is good enough to appease God's wrath. Whether people agree or disagree with God does not change the facts. God is God, and He laid down the rules. It also stresses the point that hell is by choice; one can avoid going there by believing in Jesus Christ. The articles in section two cover different aspects of the Christian walk, including prayer, obedience, fellowship, witnessing, and eternity. Section three is general and covers holy days, celebrations, and responsibility toward government. In addition, believers will find these articles helpful in their personal walk and in use as a good witnessing and follow-up tool for evangelism."

Nothing in this life goes on forever. Everything comes to an end sooner or later. This applies to life itself; it comes to an end whether we want it to or not. Before life ends, there are things many people would like to have accomplished. Do you have any wishes? How far or how close are you from fulfilling them? Time could be running out you know. 

With that in mind, there is also time involved when it comes to the decision as to where one desires to spend eternity. Desire alone is not enough. So for example if you desire to spend eternity in heaven you have to know what to do to achieve that, and then do it. You have limited time in which to make that decision. Time is running out because this decision has to be made in your lifetime, and with every passing day, you have less time to live. Since you have no idea how much longer you are going to live, it is safe to assume, it could be any day now. If you die today, where will you spend eternity? Eternity offers two distinct locations: Heaven or hell. Decide today, because time is running out! 

The rest of the book is going to explain this truth further, basing everything on the Bible, which is the Word of God. Please read it with an open mind, and allow God's Holy Spirit to speak to your heart, before it is too late.

JumpStart: A Catalyst to Launch you into a Daily Spiritual & Physical Health Routine (Fit for Faith)

JumpStart - A Catalyst to Launch you into a Daily Spiritual & Physical Health Routine
Do you need a little push with your spiritual & physical fitness? A jump start to get you going again? Something that'll get you back into the routine of making healthy choices a habit? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the JumpStart Challenge is for you! 
JumpStart provides a daily prayer, a scripture verse, an exercise challenge, and a healthy eating challenge. 
Feed Your Spirit is a collection of devotionals on prayer. This book is a wonderful tool for Christians to develop a deeper relationship with God. 

"I really enjoyed the devotional - thanks again for sending it to me. I used it as a spiritual checklist for my prayer life and appreciated your vulnerability and the examples and symbols you provided within it." - Karen L. 

"Just read through this wonderfully simple book. Without schedules and complicated formulas, Kimberley invites us into her world, where we look at lessons she has learned through all-too-common everyday experiences These have shaped and expanded her prayer life, and are so easy to relate to that this read cannot help but be of benefit ." - Sheila S.

Ten-year-old Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble with his overambitious parents--until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a 500-year-old curse is revealed. Swept away to the land of Oomaldee of medieval times, he discovers he must collect several ingredients for a magic potion to defeat the oppressive curse that plagues the land, the first of which is the scale of a red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species. There's just one tiny problem, he's never battled dragons, except in his Dragon Slayer video game. Armed with only his wits, an ancient sword and a magic key, he must overcome grave peril at every turn before he can even attempt the feat. No pressure, but it's his skill alone that will save - or condemn - the kingdom forever. 
Power of the Heir's Passion, Prequel: Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy with Spirits and Ghosts (Andy Smithson Book 0)

Before the adventure, before perilous quests...the short tale of three royal ghosts. 

In a land far away, there lived a prince who loved power. Carried away by his lust, he surrendered to its devices and usurped the throne from his older sister in an act of treachery. 

Imogenia unexpectedly finds herself in the Afterlife, having to navigate between Peace Paradise, the Unclaimed Baggage department, the Unfinished Business office, and other governmental agencies. Against a backdrop of soul music, she encounters all manner of new experiences from black, frothing, arsenic-spiced drinks to guest services personnel and plays host to the king and queen when they join her. While the medieval spirits are friendly and the experiences memorable, Imogenia has never forgotten the cause of her early arrival in the afterlife, and plots revenge. Her parents initially support a beta test she proposes to the Committee on Afterlife Affairs to punish her brother, the former prince now king, but grow weary of the conflict over five-hundred-years and petition to withdraw their support. What will Imogenia do? How will she realize the justice denied her? How will her actions impact others?

Some years ago I wrote a series of reflections and stories containing the testimony of my life. I was not planning to show them to many people, let alone publish them. My intention was simply to share them with close friends and family. 

But gradually I found these stories increasing in number. At the same time they were steadily exerting a growing hold on my heart. A prayerful pastor from the Dominican Republic urged me to keep writing them. According to his encouraging words, my stories could be used to help others. 

At that time my life was full of sadness. I needed a miracle to occur, but it seemed impossible. Little did I realize that in fact something extraordinary was happening to me. My life was changing. I went on to write more stories. 
Eventually I gathered all my stories into a collection that I titled "The Lighthouse of Asaph," because I like lighthouses, and also because Asaph, whom we meet in Psalm 73, was a man of the Bible who felt sad and discouraged. 

His name had been engraved on my mind since the night when one of the young people of our church came with others to encourage me in my spiritual journey. He used an illustration that was based on Asaph. 
Already I had been visiting lighthouses as a hobby and writing about them. And as lighthouses are often associated with Jesus, who is our guide, I decided to use this imagery for my book. 

Every year, with the arrival of terrible and threatening hurricanes to the Caribbean, I lose both sleep and joy, fearing that the strong winds might destroy the trees that my father planted almost forty years ago. Already some have been blown down, but others remain, and these trees are among my fondest memories of him. I can recall many occasions when my mother and I were by the door, praying, while the destructive winds outside continued to roar. 

When I think of such things, I feel that our faith is like those trees, nurtured by other people. At the same time, new trees are starting to grow, like fresh ideals and good deeds, and perhaps some of these spring up from the seeds that have been stored in those old, demolished trees. 
The most important thing in my book is always to discover a new way to rescue faith in the midst of the pain that exists all around.

Tadeo (TAHD-ay-OH) Turtle longs to be different. Through an adventure find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him. About the Author: During retirement, Janis (a retired elementary schoolteacher) has learned to love writing and painting. She would love to hear from you, and can be reached via email at: Please also visit her website:, where you will find a curriculum to go along with this story.
"I love my husband," she confided, "but I'm not sure I'm still 'in love' with him."

My heart crumbled as this lovely young wife and mother told me of her struggling marriage and desire for a divorce. For as long as I had known her, she had dreamed of getting married and starting a family. When she met Mr. Right, the glow on her face outshone the sun, and when she found out she was expecting their first baby, it seemed like she had discovered her perfect place in life. So, what happened? It wasn't so long ago that she was singing the praises of her Prince Charming, but now it seems that all she can do is utter complaints about her Elmer Fudd. What made the change, and is divorce the only solution?

Unfortunately, her story is all too familiar, and her pain rings true in the hearts of hundreds (if not thousands) of women across the globe. What is a wife to do when she no longer recognizes the man she married? Within this book, you'll find the answer to that question along with Scriptural advice on making the most of your marriage. 

When you tied the knot, you made a promise to love your husband for better or for worse. I want to help you keep that promise!

Feeling overwhelmed by life? 

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and join me on a journey of personal experience combined with heartfelt encouragement and fun-filled observations. With a giggle here and a sniffle there, you ll uncover new insights to lift your spirit, lighten your load, and comfort your heart. Each of the 111 short devotions contains life lessons with a Biblical perspective. 

* Advice to follow when a skunk is loitering in your path 
* Between the lines of famous Bible passages 
* A gentle reminder from a greedy bird 
* The secret of peace in the midst of priorities 
* Gardening tips from "The Plant Whisperer" 
* And much more. . . 

Come. Relax. Take a few minutes, and find rest for your soul.

What do the following have in common: a muntjac deer, a toilet, and a hairless cat? They are three key factors in uncovering a treasure that may or may not exist. But for Abby and Jamie Patterson, these items are essential ingredients to fulfilling their grandfather's greatest desire. Is the fortune real, or are the siblings following a path to nowhere as set down by an eccentric old woman?  The quest is on, and time is running out.
  • While this book is appropriate for readers of all ages, gender and educational status, it was designed with the homeschool student in mind. To that end, the book contains a Glossary of Terms that can be used in the subject of Spelling and Vocabulary. The author has also included a group of questions about the story which could be used for Reading Comprehension or even Handwriting. Could this be the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum?


It all began with a pocket knife which led to a mysterious inscription which led to a wolf. But there are no wolves in Delaware...or are there? It's up to the Delaware Detectives to find out. 

In book one, Abby and Jamie, along with their friends Scott and Phyllis, followed a trail of tantalizing clues to uncover a hidden fortune. 

In book two, the curious siblings embarked on a nearly-impossible mission to find a missing man. 

Book three thrusts the detective team into a new mystery they are determined to solve no matter where the clues may lead. But are the kids prepared to discover what's really lurking in the woods of Beaver Valley? 

While this book is appropriate for readers of all ages, gender and educational status, it was designed with the homeschool student in mind. To that end, the book contains a glossary of terms that can be used in the subject of Spelling and Vocabulary. The author has also included a Science Center, a History Hideout and a special Art Academy-all of which provide valuable insight and activities based on information from within the story itself. Could this be the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum?
In this first book of Naomi's faith journey we see what happens when we deny who we are and what we believe to achieve our dreams. Bound by secrets, trapped by choices, Naomi is about to discover that life is not what you plan but what happens. 

Naomi journeys from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress. Trapped in a life where all who know her think her a saint, saddled with a mission and responsibilities, Naomi agrees to marry to sidestep more issues and the couples tangled web escalates for neither are what they seem to be. 

As a Jew, Naomi knows the promise of Genesis 12:3 by heart and often repeats "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." When she hears Isaiah 53:5 "But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed," will she believe? 

What do an old wooden box, a jeweled pendant and some mysterious, green-garbed strangers share in common? When Rolin son of Gannon sets out to solve this riddle, his adventures take him worlds beyond the walls of his little log cabin. With the help of some grumpy griffins and a long-lost prophecy, Rolin and his newfound friends battle a sorcerer and his underworld army; deadly snake-trees; batwolves, dragons and other mythical creatures. On their perilous quest for the blessed Isle of Luralin, they must trust the King with their very lives. In the end, they learn that "The greatest help oft comes in harm's disguise to those with trusting hearts and open eyes." 

This is the first book in a fantasy series of 7 titles (to date). All titles feature a glossary and pronunciation guide at the back to make for easier reading and/or reading aloud. This series is ideal for both pre-teens and teens (ages 8 and up, male or female), including young adults and adults. These books do not contain objectionable language or scenes, and appeal to those who enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Borrowers, The Wind in the Willows, and other classics. 

This second edition contains one additional illustration. Some of the illustrations from the first edition have been updated. The text has also been revised and improved. 

The Christian Olympics: Going for the Gold Crowns, the unveiling of the Bible's comparison of the Christian race to the Olympic Games, is the spin-off from the newspaper article titled "The Christian Olympics are still going on!" written by the author .Today more than ever Christians are discouraged in their walk with God because of the multitudes of personal problems, suffering, and worldly events that have occurred. Some have given up, lost hope in their faith, and/or don't feel that living holy lives matters anymore.

The Christian Olympics will stir up Christians, igniting their spiritual fires to look forward to what is ahead. When Christians see themselves as players in an Olympic game, it gives them a new understanding and exhilaration for the Christian life, as spiritual athletes. Readers will actually visualize themselves in a spiritual athletic competition which has never been done before in a Christian living book.Learn about the Rapture of the Church,the coming of Jesus Christ,and End-times prophecy.
Read this Readers' Favorite award-winning title - Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will - with a FREE e-course included for you.
Christian Personal Finance
"Pamela Carmichael's book Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will is, without doubt, one of the most amazing books on managing finances I have ever read." --Amazon Review
"Financial Empowerment is easy to read. It is written in layman's terms, but gives professional advice to those of us who need help with our finances." -- Amazon Review
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! In its page can be found a true and clear definition of true wealth and prosperity." -- Amazon Review
Are you in a constant financial struggle and juggle where there never seems to be enough? Do you wonder if God is able to or even willing to provide for you? Are you constantly paying bills and covering debt payments without seeing much progress? Are you faithful in tithing and giving but yet you cannot see an out-poured blessing?
If you've answered Yes to any of these questions or you need help to improve your finances, then read a copy of this book. Authored by Pamela Carmichael, Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will provides both sound biblical basis and practical solutions to put your finances in order.
In this award winning title, Pamela explores nine key areas of personal finance - creating wealth, tithing, saving, giving, investing, spending, borrowing, lending and planning. She examines the issues and misconceptions most experience in their finances and provides help with Biblical and practical solutions.
Included in this book is a FREE e-course with Action Steps  to help you get started on the road the financial empowerment. 
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The Young Heroics... 
A Brave New Middle Grade Series 

KNIGHTS OF THE EMPIRE is filled with bits of survival and wilderness skills, wrapped up in an exciting story of brotherhood and loyalty. William Hudson and Jefferson Boone Junior are from opposite kinds of families, with no brothers of their own. That is until they discover an old survival guide written by a real-life hero that nobody believes in anymore. 

Up until then, they thought loyalty was just something left over from the days of kings. Or some kind of game strategy. How can anybody take that kind of stuff seriously? Nobody else seems to. But all that is before they come face-to-face with legends, and ghost towns, and being stranded in a desert rippling with hundred-degree heat. And no roads. 

Things like that can change you. 

WARNING: Some things in this book are catching.

About Lorilyn Roberts
Author Lorilyn Roberts

Lorilyn Roberts is an award-winning Christian author who writes for the young and the young at heart. If you haven't "nominated" her latest book Seventh Dimension - The City, A YA Fantasy, Book 4, on Kindle Scout, hurry. Only a few days remain. If Amazon, selects The City, all readers who nominated it will receive a free Kindle book when The City is published! To nominate, click here.

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