March 2021
March Festivities
3/5 Becca Porter
3/5 Robbie Fusetti
3/5 Giedra Matas
3/8 Sofia Gray
3/8 Gene Soriano
3/15 Kathy Doyle
3/15 Susan Porter
3/17 Patty Bardy
3/19 Harriet McGilton
3/19 Jerre Patterson
3/23 Pam Ambrass
3/29 Chad Lords
3/31 Ron Gallagher
3/17 Bill and Lidia Gray
3/19 Menno and Heather Jager
It's (FINALLY) party time!
After a fairly quiet 2020 due to COVID constraints, we are very optimistic that this summer will be as close to back to normal as possible! We are keeping our fingers crossed that this pandemic will be well under control by the time our season is in full swing, and with that in mind, we are in early stages of our Party Planning! See below for dates of events, and be sure to pencil them in your calendar!
Wed., May 19

Hot Dog Roast

All members are invited to help kick off the racing season, and have a chance to learn more about our Wednesday racing program.
Wed., June 16

Steak Fry

You won't be disappointed in how your steak is cooked... because you will cook it yourself! 
Sat., July 3

Family Picnic

Independence Day festivities for the entire family! Food and Fireworks!
Sat., Aug. 14

Summer Party

Typically a themed event with some fabulous food and an open bar, and maybe even accompanied by live music.
Sat., Sept. 11

Fall Party

Be sure not to miss the final party of the season!
Babes on the Bay -
SAVE THE DATE: June 19, 2021
Babes on the Bay will be an introductory sailing class for LADIES ONLY! Join us as we de-mystify sailing. We will begin with water safety (how not to fall off the boat), boat terminology (what is this thingy and what does it do?), how to read wind and water (that was a gust, it's going to be okay!), why does the boat heel (we are not going to flip over and die), points of sail (huh???), as well as tacking and jibing (turning... double huh?). Weather and time permitting we will practice our new skills on a boat at the dock and possibly on the water.

More info and RSVP details will come closer to the event. Volunteers will be needed to help skipper small boats and assure water safety. Questions? Contact Lidia.
Phantom Steward Needed!
Do you love messing about in boats, finishing woodwork, and have some time to spare? We could use your help!

We are looking for an individual willing, able, and interested to take on the leadership for Phantom maintenance before, throughout, and after the season. Phantom is a Ranger 23 that was donated to our sailing school last year.

This individual will be responsible for leading small renovation projects such as sand and poly all of the woodwork that desperately needs it, maintain cleanliness of the boat, inspect sails and lines, etc. Volunteer help, as well as required equipment and materials, will be provided by the club. We are simply looking for someone to take charge to make this beautiful boat in as good of condition as she deserves to be.

If you're interested, please contact Lidia.
Small Boat Sundays!
For the month of June, Sundays will be dedicated to promote small boat sailing!

We would like to see as many club boats out on the bay as we can (sailing lessons will have priority shall a conflict arise).

These will not be organized lessons, but rather informal get-togethers. We will have one of our instructors or experienced member available to help rig, launch, answer questions, etc. Weather depending, we may also request safety crew to be present on the water.

All you got to do is show up!
PCC South
Many of our members make an annual winter trip to the south to escape the cold up north. Here, the Soriano's, Cummings, and Fusetti's are keeping the PCC party going while in Florida recently.
If you've also been able to escape the north and enjoy some warm weather and sun, send Lidia Gray or Ron Gallagher some pictures and we'll post them in the next Breeze.
Buildings and Grounds
The cold winter has provided a lengthy ice fishing season this year. The ice thickness in the middle of the lake was reported to be 8 to 10 inches at the end of February. As long as the ice is gone by the end of March, we'll move forward with prepping the club with small work parties in April.

Here's some other projects we'll focus on:
  • In addition to the normal club prep tasks, we have additional work to do on the clubhouse to satisfy some concerns our insurance provider has. While not major repairs, the work has to be completed by May 1.
  • The ladies room shower/bathroom project was put on hold due to the cold weather. We'll start back on that soon.
  • Installing new kitchen sink faucets and repairing the shelf under each sink.
  • Heather Jager has volunteered to lead the dock sidewalk landscaping project. I'm positive Heather will do a fantastic job, but she can't do it alone! Please let Heather or Ron Gallagher know if you're willing to help. Time spent on this project will count towards your work party obligation.

See you soon!
Ron Gallagher
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