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Total is a major energy player that produces and markets fuels, natural gas and electricity & renewables. They offer a large line of products, specializing in European & performance. We are proud to partner with Total, congratulations!
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KC Starnes Auto Body
KC Starnes Auto Body Family owned and operated since 1964. Collision repair at a fair and reasonable price. We also specialize in custom restoration. Congrats KC Starnes Auto Body!
March Collision News
U.S. Driving Last Year Was Lowest in Two Decades

After six consecutive years of gradual increases in vehicle-miles traveled (VMT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released new year-end estimates yesterday showing total U.S. driving fell by 13.2% – from 3.3 trillion VMT in 2019 to 2.83 trillion in 2020.
Virginia Democrats, Republicans Go Head-to-Head Over Electric Car Bill

Virginians could soon see more electric cars out on the roads. However, Republicans say the way Democrats are trying to make that happen is a bad thing.
The topic of climate change and what should be done about it has been a hot topic in Richmond and one bill, in particular, has Republicans and Democrats divided.
Higher Percentage of Collision Repair Facilities Reported Sales Up in January Compared to Last Year

While more repairers report higher sales, the average increase was lower. More collision repair operators believe pandemic impact on sales getting worse than better.
Consumer Want Better Performance from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

AAA research shows drivers say improving vehicle safety systems takes priority over developing self-driving cars.
Upcoming Events
Jacksonville Chapter Meeting
March 4, 6-7PM EST

Join us for monthly Jacksonville Chapter Meeting. We meet on the first Thursday of every month in person at Logan's Roadhouse in Jacksonville, NC.
Western NC Chapter Meeting
March 9, 6:30-7:30PM EST
This month we will be discussing employee benefits including health insurance, 401k's, retirement planning, and everything you need to know about offering employee benefits. Open to all.
ADAS Training Series - Part 7
March 10, 6:30-7:30PM EST
Join us for our final installment of our ADAS Training Series taught by George Lesniak of Autel. We will do a full calibration demonstration during this webinar. Open to all.
S Piedmont Chapter Meeting
March 11, 6-7PM EST
Join us for our monthly S Piedmont Chapter Meeting. This month we will be discussing everything SMS systems and practices. Nonmembers are welcome.
Missed some events? Recap on our website!
All Numbers Go Back To Happiness with Chris Cotton
March 16, 12-1PM EST
Join us and Chris Cotton of AutoFixSOS for this FREE Lunch and Learn webinar! All Numbers Go Back to Happiness! Register below!
Coaching Corner with ATI
March 18, 12-1PM EST
Join us for our monthly Coach's Corner with ATI! This month's Lunch & Learn is: Building a Bench with coach Mike Haley. Register below!
Gearhead School Webinar
March 23, 12-1PM EST
Join us and Grant Swaim from Gearhead School to learn about this excellent program. Gearhead School is on demand automotive training Gearhead School offers online, on-demand essentials training for the automotive service industry.
For a full list of our upcoming events, visit our website!
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