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Delta Dental of Colorado provides you with tools and support to help you serve your clients and make selling Delta Dental easy. Through your secure broker account, for most groups with more than 100+ lives, you can create custom reports such as claims utilization and treatment savings, among others.

You can create or access your broker account by clicking on the Broker Login link on the top of any page of DDCO's website and either signing in or clicking on the New Users Register link at the bottom. At, you can find information on plans and products, as well as useful collateral to help your clients understand the connection between their oral and overall health.

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FDA approves drug for postpartum depression
The Hill, March 19, 2019
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Tuesday that it has approved the first drug specifically designed to treat postpartum depression.

'Medicare-for-all' vs. the public option: How health care could shape the Democratic primary race to take on Trump in the 2020 election
CNBC, March 10, 2019
Some Democrats threatened to block the Affordable Care Act over a Medicare opt-in in 2009. A decade later, the same public option looks like a small step for a Democratic Party that has embraced sweeping change on health care as it looks to recapture the White House.
Healthcare breaches reported in February exposed data on 2 million people
Modern Healthcare, March 15, 2019
Providers, health plans and their business associates reported 31 data breaches to HHS' Office for Civil Rights in February.
Cutbacks by some doctors halved new opioid prescriptions over 5 years
March 13,
The rate of first-time opioid prescriptions declined 54 percent between 2012 and 2017 in the U.S., largely because many doctors stopped prescribing the painkillers, according to a study of more than 86 million people covered by private insurance.

Denver's minimum-wage hike signed into law; Colorado initiative
clears House
Denver Business Journal, March 15, 2019
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed an ordinance that will raise the floor wage for both city workers and city contractors to $15 per hour.

5 citywide plans aim to address Denver development, transit issues
Denver Business Journal, March 19, 2019
Street-facing development, more frequent transit routes and wider sidewalks are parts of five citywide plans aimed at creating a more inclusive, connected and healthy city over the next 20 years.
Denver startup FloWater attempting to reinvent the water cooler,
minus the plastic bottle
The Denver Post,
March 18, 2019
Make room Deep Rock and Eldorado Natural Spring Water. FloWater, a Denver startup, is pushing to get its fill in a thirsty U.S. market expected to reach 6.8 million water coolers by next year.

Colorado companies lack women in executive roles, complicating push to diversify corporate boards
The Denver Post,  March 8, 2019
Only two CEOs are women at publicly traded companies in state.

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