E-Connections Newsletter
March 2020
It’s college basketball season and Polar is hosting a Pick-It March Maria contest this year! All customers are invited to participate in this fun, free online contest. You can sign up by visiting our website, filling out your bracket, and checking in after the big games to see how many points you have. The best part? You can play Polar March Mania with your friends and neighbors and have the chance to win great prizes, all for free! 

Game matchups will be announced March 15 and the first bracket games start March 19! Get in the game, with Pick-It March Mania, from Polar!
Regulations on pharmacies are growing tighter and tighter. When First Care Health Center needed to renovate their pharmacy in order to meet these new regulations, they trusted Polar to come up with a custom solution. Read First Care’s story learn more.
If you’re a gamer, Netflix binger or someone who works from home, you know that your Wi-Fi speed matters. You may be wondering: how much broadband Internet speed do I need? The amount of speed or bandwidth you need will vary widely depending on the size of your household, number of devices and users, and intended activities. You may have more devices than you think! Today, devices can be anything from your smartphone and laptop to home security cameras or a smart thermostat. And online multiplayer gaming and heavy HD streaming take up more of your speed than email and web browsing.Use our bandwidth calculator tool to determine how much speed you need.

Now you can increase your speed for FREE and continue paying your current rate for 3 months! Contact us today to start taking advantage of faster speeds.