March E-News


"Nature does nothing uselessly." - Aristotle
We spend countless hours every year removing invasive species from our property, the Conservation Management Area (CMA), and while working to remove the endless patches of garlic mustard, we stumbled upon an idea: what if we were to eat them away?

Certain invasive species aren't only nutritious, but delicious! And since they aren't supposed to be in the ecosystem, you are free to forage them to your hearts content.
In honor of this concept, we've created: Wild Edibles Month, where we will be discussing a different edible plant each day on our Facebook Page, and ending with our Taste of Nature Party on March 29 - a free event where we will taste test some of our edible NJ flora and fauna recipes (you can register here).  

Read on to view a recipe using invasive plant species... 
By Dan Ross, GSWA Education Associate
Chances are, if you work or recreate outside in the garden state, it's very likely that you will become all too familiar with the scourge of deer ticks. These tiny blood feasting parasites reside on woody plant material along trail sides, woodlands, and in our backyards year-round. Unfortunately, these parasites are not only a nuisance but can also be detrimental to our health as their bite can transmit the bacterial infection that causes Lyme disease, as well as other harmful bacterial infections. 

While it might come as little surprise that ticks become more active as the weather warms up in early spring, mild winters such as this one can also mean more incidences of tick bites... (read more). 
Test Your Well or Public Water through GSWA
GSWA's well and public water testing program runs from March 1 - March 21 through the Kemmerer Library in Harding Township. Visit the library during business hours to pick up your sampling kit (you'll be asked to leave a $10 deposit).

The discounted private well test costs $125 (this would normally cost over $300) and includes coliform, nitrate, iron, manganese, lead, and arsenic (you can add on more parameters for additional cost).

The public water samples for lead and costs $30 (you can add on copper for an additional $20). 

All samples must be taken and returned to the library on March 22. Please email Kelly Martin at for more information, or visit our well testing info site.
GSWA is ecstatic to announce that we will be honoring former NJ Governor, Christie Todd Whitman at our annual Gala and Silent Auction this year on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at the Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park. 

Governor Whitman was a fierce advocate for environmental issues during her tenure as governor and as administrator to the EPA during the Bush administration.   

If you're interested in receiving an invitation to this event, please email Kelly Martin at
How to Build a Rain Garden, 3/7
We will discuss everything from how to pick the right location for your rain garden, to how to create it, and what plants to include.

Taste of Nature Party, 3/29
Have you ever tried dandelion fritters? Join us for an earthy party where we will taste test different edible NJ flora and fauna.  

Frog Watch
Frog Watch Training, 3/14
Become a bonafide Frog Watch volunteer during this training session at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. You'll learn how to tell species apart by their looks and calls.
Stream Assessment
Stream Assessment Training, 3/18
Learn all of the skills necessary to conduct visual and biological stream assessments. Afterwards, you'll be ready to join our elite group of Stream Team volunteers.