March 2017
Recycle on April 2 at One Stop Drop
Acceptable Items List
On April 2nd the Village will hold its 5th Annual One Stop Drop Recycling event in the parking lot of the Amberley Green from noon to 4:00 pm. A variety of vendors will be collecting recyclable items.
  • Cohen Recycling will accept a variety of electronics. As a general rule, if it plugs in or takes a battery, they can recycle it. 
  • Royal Paper will provide confidential paper shredding. Paper must be clean and dry and have no binders, binder clips or metal stays.
  • Scrap It Up, formerly Scrap Nati, will collect a limited number of items. Due to limited storage space, they will only accept the following: craft paint, canvasses, crayons, chalk, pencils, markers, buttons, beads, wire and clear containers with lids.
  • Rockdale Temple in collaboration with Ohio Mills will accept textiles - worn, torn or stained to be used by a new owner or recycled as insulation or packing material.
Last year the items collected diverted 65,502 pounds from the landfill. The Environmental Stewardship Committee, which sponsors this event, hopes that residents will take advantage of the recycling options offered at the One Stop Drop.  Check out the acceptable items list to find out what you drop-off.  

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Pete Duffy.
Police Levy on May Ballot - Get in the Know
Residents can easily access information to learn more about the upcoming police levy set to reduce by 20% if passed by the voters on May 2.   The existing 10 mill levy will expire in December.  The police levy, Issue 5, will be presented to voters as a renewal and decrease to an 8 mill police levy.  The levy funds are strictly utilized for police services only and cover the operating costs of approximately $1.3 million of the police department's $2.7 million budget.  The proposed reduction applied to a home valued at $200,000 under the 8 mill levy would cost $480 per year, returning $128 annually back to the property owner.

In the upcoming bi-annual print newsletter coming to residents around the first week of April, a detailed article about the reduced police levy will be shared to help get more information to the residents.  Questions about the levy are welcome and encouraged.  Additional information is also available on the Village website.

Go online:  
Amberleyvillage.org: Summaries of public meetings, financial reports, video presentation
Boe.hamilton-co.org:  View ballot language for Issue 5
Nextdoor.com:  Information posted by the Village and private neighbor discussions

Get the print newsletter:   The twice annual print newsletter will be sent out to residents near the first week of April which will include a detailed article about the ballot measure to reduce the police levy.

Call:   Village Manager Scot Lahrmer       (513) 531-8675

Safety Training in Schools and Workplaces   
Officers from Amberley Village are certified to teach active shooter response, workplace violence and emergency preparedness safety drills. The officers use a combination of training curriculum including techniques such as "Run, Hide, Fight" and ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). Over the past year, Amberley Police Officers have conducted approximately 14 training consisting of classroom presentations and hands-on scenarios for community schools and workplaces. Amberley also conducted in-house training for its police-fire officers, dispatchers, and maintenance-fire personnel.
Approximately 454 staff, teachers and students participated in these training which lasted from 2-4 hours.   During the training , officers are able to give some basic self-defense techniques, and more importantly, convey a mind-set that the participant must develop to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime. This can be done with situational awareness, mentally preparing in advance, and keeping your mind and body ready for any potentially dangerous situation.  
Vacation House Checks
If you're going out of town for spring break, arrange for the Amberley Village Police Department to conduct regular checks of your home while you're away.
Before you go, do these simple security steps as part of your trip preparation.
You can also request a house check if you are going to be away for your home for extended periods of time.
Call the Department at 531-2040 to request a vacation house check.  The dispatcher will record your emergency contact information along with other details about your home's security.
K9 Creed Goes to School
The children at the Cincinnati Hebrew Day School had a special visit from K9 Creed and his handler Officer Andrea Alt.  The children learned about Creed, his job and how he helps the police department.

Creed is trained to search for drugs and articles as well as hunt for escaped suspects and assist in finding missing people. K9 Creed's commands are in Dutch but Officer Alt explained to the children that he does understand some English.

Officer Alt also talked to the children about personal safety, gun safety, obeying laws and how police officers are here to help and protect the community. Officer Alt and K9 Creed performed an obedience demonstration to show the kids how they work together.
Communities Collaborate for County-Wide Safety Services
The Village has participated as a member of the Hamilton County Police Association (HCPA) for many years.  The HCPA was established in 1937 to further the operational interests of all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Hamilton County.  The Association operates exclusively to improve law enforcement services for all residents, county-wide.  Participating communities and their respective police agencies receive access to specialized services from the HCPA's SWAT Team, Underwater Search & Rescue Recovery Unit, Clergy Team, and Honor Guard. 

Rendering of HCPA Dive Boat

For the past 13 years, Amberley Police-Fire Officer Chris Fritsch has served as the one of the Dive Commanders for the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit.  Established in 1974, the multi-jurisdictional unit is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States.  Underwater searches are often needed to recover evidence such as weapons, human remains, or motor vehicles disposed of in the region's waterways where criminals hope the trail goes cold for law enforcement.  The search team's assistance, most recently, with the Cincinnati FBI Task Force helped prosecute three heroin traffickers, closing over 150 local burglary cases.       

The deployment of specialized, expert services requires the accompanying equipment and the collaborative works through its participating agencies alongside the generosity of private donors to acquire the necessary tools for the response teams.  An anonymous donor has come forward to generously give $75,000 for the purchase of a new dive boat for the HCPA Underwater Search and Recovery Unit.  Officer Fritsch is coordinating the necessary administrative steps through Amberley Village to acquire the boat and ensure the donor receives the proper tax deduction for their generosity.  The new boat will replace a 40 year old mechanically failing boat and bring in the latest in electronic technology available to respond to the communities' of this collaborative with efficient equipment to continue providing the expertise needed to close criminal cases. 

The Village facilitated the receipt and distribution of the donation funds during the month of February with plans to acquire the boat for the Hamilton County Police Association by April.  
Power Outages - Who to Call & How to Get Alerts
How Duke Energy Responds to Outages
   How Duke Energy Responds to Outages
During power outages, residents should call Duke Energy at 1-800-543-5599 to report their power is out.  Please only contact the Amberley Village Police-Fire Department to report live wires on the ground or sparks.  The Village cannot restore power.  When residents call the Village to report an outage, it ties up the dispatch phone lines and persons with emergencies cannot get through to dispatch.

Duke Energy offers phone or email alerts to inform you when you have a power outage.  Once enrolled in this option, status updates, causes, and estimated restoration times are provided to you.  To sign-up, go to www.duke-energy.com/outages/alerts or text REG to 57801 for text alerts.
Outdoor Warning Siren System
The outdoor warning sirens in Hamilton County sound to warn citizens to seek shelter immediately and seek additional information. 
During a tornado warning, the sirens will be sounded for a three minute duration in ten minute intervals (three minutes on, seven minutes off) for as long as the tornado warning is in effect. There is NO "all-clear" siren.
There are four basic criteria to activate the sirens for tornadoes:
  • The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning for Hamilton County,
  • A trained and certified weather spotter reports a tornado.
  • A tornado is reported by a local public safety official.
  • A dangerous situation occurs which requires citizens to seek shelter immediately.
Because tornadoes can form and move quickly, there may not be time for a warning.  That's why it's important to stay alert during severe weather conditions.  Turn to local TV, cable TV or radio for local emergency information.  Visit hamiltoncountyohioema.org to learn about being prepared for emergencies and sign-up for Smartphone emergency notifications.
Tax Office Extends Hours  
This year Amberley Village tax returns are due Tuesday April 18, 2017. The Income Tax Office is extending hours during April for filing your 2016 tax return.

Our regular hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you need assistance completing your return please call Tax Administrator Patty Meiers at (513)531-0130 to make an appointment.  

April extended tax office hours will be available on:
Saturday, April 1   8-11 a.m.
Saturday, April 8   8-11 a.m.
Sunday, April 9     11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Monday - Friday, April 10-13   8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday, April 17 & Tuesday, April 18   7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Gibson Building Demolition
Courtesy of Adam Greenberg with Topicz the Village is pleased to share this exciting, one of a kind view of the demolition activity on the former Gibson property.  A drone was flown over the parcel and the video provides a unique view of the entire property and the building.  The property owner, Greater Cincinnati Port Authority, is preparing the site for future development. 

Drone Flyover of Demolition Activity at 2100 Section Road
Drone Flyover of Demolition Activity at 2100 Section Road
Tennis Court Keycards
Amenities in Amberley Village include access to tennis courts in two locations-Amberley Green and next to the Municipal Building.  Residents and non-residents may obtain key cards that allow play access to the courts.  The tennis court key cards are sold for a period of two years and may be obtained from the Police Department dispatch window, open 24 hours. 

Tennis Court Key Card Fees
$50 (2 year access)
$100 (2 year access)
$35 (1 year access)
$70 (1 year access)
Community Garden Plots Still Available!
For $50 a growing season (April through November) you will get:
  • A 9' x 15' garden plot to plant as you desire (some restrictions apply)
  • Access to a garden cart, water and shed
  • Friendly gardeners with whom to share your expertise (or learn from if you have no experience)
  • Access to the Amberley Garden education

If you are interested, please email AmberleyGarden@Gmail.com and request the Amberley Green Garden Welcome Packet.