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March 2015

Supplements and Twinkies. Although we did not set out to do so, we seemingly have covered both ends of the nutrition spectrum this month.

Then again, perhaps said spectrum is more circular than one might assume. After all, while people may slam Twinkies for being far removed from today's "clean eating" fad, nothing is more refined than taking a food and stripping it bare of everything but a single nutrient - or synthesizing that nutrient from scratch - and putting it in a pill at an unnaturally high concentration for our consumption.

Remember, foods are neither "good" nor "bad," and unless you have a food allergy, intolerance, or medical condition that requires dietary limitations, all foods have their place.    



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

Alternative Medicine


Sometimes people feel so poorly and get so desperate for an answer that they will listen to anybody who gives them one, independent of whether that answer is correct. I do not mean that as a knock against any of the patients, but rather as criticism of . . . Read More  

He Said, She Said: Supplements


According to reports, more than half of Americans use at least one dietary supplement, thus amounting to over $20 billion annually for the supplement industry. Are we wasting our money, and more importantly, are we jeopardizing our health?
He Said


Approaches often evolve in response to new education and research. Earlier in my career, I worked at a medical center where selling supplements to patients is a significant part of their way of doing business. As I learned more about the science behind supplements and about the industry itself, I grew increasingly uncomfortable with this approach. Read More  

She Said


As one would guess, those struggling with EDs are usually deficient in many different nutrients due to extreme restriction and/or purging or laxative abuse, and this can compromise every organ in the body. These nutrient deficiencies can lead to a number of medical issues for the individual, including (but not limited to) osteoporosis, anemia, and heart and kidney problems. Read More 
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Recipe of the Month
Peeps Driving Twinkies !



Some holidays involve foods that are less about consumption and more about fun or tradition, like Halloween's jack o'lantern or Passover's beitzah. In addition to Easter's dyed eggs, we now have Peeps driving Twinkie cars. Whether you choose to eat these creations or not, building them can be fun, and they are cute conversation pieces to have on hand at gatherings. Read More 

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