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Smart Meter Saga
Cell Phones Suck
Why Fry?
Cell Towers Final Hours
Other EMF Stuff
Radiation Nation
Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Police State Meets Big Brother
Total World Dominance
Scientifically Speaking
Virus Schmirus
Rise of the Illness
Chemical Mess
Food Glorious Food!
White Skies Forever
Water Woes
Frack Off!
Insects and Animals - Who Needs 'Em?
From Fictional Film to Fact of Life

Smart Meter Saga

Check this out...this is a FANTASTIC News Report!!  GO MARYLAND!!!
Maryland Delegates Criticize BGE Smart Meter Opt Out Fees

A Critique of the New Zealand Report, "Health and Safety Aspects of Electricity Smart Meters"

US Dept. of Energy Partners with Grid Wise Alliance to Develop Industry-Driven Vision for the Future Grid

Call to Action in Illinois!!  Do you know anyone in this state?  We need to raise the awareness and organize immediately!!  Please forward this link to them and you can give them my contact info if you wish...
ComEd Filing for Accelerated Smart Meter Installation

Cyber Security and North America - New Policies Approaches to Address and Evolving Threat

Maryland's Smart Meter Opt Out Order

Temecula - Gas Utility Rolling Out Advanced Meter System

Cell Phones Suck

Belgium Banns Mobile Phone Sales to Children!   Google Translate

Cell Phones and Breast Cancer - A New Case with a New Twist

Wonders never cease...
Use Your Smart Phone to Measure EMFs!

Man Dies After Re-Entering Burning Home to Rescue Forgotten Cell phone

Why Fry?

WIFI - There's Something in the Air

Do You Know Where the WIFI/Bluetooth Microwave Antennas are in Your Childs iPad?

Cell Towers Final Hour

New Cell Tower Policy  Step in the Right Direction

Hold the Cell Towers Please

Other EMF Stuff

This paper is a must read, "tell all" on EMF harm...
Excellent and Enormous Paper by Retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain, Jerry Flynn

New book by Prof. Martin Blank...
Over Powered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and What you Can Do About it

Petaluma, CA Students Exposed to High Levels of RF Radiation

This blog post has links to the Swiss Re report...
Major Re-Insurance Firm, Swiss RE Warns of Losses Due to Health Effects Claims From EMFs

Matt Fisken- The Magnetism of Addiction

Prof. Olle Johansson Interview

Prof. Olle Johansson at Science Colloquium

Living Life Outside the System


Radiation Nation

Radioactive Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP - Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plan

60 Years After Nuclear Tests, Marshall Islanders Still Waiting to Return Home

Forgotten Victims of US H-Bomb Testing Dying in Despair, Hopelessness

Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Anatomy of the Deep State: Beneath Veneer of Democracy a Permanent Ruling Class

The Holy Grail of Truth and Lies

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule

Full length, older, very informative documentary...
Eustace Mullins - The New World Order

Boycott!  Teachers Take Bold Stand Against "Insatiable Data Monster"!

Pentagon Giving "Free" Armored Trucks to Police

Salinas, CA Rolls Out Armored Death Machine Complete with Machine Gun Turret

Truly Shocking: Govt Spies Hacked Into Live Webcam Chats of Millions

Anatomy of the Deep State: Beneath Veneer of Democracy a Permanent Ruling Class

Total World Dominance

Africa today, everywhere else tomorrow?...
"...advanced solar-powered drones which can remain in the air for up to five years at a time, in the hope that they can be modified to provide internet connectivity for those on the ground. Titan Aerospace's drones fly so high - up to 65,000 feet - that they can effectively operate as satellites with far lower operating costs, which the company calls "atmospheric parking". Facebook intends to build 11,000 of the drones to provide blanket internet coverage to parts of the world that currently have patchy or non-existent connections."
Info Wars - Hidden Motives Behind the Ukraine/Russia Crisis

RT News Anchor Speaks Out Against Russian Occupation of Ukraine

RT News Dennis Kucinich Accuses US of Provoking Ukrainian Crisis

Estonian Foreign Ministry Confirms Authenticity of Leaked Phone Call

A little after the 8 minute mark, it also says that snipers were shooting people on BOTH sides of the war, presumably to create conflict...
Leaked Phone Call - Kiev Snipers Hired by US Backed Opposition

Scientifically Speaking

150 Scientists Condemn Retraction of Seralini Study As Bow to Commercial Interests

A Twist of Fate - Reprogramming Cells

Researchers Find Clues About Autism in Our Genes and Our Gut

Virus Schmirus

Viruses Reconsidered

Ancient "Giant Virus" Revived from Siberian Permafrost

Cancer in the Developing World Worse than AIDS

Chemical Mess

Dept. of Justice Takes a Stand Against Marines and Military Poisoned at Camp Lejeune...

"A poison kills you," says biology professor Frederick vom Saal. "A chemical like BPA reprograms your cells and ends up causing a disease in your grandchild that kills him."
Mens Pthalate Levels Linked to Pregnancy Problems

BPA At Very Low Levels Causes Fetal Abnormalities In Primates

Food Glorious Food!

World Food Security at Risk as Variety of Crops Shrink

This is an important article...Non GMO is VERY DIFFERENT than organic...
The Non GMO Label - Organic Foods Frenemy

Sri Lanka Killer Kidney Disease Linked to Monsanto Weedicide Phosphate Fertilizer, Study

US Farmers Report Widespread GM Contamination of Organic Crops

Delhi's Fruits and Vegetables Unfit for Human Consumption Court Says

Health Canada on the ingredient used in Yoga Mats and Rubber Soles and is banned in food in most countries...
 "ADA - Azodicarbonamide is Safe to Eat"

Smart Balance Dumps GMO Oils from its Line of 15 Buttery Spreads

Petition, please sign!...
Monsanto VS the Monarchs

White Skies Forever

Former FBI Chief Poisoned for Saying Chemtrails Are Real?

Wealthy Chinese Flee Air Pollution

Water Woes

3 D Maps Reveal a Lead Based Ocean

US Rules Would Allow Seismic AIr Guns In Search for Offshore Oil, Gas

Marine Mining - Underwater Gold Rush Sparks Fears of Ocean Catastrophe

Florida County Says No to Water Flouridation

I guess billions of gallons of radioactive water for 2 years straight does not explain this sort of thing...
"Huge Mystery" Surrounding Massive Die Off of Oysters and Scallops Off B.C. Coast

Frack Off!

City of LA Bans Fracking!

I knew it was too good to be true..
Big Victory for Chevron Over Claims in Ecuador

Insects and Animals - Who Needs 'Em?

What Are the Bees Telling Us?

Lowes, Stop Selling Bee Killing Pesticides!

Is Your Legislator Anti Wolf?  Ask them to sign this to save America's Grey Wolves

From Fictional Film to Fact of Life

The Mammoth Commeth - Bringing Extinct Animals Back to Life

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, POGO, Common Dreams, Marcela Cruz, John Wenger, Barb Payne, Deborah Rubin, Don Maisch, Laddie Lawdings, Marilynne Martin, Maureen Homan, Deborah Taveris, Robert Reidlinger, Patricia Burke, Warren Woodward, Steven Lee, Prof. Olle Johansson, Jerry Flynn, Brian Thiesen, Dave Hubert, Jeremy Johnson, Judi Hangartner

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