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 "To promote and support parish social action through education"

Our committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss the issues of Social Concerns within our Diocese, and to plan opportunities to learn and explore issues of concern. Updates and information are available below. Feel free to contact us by responding to this newsletter, through the feedback button at the bottom of the newsletter, or through our Facebook page with any questions or feedback. 
Profiles in Justice: Joyce Vortherms
Twenty-five years ago – in 1993 – church leaders from the Westbrook Minnesota area decided it would be a wonderful ecumenical service experience for the people from their congregations to serve a meal at the Banquet in Sioux Falls, a ministry of hospitality and feeding the body and the soul for the poor. People from the different churches in Westbrook embraced the idea, and Joyce Vortherms was among them, leading the way and encouraging involvement from the people of St. Anthony Catholic parish in Westbrook. That first experience went so well that the group continued to plan an annual day of service at The Banquet for the people of Westbrook. Initially these service trips were organized by the pastors of the Lutheran Churches, but after the first few years Joyce was called upon to “make it happen”, and she stepped up to the challenge. She has been organizing the event and recruiting volunteers for the past 20+ years..... Joyce's Full Profile.
Do you know someone who is passionate about charity and justice? Is there someone in your parish or in your life that you would like to see highlighted in "Profiles in Justice"? Let us know! We want to share their story, their faith, their hope and their love!
Local Efforts
St. Leo's in Pipestone Celebrates Life through their ABC Program
A Baby Celebration (ABC) is a program sponsored by St. Leo’s Social Ministry that encourages families, supports mothers, and celebrates new babies. Our goal is to connect families that recently brought home a new baby with parishioners willing to bring that family a meal. We reach out with a phone call and coordinate a minimum of two meals that are delivered to the new baby’s home. It is a great way to build community and connect young families to their church family. It’s caring for one another!  

Submitted by Mary Lapthorn - St. Leo's
What are you doing in your community?
Is your community doing a project or working on an issue that you would like to share? We would love to highlight your efforts, events and ministry! Let us know what you are doing.
Upcoming Events

On   March 16th, and April 17th, Minnesota Catholics will gather at the State Capitol to learn about the issues impacting our faith and daily life. You’ll have the chance to hear from and meet with legislators, pray with fellow Catholics , and  get a window into the legislative process . These are opportunities for you to share your story and
 make your voice count.
Pre-registration is required for this free event and space is limited.
A free-will offering will be accepted.
If you are in the Worthington Deanery and interested in joining a carpool on April 17th, please contact Nicole Henrichs at nhenrichs@ccsomn.org
Is your ministry "trauma-informed"?

What is “trauma-informed,” and does it have a place in your community, ministry and church?

Most parishes and ministries strive to reach out and help those who are suffering, living in distress and on the margins. However, how often might we overlook the person sitting next to us on Sunday who is suffering quietly the effects of past traumatic experiences? 

1. Realizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for recovery;
2. Recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system;
3. Responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices;
4. Seeks to actively resist re-traumatization.” - SAMHSA

Interested in learning more about how your organization/agency/ministry can be more "trauma-informed"? Check out this upcoming webinar from Catholic Charities!
Trauma Informed Organizations webinar
Date and time: March 22, 2018 at 2:00 PM. 

Epstein, et. al (2014) identifies the principles of Trauma Informed Systems/Organizations as those that incorporate reflection in place or recreation, curiosity in lieu of numbing, self care instead of self sacrifice and collective impact rather than siloed structures. Participants will gain an introductory knowledge of the various aspects of becoming a trauma informed organization and have an opportunity to present questions during this 1 hour webinar event. 
JRLC’s Day on the Hill — If not now, when?
March 13th, 2018,
programming from 8:30am - 3pm
Keynote speaker: Rabbi David Locketz

The famous Jewish religious leader, Rabbi Hillel, once asked, “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when? ” At JRLC’s Day on the Hill 2018, hundreds of people of faith will gather to ask themselves, their communities, and their representatives: If we do not work towards social justice now, when?

Join faithful advocates from across the state on March 13, 2018 to reflect on why we make our voices heard, to plan for continued actions in our home communities, and to speak with representatives at the State Capitol.

Visit us online at jrlc.org to register or e-mail Katie Powell at kpowell@jrlc.org with questions.

March 8, 6:00-8:30pm
$24 pre-registered/pre-paid, includes a light supper. No registration at the door.

Join us for an evening with extraordinary gifted women telling the incredible ways in which they have made a difference by empowering others to move forward despite the odds against them.

Yuliya Antopova Elder turned her own 
story into a philanthropic project connecting with her home country of the Soviet Union.
Jo Marie Morris is Executive Director of Jeremiah Program, dedicated to creating a path out of poverty for low-income single mothers in Southeastern Minnesota, transforming lives two generations at a time.

Teri Sanneman and Kay Anderson are members of CHAMPS (Connecting Hope and Medicine to People of Haiti) whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people in rural villages. Their vision and commitment connects with the Haitian community leaders to heal, empower and enhance the quality of life. They do so by medical, local service programs, cultural and educational enrichment opportunities.

March 10, 9:00am-12:00pm
Donations Appreciated

This program will utilize a two-part film to examine the contemporary issues of interfaith interaction and understanding. The film follows Francis of Assisi as he travels to the Middle East to meet Sultan Malek al Kamil in 1219, during the height of the Fifth Crusade.

Just change the names of the actors and substitute who is fighting who for power and dominance, and this story would be all over social media today. Few, if any, have gone to “talk to the enemy about peace” in the middle of a bloody war. Yet Francis of Assisi, in 1219, entered the camp of Sultan Malek al-Kamil, and this story is being told 800 years later. Their respectful dialogue and efforts on behalf of peace speak a wisdom of how to negotiate interreligious misunderstanding, hostility and intolerance between conflicting peoples. The film will open up this remarkable encounter as participant’s dialogue with one another about its timely message.

Facilitators are Rana Makati and Sister Kathy Warren, OSF. Co-sponsored with the Rochester Muslim Community Circle .
Spotlight on Resources
Interested in bringing this study to your group or parish? Contact Tom Parlin at TParlin@ccsomn.org
A Bible Study on the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

The US Catholic Bishops have identified seven core themes in Catholic Social Teaching (CST). The CST Bible Study is an eight week program exploring those themes. The first week is an introduction to CST and weeks two through eight are sessions on each of the seven themes. This study may be adapted to meet the needs of a given group. For example, the group can meet weekly for eight weeks or monthly for eight months (ideal for a school year). Each session is approximately one hour long.

Facilitator training is available. Knowledge of the material is not a prerequisite for a good study. The facilitator of the group is a fellow learner. 
Watch the MN Catholic Conference's newly revamped weekly show that will take you  Inside the Capitol . Each week we'll bring you:
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Updates on what is happening during the legislative session 
  • Impacts of policies on our faith in the public arena
  • Ways you can take action to advocate for human dignity and the common good.
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This one-hour video presentation features renowned atmospheric scientist and Christian leader Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Dr. Dan DiLeo, Catholic Climate Covenant consultant and Assistant Professor at Creighton University. 
Dr. Hayhoe and Dr. DiLeo explore: 

  •  How to communicate successfully about climate change within our own faith communities. 

  • Key narratives/messaging strategies that work.

  • The unique challenges and strengths within the Catholic community for successful climate change communication.
Have you ever considered who made your clothes, jewelry or food? There is a person behind each of these products. Learn about the importance of our purchasing decisions and hear from women whose lives have changed thanks to better business in CRS' new video: The Power Behind Your Purchase.
A Message From:
You may have seen the news that Cape Town, a modern South African city of nearly 4 million people, could run out of water in May.

A severe drought has dried up the local reservoirs. Unfortunately, scientists are predicting this will be “the new normal” for cities affected by climate change. The local government will soon stop the flow of water to homes and businesses–meaning no water at the taps for drinking or sanitation. It’s called “Day Zero.”
When Day Zero arrives, municipal fountains will provide a daily ration of water to anyone who is able to collect it. There are just 200 fountains planned for nearly 4 million people. The ration is 25 liters, or one-fourth what the average American uses per day.... See GCCM's full message here.
Those Blessed Among Us....
Pope Francis repeatedly reminds us to go out to the margins and live the Gospel. How appropriate it is, then, that he canonized St. Laura Montoya Upegui in 2013. We see in Colombia’s first saint an example of what it means to be present to those who are forgotten and marginalized. She challenges us to reflect on our own prejudices and listen to the needs of others... Full CRS Article.
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