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Spring Art Education
We have some great classes planned for our spring session! This session's teen and adult classes include: Jewelry Design, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Art 101, Drawing Fundamentals, Pottery, and more! Spring kid's classes include Creating with Clay, Kids Drawing, and Little HeARTs. Enrollment is now open for Emerson members; non-members can register beginning Monday, March 11. To register, call 406-587-9797 x105. 

Spring Break Art Camp
Attend a full week of art camp at the Emerson this Spring Break! Kids will get to work on ceramics half of the day and 2D/mixed media projects the other half. Lessons will combine techniques and principals of art and art history in fun and creative ways! We still have a few spaces available in our Spring Break Art Camp for ages 8-12 (ages 4-7 is full). For more information or to register, call 406-587-9797 x105.   

Join Our Team Of Volunteer Docents
If you have a passion for art and are looking for a way to give back to your community, please consider being a Schools in the Gallery / Seniors in the Gallery Docent! Docents get the opportunity to learn more about our exhibits and teach the community about contemporary art. Hours are flexible and based upon your schedule. Please contact our Education Curator with questions or to register for the training: 406-587-9797 x104 or education@theemerson.org.


Donated Items Needed 

As part of our Schools in the Gallery and Seniors in the Gallery Tours, participants can take part in a hands-on art project using themes from the exhibit they just viewed. We could use your help gathering items for this session's project! We are currently accepting clean tea towels, linens, quilts, or embroidered items that you no longer need. Our Tour participants will appreciate it! Items can be dropped off at the Emerson front office weekdays from 9-5. 

Summer Teen Internships  
We are currently looking for high school aged students who would like to enhance their leadership skills by assisting our lead teachers during Summer Art Camps! This is a great opportunity to gain a working knowledge of instruction and art making techniques. It's also a great resume builder! For more information contact our Education Curator: 406-587-9797 x104 or education@theemerson.org.   

 Here's a few ways you can help the Emerson this month!

BZN International Film Festival  
We are thrilled to welcome the BZN International Film Festival back to our Crawford Theater! Over 60 films will screen at the 2nd Annual BZN International Film Festival June 6-9, complemented by a rich slate of Q&A sessions, panel discussions, community-wide events and parties. Recognizing our mutual desire to promote the arts we are excited to be partnering up! Passes are available now and if you use THIS LINK, 25% of your pass purchase will be donated directly to The Emerson!

Featured Nonprofit 
From now until the end of March,  Nova Cafe  will be featuring the Emerson! That means that with every special ordered, they will make a donation to us. So when you order a special you are not only eating a great meal, you are supporting the arts in our community! THANK YOU NOVA! 

Feast Gives  
Vist Feast this month, enjoy an amazing meal, and help the Emerson! Every Wednesday and Sunday for the month of March, 10% of oyster sales will go towards the Emerson! THANK YOU FEAST! 

 Our Haus
Our Haus is a creative collective of boss ladies, comprised of Jasmine Lilly Creative, Justine Jane Photography and Up North Digital.  
Jasmine Lilly Creative, owned by Jasmine Lilly, is a boutique design agency focused on weddings and events, graphic design, illustration and custom paper goods.  
Justine Jane Photography, owned by Justine Cranford, is a commercial and lifestyle photography studio that specializes in visual story telling, and brand driven content for narrative marketing.
Up North Digital, a brand management firm owned by Jessica Minalga, is focused on content creation and digital marketing for creative businesses.  
They love having a shared studio in The Emerson because of the building's rich history, centralized location, and thriving community of inhabitants. They have been known to have pop-up shops so be sure to follow their Instagram accounts for updates and, of course, inspiring content! On Instagram as: @jasminelillycreative / @justinejanemt / @upnorthdigital



Jessie Wilber Gallery 
What Lies Beneath  
Maggy Rozycki Hiltner  
February 8 - April 26, 2019
Maggy Rozycki Hiltner searches antique shops, thrift stores, and yard sales for embroidered linens, collecting the brightly colored flowers, foliage, and animals that appear in her work. What she cannot find she hand-stitches and mixes in with the collected embroidery. She uses the familiarity of the stitch along with seemingly lighthearted and cheerful designs to convey more serious subject matter. She often uses humor and Dick and Jane-style characters to tell her stories, and very rarely is everything quite what it seems.  

Weaver Room Gallery
"PRIMER Blocking the Subconscious"
Gabriel Anthony Schmitt  
February 1 - March 29, 2019 
"I create physical things but my ongoing work as an artist is very conceptual process...  and to circumvent what I believe to be 'cliche' I certainly follow what I feel is a righteous path of creation. Some work I am very happy with, some becomes examples of decision making and... my life choices. Thereby I am recycling images, graffiti, paint, and materials to find almost machine-like shapes expressions."  
Lobby Gallery
Of Dreams
Tory Elena
February 8 - April 26, 2019

"Artist; [noun] A prime specimen of the deconstructed construction of the continuously implosive explosion." -Tory Elena
Tory Elena is an artist whose work is a snapshot of visions born from her dreams of night and day. As a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and sculptor - art expands beyond a career to her very way of life. Bridging the worlds of sight and sound, Tory Elena explores synesthesia as drummer, singer, and composer in the band Sea At Last.  

All of our galleries are free and open to the public.


Bozeman Doc Series Presents The Blessing
The Blessing chronicles the struggle between tradition and modernity through the lens of one small family in the Navajo Nation.   
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Filmed by Bike
This adventure program includes selections from around the world that will inspire viewers and bring the community together for a love of bikes and the places that they take us.   
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A Tribute to John Denver, Starring Brad Fitch
When Brad Fitch sings, he brings John Denver back to life. Tickets will be available for a donation at the door. 

Life Drawing (ages 18+)
Draw from nude models. Artists of all abilities are welcome!   
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Little HeARTs (ages 2-5)
This weekly Art Education Class is especially for the little ones! This class is FREE to Emerson Members! Nonmembers are $5 drop in fee.  
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Art on the Rocks Series- Pabst & Plaster (ages 21+)
Grab some friends and enjoy a creative evening with step-by-step art instruction, socializing, and Pabst! In this class you will learn to carve and sculpt with plaster.   
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Emerson History

The Emerson is a thriving arts and community center located a block from historic downtown Bozeman. The building was originally an elementary school built in 1918, attended by thousands of Bozeman youth before its closure in 1991.

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At the Emerson, we are grateful for the generous community support that allows us to serve as a vital arts hub in Bozeman. Over 250,000 people have come to the Emerson each year to attend performances, take classes, and participate in community events.


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