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March 2018
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ServSafe Training 

Review of ServSafe book prior to class is highly recommended - passing grades are not guaranteed.
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Green is Clean
Green is Clean, Red is Sanitize
Failure to clean - just once, will snowball into an out of control situation.

Maintain cleaning schedules. Assign specific cleaning tasks to each position.

Monitor DAILY the completion of all cleaning task.

Storm Survival
Storm Survival
  • Are you prepared for a power outage?
  • Do you have a back up generator?
  • Are you prepared to use the food supply on hand? And in what order?

There is a method to storm/power outage survival. Be prepared, safe & survive.

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Deli Slicers
Deli Slicers are hard to clean
So I'm not telling you something you don't already know.
  • Pay special attention to the cleaning procedures.
  • Monitor closely and ensure you are keeping your customers safe.