Aubin is bursting this spring. Jumoke Balogun created a richly detailed and thought-provoking discussion guide for  Dispatches From Cleveland. Use it to jump start JUST ACTION in your community. We embrace our brand new tagline Illuminating Change.    What's On Your Plate? is featured in the Special Olympics. Catherine speaks to students in Cleveland, and a s always, there are several films we love made by our comrades, and w e are really excited to share the opportunity of the
Ohio Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment as part of our 
criminal justice reform spotlight.

Catch this track while you're reading:  Ana Tijoux's  Antipatriarca.
JUST ARRIVED! Discussion Guides for  DFC!

It has taken a village bigger than Cleveland to put the Discussion Guide together. We couldn't have done it without the support, guidance and enthusiasm of our friends and partners.

We'd love for you to use the Discussion Guide at all screenings of Dispatches from Cleveland that you attend, organize, or program. U se it to build on the vital and profound work that you're already doing. 

Let us know how you put the Guides to use. We'll continue to spotlight screenings and actions from the movement on our social media and in this newsletter. 

You can get the DVDs and the accompanying Guides in our shop!

Have you seen our brand-new  website  AND tagline?


"Illuminating Change" 
has been our goal since we started this nonprofit social justice media production company in 1996. And it's what we plan to do going forward. 
Of course, we only get by with a lot of help from our friends...
As we create our politically conscious media in such trying times, we rely on the love and support of our friends and colleagues to help us get the stories out.  We hope you will join us in celebrating the brave and ongoing risks of our subjects. 

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What's up with...   What's On Your Plate?

We met Oliver Taylor after he screened
What's On Your Plate? in his classroom. He blew us away with his commitment to food access, health, and music. So we featured him in the
What's On Your Plate? book back in 2009. Now, he's all grown up and traveling the USA as a professional trumpet player! If you're in NYC or LA, catch an upcoming show! 

Oliver wrote us to say:
Recently I've been doing a lot of performances and recording with the bands I play with. One of them is called the Roswell Universe and is releasing our debut project next week. Were having an 
album release show in LA. That same night I'll be playing with the UCLA Philharmonia in their performance of Mahler's 5th Symphony on campus.  Afterward I'm going to be traveling to NYC over spring break to perform at the Mercury Lounge with Sylvan LaCue. Sylvan is a rising artist from Miami, based in California who I've been playing with for a couple weeks. 


Special Olympics International 
selected an activity from  What's On Your Plate? for their SOfit curriculum! We are thrilled to share our knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating with the educators, parents, and kids in this awesome program!
Lunch Talks at the Cleveland Institute of Art!

Catherine met students of the Cleveland Institute of Art in January to give their Lunch on Fridays talk, and spent an excellent afternoon exploring mission and voice in storytelling. She discussed her own history in filmmaking, including her recent, very local work on  Dispatches from Cleveland. And yes, there was pizza!

Check out this  great write-up and learn what Catherine has to say about the art of filmmaking.

Ohio is faced with two crises: the prison system is bloated, costly and ineffective; and the drug addiction epidemic is worsening. Despite repeated attempts at reform, Ohio's prison system remains crowded, costing the state $1.8 billion annually, with too many people returning to communities unprepared and likely to recidivate. Despite evidence that incarceration is particularly ineffective for people struggling with addiction, roughly 1,500 people are incarcerated annually in Ohio for drug possession offenses. Moreover, more than 4,000 people enter prison for minor violations of the terms of their county probation, many of whom were placed on probation for drug-related offenses.

A diverse group of advocates and leaders have joined together to advance justice
reform and help Ohio better address the cycle of addiction and crime. After working together to advance reforms through the legislative and budget process, they teamed up to craft an amendment and launch a statewide ballot initiative campaign. They aim to place the measure before Ohio voters in November 2018.

Learn how you can take part by contacting the  Ohio Organizing Collaborative  and the  Ohio Justice and Policy Center.

Knock Down the House  is the story of f our extraordinary ordinary women who are running for Congress, battling powerful political machines in very different Am erican landscapes. The film is actively seeking funding and we'd love for you donate on the  Kickstarter   campaign. Remember, every penny counts!

We are so glad to hear that our dear friend, Tchaiko Omawale, has completed her film,  Solace.  A coming of age dramatic film about an idealistic teenage girl who finds solace in her friendship with the troubled girl next door. We can't wait to see it! Be sure to check out the trailer and then find a screening near you. 

John Scagliotti's radical TV series  In the Life  premiered on WNYC-TV in 1992 and ran for 20 years. The show is a trailblazer in LGBT representation and equal rights advocacy as it reported on milestones in the media such as Ellen DeGeneres' coming out on television, provided a voice to LGBT artists and activists, and contributed invaluable insight on political developments. The UCLA Film & Television Archive intends to put the entire series - ALL 190+ episodes - in the  online archive , along with some long-form interviews, unseen footage, essays, photos, and other supplementary content for everyone to see, for free, forever! Amazing. Thank you UCLA! 
Spring Greetings from the Aubin Board and Staff!

L-R Top: Cat, Marques McClary, Laura Pilloni L-R Bottom: Scot Nakagawa, Dana-Ain Davis, Yanett Ramirez. Not pictured: Jessica Ruffin, Vivien Labaton, Ri Lindegren, Katherine Fana. 
Our inspiring board members dropped by for a meeting last month. We took this joyful photo to commemorate the productive conversations, forward-thinking momentum, and lovely time we had.


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