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On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Cincinnati Parks Foundation, we would like to thank the team and leadership of Cincinnati Parks for their hard work and dedication in protecting YOUR parks and facilities from the rising water. Due to swift preparedness, proactive steps taken, flood planning and the incredible designs of Sawyer Point and The John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park, a substantial amount of infrastructure and equipment was saved.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of the clean-up efforts along the Riverfront.
In addition to thanking the team at Cincinnati Parks for their reclamation efforts, please also join us in thanking the many City of Cincinnati employees dedicated to keeping Cincinnati safe and beautiful!

With gratitude,  

Jennifer Hafner Spieser
Executive Director
Cincinnati Parks Foundation, the official philanthropic partner of Cincinnati Parks, is committed to building broad-based private/public partnerships supporting the conservation and enhancement of our city's parks and greenspaces.
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Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Sapna Gupta
This month's volunteer spotlight is on Sapna Gupta. Sapna moved from NYC to Cincinnati in August, 2016 to live in a city that's family friendly, clean, and full of playgrounds and parks. She and her husband have a daughter who just turned one in January! Sapna has already demonstrated outstanding volunteerism for the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. She is actively involved in the Hats Off Luncheon Young Professionals Outreach Committee. The Committee has planned a Young Professionals Event Series that includes three events - a Cocktail Party, an Amazing Parks Race Scavenger Hunt and the Hats Off Luncheon. Sapna is instrumental in organizing the Amazing Race which takes place on April 21st.

One of her favorite parks is Eden Park, which she loves for the magnolia garden, gazebo & accessible paths. Her family often frequents the Krohn Conservatory and Cincinnati Art Museum, so Eden Park is perfectly situated. Sapna loves to be involved in the community, and since her family visits the parks on a weekly basis, she feels this is a great way to give back and be a part of one of the city's greatest attractions! Thank you, Sapna, for being so committed to our Parks!
Did you know?
Larz Anderson Park - a hidden beauty!
Larz Anderson Park is a pleasant hillside park, located above Columbia Parkway with a beautiful view of the Ohio River. In 1920, Emma M. Anderson gave 6.2 acres to the Park Board as a memorial to her husband. An additional 3 acres were given to the Park Board by neighbors in 1970 to preserve additional open spaces up the hill from the original park. The attractiveness of this open space area has been a catalyst for a renaissance in the neighborhood.

The Anderson Family was part of the Nicholas Longworth clan who owned most of the Hillside property from Mt. Adams to Delta Avenue. This property was planted with grapes which produced his internationally known wine. Before the Civil War, he was the largest producer in the United States!
Mission Moment
"My One and Only"
Did you know that geese are persnickety when it comes to their loyalty? They mate for life and are forever protective of their partners and offspring.

When the water recedes and the Park opens again, take a stroll down to Smale Riverfront Park and you’ll spot a beautiful sculpture of two geese intertwined. Cincinnati Parks Foundation’s Board President, Cathy (Smale) Caldemeyer shared the story behind the sculpture with us recently:

"It all started with a piece of jewelry that John Smale gave to his wife Phyllis, at Christmas time. The note on the box stated , “Geese mate for life”. Inside the box was a pendant of two geese with their necks entwined."

About 25 years later, and upon their 50 th Wedding Anniversary, their four children presented them with a sculpture made by local artist John Leon, of two geese in flight. It's located in the Smale Anniversary Garden.

After Phyllis passed away, John had a copy made of the sculpture and placed it in Florida with the words “My One and Only” engraved on the granite base. 

The second sculpture has since been placed inside of the Park. It has become a favorite wedding proposal site among those who know where to find the spot.
Butterfly Show - Mark your Calendars!
Special Thanks
The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory starts this month! Butterflies of Madagascar celebrates the exotic flora, fauna, culture, and landscape of this unique country. Find yourself surrounded by hundreds of beautiful butterflies, and landscape inspired by baobab trees, remarkable stone forests, illustrious lemurs, and mysterious caves.

This show would not be possible without the generosity of our Presenting Sponsor:  Macy’s , who has generously sponsored this event for the last 17 years. We are grateful to Macy's for the generous support of Cincinnati Parks.

We also wish to thank our friends at Scherzinger Pest Control who support the annual Butterfly Show each year, in addition to being the annual Presenting Sponsor of the gorgeous floral shows at the Krohn Conservatory. They’ve been our partner since 2005 and have been the best in their family business since 1934.